1 Getting First True Magic.

Neo Pov

I looked at the screen emotionally and muttered, "Finally, it's time I start", I don't remember even how much I have suffered waiting for this single moment.

Anyway let's start, I mentally gave a command 'Do a Gacha Roll and use 5000 gacha points for it '.

[Processing Host's command... Consuming 5000 Gacha points...Doing a Gacha Roll]

I waited nervously for the outcome, I used 5000 gacha points which is the result of my years of saving gacha points.

[ Congratulations! The host has got First True Magic Denial of Nothingness!]

"HAH HAH HAH!", I started laughing so loud that tears started coming out of my eyes, Finally! All my tears! All my pain and suffering finally paid out! Now just you wait old man and you b*tches! If I don't destroy you then my name is not Neo!


Now you must be confused about what is happening, let's do a flashback.

So before my rebirth, I was an average Indian, I was in my college and was returning from my tuition one Night when I saw some men forcing themselves on a woman, unable to bear it I did what any Hero save the beauty protagonist will do.

I saved her and well she repaid it by pushing me to the men who were trying to rape her and escaped, now that their prey has escaped they took out their anger on me by well stabbing me to death, and just like that I was dead.

No cliche death like being struck by lightning, or ran over by Truck-Kun, moments before I died I swear to be not this heroic and stupid in my next life.

The next moment I knew I floating in space and was between stars and saw galaxies everywhere, you know like how Rimur reincarnated, and the next moment my surrounding started becoming blurred and soon I felt excruciating pain like my soul was torn apart and I wasn't away from the mark.

Some kaleidoscope type of thing was tearing my leg from my soul body but before it could tear anything more I heard a voice.

[Will of the Omniverse is intrigued by your existence]

[It has prevented Gaia from destroying your soul]

[Will of the Omniverse has made you the candidate for *&^&^%^]

[You are the 17th &^^&%&^!]

[Will of the Omniverse has decided to grant you power!]

[It is seeing your memories to decide what kind of power to give you]

[Conrgatulations! Will of the Omniverse has given you Wish Gacha System]

[Your soul is being transferred to the nearest world]

After that, I lost consciousness, and while I didn't know what this Will of the Omniverse was, I was very grateful for its help without it I would have died.

The next moment I regained consciousness, I was in a bed and was barely able to move that was when I understood that I have reincarnated! I was very amazed and excited but well soon reality slapped me.

I was crippled, my one leg wasn't working and I slowly understood the reason, the place where my leg is the part of the soul there is not present in my body due to Gaia tearing it off. While I wanted to curse Gaia loud but fearing it will get its revenge I decided not to.

I also checked my system and soon found out its functions.

It's a gacha system but it's a bit different from normal Gacha, unlike normal gacha where it is completely random what a person will get, in my system I will get something similar to what I desire.

Like If I desire magic then it will give me any magic as long as the thing is related to magic I will get it as for the quality it will depend on the amount of Gacha points I use so basically If I wish for fire magic I will get something related to it and I won't get a Sword skill out of random.

At least my life won't be a complete Gamble, being thankful for the voice that saved me and granted me a second chance, I looked at the system's other functions and they were Inventory, Status, and Multiversal Travel.

While pretty normal I was fine with that, I also had a skill with my birth and it was Intermediate Protagnoist Aura. Now, this thing is what made my future life hell and saved me at the same time.

Since I was a cripple who matched to a certain cliche troupe, the system gave me this as my novice gift. Well according to the description of this skill until the plot of this world which is the Fourth Holy grail starts I will experience everything a protagonist of a similar troupe does and that is humiliation and other stuff, the aura will insure my survivable till the start of the plot and once the plot starts I will get a lot of opportunities cliche encounters and other cliche stuff.

While I wanted to get rid of this stupid skill, I decided not to since the description said that it will insure my survivability till the start of the plot and being dead once I wasn't fond of dying again.

I also learned about how to get the Gacha points that are necessary for the gacha rolls I will get one gacha point daily and another way to get gacha points is by making ripples in the timeline of any world by interfering in its plot and changing its direction.

I did my first gacha roll using 1 gacha point I had and got a toothbrush, bruh I cursed seeing the reward of the roll. I decide to wait longer for the next gacha roll. So I did my second gacha roll a week later getting a stronger immune system which is 1.8% stronger, again seeing the reward I cursed on my shitty luck.

This time I decided to do a gacha roll 3 months later, while I was waiting for my third gacha roll I learned how my family despised the fact that I am crippled and my father hired many mages to heal me but they failed.

