'If violence isn't solving all your problems, you simply aren't using enough of it.' Shitty day at work cause your boss wants you to do overtime? Punch him. Kids giving you problems? Punch 'em. Supernatural entities trying to fuck with you? Punch 'em. Demon Gods trying to destroy to humanity? Punch the ever-living shit out of 'em. Nicholas Martel is the sort of man who can and will solve any and all problems by beating the shit out of them. Young masters and even tsunderes beware, his hands are rated e for absolutely everyone.

Bleap · Anime & Comics
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Simulated... Combat (Not)

Nicholas stared at the three red wings stacked on top of one another on his hand in contemplation, "So these are my keys to summoning chi*ehem*... You know, if I ignore the whole grimdark part of this world, isn't this just some fucked up way to make porn?"

'Command seals' that bound the summoned figure of legend and influenced them once used, physically and mentally, "And how come most of these heroes are hot chicks?"

The Japanese were a strange people.

Hadn't the original fate been an eroge?

The teenager shook his head, dismissing the thought, who would give up the chance to possibly summon a platoon of h-... More importantly, the ability to summon someone like Rasputin or maybe even Hitler?

Fate decided not to leave him alone with his own thoughts.

"Ehem, testing, testing, hello, do you hear me, Nicholas? This is Doctor Roman."

Nicholas narrowed his eyes before nodding in understanding and putting a finger to his ear, "Yeah, I hear you, loud and clear." He looked around at his surroundings, a field of grass with a few trees here and there. It reminded him a little too much of where he'd woken up when he first came to this world.

Well, minus the cock ri-

"Good, then we have no problems... other than an elevated heart rate but that's fine."

Nicholas put on the black glove he'd taken off earlier, and fastened the strap.

What he was wearing was 'allegedly' a uniform designed for Arctic missions which, made absolutely zero fucking sense considering the black shirt was half-sleeved (the straps on it were cool) and the gray pants were baggy enough that cold air would instantly fill them up.

But then again.

It was supposed to be a Mystic Code so it was magic, they didn't have to explain shit.

It was the only uniform that agreed with Nicholas, ESPECIALLY because the standard combat uniform was a literal spandex.

No, he didn't care about functionality.

Having his dick on display was fucking weird.

Thankfully no one had insisted he wear it.

"Right then, do you feel any sort of nausea or dizziness? Drowsiness."

Nicholas shook his head, "Nothing so far."

This was supposed to be a simulation, made to replicate the sort of situations they would face out in the field.

"Right then, if you look at your right. The enemy combatant should've appeared already, it's emulating what such a creature would do in a normal situation."

Nicholas did as he was told and looked to the side, spotting a lion that was way too big to be natural, relaxedly walking around, "A big cat? Dude! I love cats."

"That... It isn't a cat." He hear the good doctor sigh, "Anyway, hold on. We'll load in a servant."

This time, the Chaldean Master didn't do as was asked.

"I can see you're rushing at it, that's not a good... idea. Be careful!"

Ignoring the totally valid advice, Nicholas ran at the creature and it turned to let out a roar that made the teenager's hair stand up as his heart sped up further, excited. The lion lunged for him and he lunged for it. The animal wrapped it's claws around Nicholas' body as he wrapped his arms under it's neck and overpowering it, tackled it to the ground.

He then proceeded to nuzzle his face into it's fur, "That feels nice. I couldn't do this before."

And not for lack of trying.

"I... That's not pos... You know what, nevermind. We'll just try something else. Load in the test golem."

Nicholas let out a disappointed grunt when the furball disappeared into a mass of pixels, and sat on the grass cross legged, "Doc, anybody tell you you're a buzzkill?"

"B...Buzzkill. People don't tackle lions! It's supposed to be dangerous! And something tells me you wouldn't care even if it wasn't a simulation."

"Ah, you know me so well." Nicholas smiled as much as his face allowed and stared at the pixels merging together to form a figure significantly taller than himself, "Well I don't like that." He looked around at the massive shadow it was casting over him before jumping to it's feet.

