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Falling - Na Jaemin fanfiction


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"OH!!! You're still here. Thanks for last night" Jaemin winked at her and all the other 5 heads turned to Zoe in dismay. "But she's cute. Isn't she?" Jisung asked, searching Jaemin's face for any hints She thought Jaemin forgot about her. She wasn't sad or disappointed but she felt a little hurt....... "We became friends and shared a meal too. Sorry, it took me a little while to contact you." He said innocently, looking deep down in her eyes. Will they remain as friends or will they fall for each other?????? Love is miraculous and you don't know where it will take you until you're there. So be prepared to find out the falling of these young hearts. They are still young, fresh and unbroken. But things are not stable forever....... Love is the killer and the healer........ Stay tuned to find out....... their falling.................


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