I have 40 Medium grade mana circuits so I have the potential for a First-grade mage. That's why my father when knowing I am crippled didn't give up on me, another reason was I was the first son of his being the son of his main wife so I was the next family head.

Time passed and 3 months later I did my third gacha roll getting Skill Appraisal finally happy with the reward I got I decided to collect enough gacha points to get true magic. I was all happy and giddy not knowing how bad my future was going for me.

When I became 2 years old and it was found that my aptitude for any element is almost zero I became the disgrace of the family, and my mother disgusted left me, well it didn't affect me much due to the fact I barely saw her and maids took care of me, as a mage she was very busy.

My father while also disappointed in me didn't throw me away at least, I guess it is due to the protagonist Aura though I doubted it, after being treated like sh*t for the next few months I decided to discard my protagonist Aura which was the root cause of this according to me.

Well, thankfully I didn't do it for why I am thankful. just two weeks later my other step-brother was declared as trash as well and him being the son of a concubine unlike me, my father disposed of him, yes they used him as research material for their sick research.

When I get to know of it from maids' chats, I shuddered and decided to not discard my Skill.

Gacha also has a function in which I can sell any skill and it will give an equivalent reward which can be Gacha points or in rare cases something else like another skill or equipment.

I must say my gacha system is very considerate, and now while for the rest of my life I was insulted and mocked nothing serious happened to me least they didn't use me as a guinea pig.

Even so, their verbal insult still hurt me a lot, as for why they and not my family since I don't regard them as my family anymore. So for the next 18 years through sheer will and a bit of help from my Protagonist Aura, I preserved and took all the mockings silently.

During my third year, the system got a question-and-answer function in which it can answer any question with just 1 gacha point as long as it was within my Authority limit so when asked how many points I will need to get a True Magic it replied I will need at least 4500 Gacha points for it so I waited till now.

Currently, I have more than 6500 points and the Holy Grail war will begin in a month So I decided to finally use a gacha roll and put 5000 points in it.


(AUTHOR's Note: Elsa's pic)

My maid Elsa seeing me laughing worryingly asked," Master! Is something wrong? Why are you laughing?!". I stopped laughing hearing her and wiped my tears and said," Elsa, something good has happened and soon my life is going to change for the better".

"Really master?", she questioned tilting her head a bit, I patted my leg and saw that she sat on my lap and snuggled on my chest. I looked at her with love and slowly caressed her head.

Elsa is an Ainzbern Homunculi, she looks the same as the sexy White haired Homunculi who appeared in Fate Apocrypha, since I had a crush on that character in my last life I urged my father to buy her when he was selecting a homunculi Maid for me.

She is the only one who can be said to not dislike me, and well we have a love relationship as well so yup I am no virgin. At first, when I brought her she was like an emotionless doll but by now she is capable of showing emotions though it's only for me.

She has been my support and yes I used Appraisal to make sure that disgusting old man and my siblings or someone else didn't do something to her, like making a mental command and f*cking her.

Well nothing sort of that, to be honest, due to my protagonist Aura I was scared that my first love interest will Ntr me thankfully it was my childhood friend who currently is dating my younger brother and thankfully it was leaving me, I never had any relationship deeper than friends with her so when she mocked me and left me I sighed in relief since one cliche troupe was avoided.

To be honest I dislike her and I am very eager to get my revenge on her and everyone. Shaking off these disturbing thoughts I caressed my lovely maid who by now has started rubbing my pants on my dick.

"~Master it seems I need to do my duty of calming down this thing~", saying that she unzipped my pant and started giving me a blowjob and soon it turned into passionate sex.


Next morning,

I woke up and saw Elsa snuggling on my chest, I smiled seeing her face, and slowly broke from her hug and mentally said,' Show my Status'.

Soon a Holographic screen appeared in front of me.


Name: Neo EL DIsardius

Age: 20

Strength: F-

Endurance: F-

Agility: F--

Mana: E-

Luck: A+


Protection of Will of the Omniverse:*&^&

Intermediate Protagonist Aura: A+

Appraisal: E+

True Magic Denial Of Nothingness: EX+++

Seeing the newly added Denial Of Nothingness and its rank I smiled, now it's time to master it as much as I can before joining the Fourth Holy grail War.

While thinking I remembered I still have more than a thousand Gacha points and decided to use them, thinking for a bit about what should I use and I said,' System Roll A Gacha using my remaining points and it should be something that increases my Physical Status'.

[Processing Host's command... Consuming 1678 Gacha points...Doing a Gacha Roll]

I again waited nervously and when I saw what I got my eyes widened in shock.

To be continued...

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