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FALLEN IN LOVE: THE CEO WHO TAMED ME is a popular web novel written by the author Flabbergasted, covering R-18, ROMANCE, REVENGE, MODERN, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, DRAMA, CEO, ANTAGONIST, STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 743.1K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 26 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 188 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Even though the universe is against our union, I will love you regardless of this." .... Excerpt. "Yang Zi, tell me, what do I have to do to win your heart?" Yifeng asked, still gasping for air. Yang Zi laughed weirdly when she heard his question. "Which heart do you want to win when I don't even have one?" Yang Zi chuckled. "You don't have a heart?" Yifeng asked a bit taken aback by her words. "Why did you say that? I once thought I didn't have a heart, but I realised recently that I was only deluding myself with such lies to cover up how I really feel. Anyone who says that they don't have a heart is a dead being because even a demon or monster has a heart. Anyone who can feel pain or happiness possesses a heart so you can't scare me away with your words," Li Yifeng responded firmly. "Maybe you do, but I don't," Yang Zi said unwaveringly before she stood up and walked away. .... What happens when a sweet Secretary in the morning becomes a cold-blooded lady in the veil of the night? ____ After watching her sister die, a vengeful woman vowed to take her revenge against the people who killed her sister. To do that, she has to change her identity and assume the name, Yang Zi and get into a fake relationship with the mastermind of her sister's murder. However, will she get the justice her sister deserve first? Or will her heart waver and fall in love? Enter Li Yifeng, a hot-tempered man and the CEO of the company Yang Zi works at. The two of them were like fire and water. They hated each other to the point that they would rather not be around each other. But what if Li Yifeng finds out that deep inside her, Yang Zi experienced a past that made her turn into a vicious woman? And what if he was already falling for her? ........ Author's other book: 1) Birth of the devilish CEO: So what if I'm a lady? (completed) 2) New Face, Lost Love: CEO Hates The Beautiful Me! (ongoing) Support your dearest author here: https://www.patreon.com/Flabbergasted Instagram: @flabbergasted2155 Let's talk on discord about what you like and what you don't like about my novel. This is my discord server ID: https://discord.gg/NSA3qrP Disclaimer: book cover not mine, credit goes to the original artist.

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The first one was really amazing, but this one looks like it's even gonna be better I'm looking forward to it I'm already in love With it ,but author pls be consistent with the updates thanks


This is getting more and more exciting the more you read the chapters It may be a revenge story but it also portrays life in a way we may or may not know The fl is a cool and suave lady who isn't a demure and innocent girl . She knows what she wants and does it . She isn't afraid of anything either ❤️


Yay! I love this book! If you have read their other book on here then please read this! (And if you haven’t go read it!) can’t wait for more


A very good story, I really like this one, the plot and characters are awesome! Highly recommended! It will keep you entertained! Keep up the good work author! 👍👍👍


This book is really good. Even though the strot line seem normal but the way the author portrayed it completely. I read the whole twenty chaps in a single go. If u guys r fretteing whether to read or not just give it a try guys. It's really a good novel and u won't regret reading.


Interesting characters. I love FL. She's sarcastic, bada-ss and funny at the same time. That's an interesting combination. ML says his thoughts out loud and his interaction with FL is cute. I imagine his frustration. it's comedic somewhat. Give it a try. It's fun.




I have barely started reading the story two days ago and I am so immersed in it. Reading such a well-plotted and high quality novel is so satisfying. I will definitely make sure I finish the novel. I will also recommend it to my friends and colleagues. I wish everyone will try the novel out, you won't regret ever choosing it, I assure you of this




Superb! I am new in Webnovel but I have read a lot of novels but there is none like this novel. I love this novel. All the MC and other characters are loveable. They make the story so interesting and enjoyable. The grammar is superb and so is the story development. Make sure to check out the novel. I am sure you are going to love it.


Fabulous. This is just fabulous. I am bewitched. How can a story be this good? The plot is intriguing. The characters are amazing. It's so easy to fit myself into their characters. The world background and description is amazing. I particularly fell in love with Yang Zi and Yifeng the MC. Little Yang Mi is cute. I love her so much. I wish the story was adapted into a movie. I would have watched it countless times. 💝💗💓💞❤


I have found another great story in Webnovel. Wow! I could never imagine myself writing this kind of story. It is so, MARVELOUS !! The story-telling is brilliant. The flow and development of the story are great. The way that the author weaves the imagination for every scene is impeccable! I also tried to check the other story of the author, Oh my God! like give it a try everyone. Even the other books! Indeed worth my time! I enjoyed every second of it. Please keep giving us more of your story-telling! LOVE IT!


this is a very good book, I would defiantly recommend this book to other readers.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


good one i just want to say it's a different types of story but author keep on.you did a great job and go on like a good writing novel so we all can say best


I love it when it's the male lead who falls in love first and starts chasing after the female lead who's heart is as cold as steel. hihi. These novels will make me a sadist


This is a really good story, the beginning was very interesting and I was hooked. There were little to no grammar mistakes and the author's writing style is splendid. I feel like I can't accurately describe the world background because this story is still in the making. The characters are great, I really love the main character, she's really funny. The pacing of the story seems a bit too slow for me, but that's just my opinion. Either way, this story is lit, you nice keep going!


I love both the leads.. the synopsis is good and I feel like the male and female lead may not be having good days before they struggle.. I read up to some chaps only, will try to finish


Your book is exciting from the start! The death of the FL's sister was played out in a way that was belivable and held my attention. It made me eager to hear the rest of the story! I'm several chapters in and am adding it to my Library. Well written, grammatically and dramatically! Great job Author!


Wow...this just keeps on getting better and better. I really like the main characters and I have a feeling things aren't gonna be easy in this story, which makes me want to read more! Best of all, there are plenty of chapters to keep one satisfied.


Hello Flabbergasted... I have read your novel.. and I want to post this since (we) 😉will be encouraged after reading about how readers feel....... So I was really impressed by your other book and added this to my library.. This book is really good. The character of FL is superb..💖 And the novel is well written.. And finally the only thing I can complain is that I am not a big fan of Playboy CEO's. I can't accept men having multiple partners just for sex. But this novel is doing pretty great as far as the story is concerned. Hope your novel soar through ratings... All the readers happy reading. If you love to read the love Blooming bwn a strong female lead and the typical Playboy😜 this novel will rock u. Also the revenge plot of the novel is really good. Go for it guys. P.S: And I also understand that you/ author can't always write about "innocent love".


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