"Now, be serious. I'll load in the servants now."

"I'm just gonna punch it."

Nicholas inhaled deeply before abruptly pushing the air out of his lungs and delivered an uppercut to the rock golem's ugly mug, blowing right through it. A strong wind blew through the grass field as the creature's head exploded into bits of rock and dust. It's clunky body lost strength and fell over limp.


"There's the serva... What? How?! Oh sh-!" Nicholas heard a sudden crash from his receiver, as if the one talking to him had just fallen over.

"I punched it."

"No, that makes no sense! That wasn't an ordinary golem, it would make sense then! A human couldn't possibly damage it enou- It was made to match a servant to some degree!"

Nicholas shrugged, "Guess you messed up somewhere then."

"We might have... We didn't? What? But that makes no sense...Yes, I can see that. I'm saying it shouldn't be possible. I-I guess we can try that."

Nicholas was staring at the sky with crossed arms, uninterested in the doctor's dilemma.

"Nicholas, we'll be pulling you out."


Nicholas didn't know how long it was before he came to in a large room, a light flashing above his head, "Did I hallucinate everything?"

"Hallucinate what? Are you experiencing hallucinations?" Seeing that it was Romani who was talking to him, Nicholas let out a small relieved sigh. This place was way too interesting to just leave so soon, "If you are, you have to tell me."

Also, was it just him, or did Romani look sagely?

The doctor held out his hand and pulled Nicholas up, a clipboard in his other hand, "You'll be feeling a bit dizzy for a while but nothing else. Notify me immediately if something comes up." Nicholas nodded absently and stared at the back of a man with long blonde hair in a white suit that had just stepped out the lab, "That's Kirschtaria Wodime, leader of the A-Team."

"Is he a twink?"

"What?" Romani pinched the bridge of his nose before smiling exasperatedly, "Despite appearances, he's actually a good young man." For one, he didn't just punch people he didn't like, "Though... hmm."

Nicholas ignored the thinking doctor and sat up straight.

"I guess it might take some work for you two to get along considering you put Beryl in a coma again. That's a problem." Romani continued thinking, "Wait, I have an idea."


"Not telling~." The doctor smiled impishly and reassuringly patted the teenager's shoulder, "Good luck, young man. Also Randy wanted me to tell you he was sorry for scaring you."

"Scared? Who? Me? Psh... Nahhhh." Nicholas waved his hand in dismissal, averting his gaze, "Damn... Randy..." He had to make it up to the man somehow but before that, he had to do something else.

Romani was walking away when Nicholas called out to him, "Hey doc, you think I can try my luck with the Fate system?" It was what they used to summon self-sustaining Heroic Spirits in their true glory. He wanted to at least try summoning one.

"You'll have to put in a request." Romani stopped walking and narrowed his eyes, rubbing his chin in thought, "It hasn't been working at all though so... I guess you can just ask the Director." He retrieved his communication device from his pocket and dialled Olga.

Nicholas raised his hand to stop him but paused and pursed his lips, Olga probably hated him for making her cry the last time they'd met.

"Oh yeah, Director. Nicholas has something to ask you." Romani spoke and tossed his device at Nicholas without listening to what she had to say.


Nicholas caught it and put to his ear, "... Director, I've got a request."

"W-What is it?" Olga's voice was suspiciously flustered, making the teenager raise his brow, "S-Speak already!"

"I want to try my luck with a servant."

"..." His answer was absolute silence, "Sure, I'll see if it can be arranged."

"Nice, thanks Director." Nicholas pumped his fist, maybe he'd luck out and summon a Goddess or something, or maybe nothing at all considering how faulty the system was at the moment.

"...O-Olga is fine."


"I-I said Olga is fine! Uu-"

"Huh..." Nicholas nodded to himself before ripping the device away from his ear when a sharp crash damn near blew his eardrum, "Damn, why she gotta be like that?"

Romani grinned sheepishly and gave him a thumbs up, "That's the first time that's happened. Good job?"


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