1 A little introduction

Hi guys, this is my first time writing a Wattpad story. It took me a little while to upload this to Webnovel. The main reason I started my first book from fanfiction is my friend. She is pretty much obsessed with Na Jaemin and she asked me to write a fanfiction book for her. So here I am doing my friend a favor.

Before writing this, I did some research about Na Jaemin and found some stuff about him. All the things included about him are either information from the internet or my friend's dreams about him. And some are my ideas. So if there is anything offensive or not relevant about him, I hope his fans will forgive me and my friend.

I hope you all will enjoy this book as my friend does.

This story is about a foreign doctor and how she began to love Na Jaemin.

And please don't hesitate to share your ideas with me. Also please leave a comment at the end of each chapter. And please vote for this story.

Sometimes I won't be able to update the story weekly. So I hope you would be patient enough to wait for me. And there can be some mistakes because I don't have so much time to edit the story. But I promise you that I will edit these chapters as soon as I become free. Please be patient and I hope you'll still be able to understand the story and enjoy it even though there are some small mistakes. If you notice any mistake please leave it in the comments with the paragraph number. So I can correct them easily.

I am writing another story. Not fanfiction. A romantic science fiction called "The Immigrant". Please read that if you like my work.

Also, a Werewolf fiction called "Why me". Both of these stories are on their way to completion.

Thank you, enjoy the story




Ps-: Links to my other books on Webnovel.

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"Why me" werewolf fantasy - https://www.webnovel.com/book/17659987805147705

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