3 Chapter 3

(General POV)

A young boy around 11 years of age sits down with his legs crossed as he channels his magic power to scan the area. Feeling multiple sources of magic power he smiles and he uses fire to dash towards the sources.

At the location a blond woman strikes her bat against the head of a thug. Standing above the thug she picks up their twitching body as she makes a speech.

"This is what happens to traitors Yokino, do you understand me? If I get word that this section of the guild plans to revolt against me I swear there will no longer be a 'Green Devil', got it?"

When she doesn't get a response from the thug her hands spark with electricity. The thug spasms in pain and he bows down to the blond woman as he repeatedly slams his head down at the cold hard ground to show his loyalty.

"I-I s-swear there will never be any backstabbing thoughts in head ever again."

"You better make sure to keep that promise otherwise I'll b-,"

Before the blond woman finishes her threat a random messenger runs into the underground office.

"Guildmaster Shireth there is a rogue mage attacking us."

The panicked messenger is pinned to the wall by the blond woman who's extremely angry.

"What do you mean there's an intruder. What moron would ever try to fuck with us?"

The messenger cries in pain as he responds, "I don't know but they seem to use some type of disguising magic to mask their identity as well as fire magic."

Guildmaster Shireth's body explodes with magic power, her body enveloped in electricity. She walks out with full confidence in her strength but when she sees the massacre she falters in absolute horror.

'What? What type of monster would be this brutal? Are we being attacked by another dark guild or a monster?'

In the underground guild a dark figure kills and slaughters hundreds of men and woman with almost no resistance. Giant rays of flame burning and melted through countless bodies. Body parts fly as the masked demon blitzes the members of the dark guild. Whenever someone tries to hit the demon they strike at an afterimage as the incredibly high heat messes with their vision causing people to drop dead from dehydration.

"Well, well, well, I was wondering whether there would be someone that could hurt me. It turns out that there isn't not even you Guildmaster Shireth."

The demon rushes Shireth as a blazing comet, surrounding his body with fire to increase his speed considerably. Shireth complies striking at the demon with a strong kick, the two powerhouses connect creating strong magic spells that tear at the very ground surrounding them. Not a single person was still alive as the two monsters fought for hours and hours. Every soul that had been there that morning had either deserted during the fighting...or had already died from the destructive magic being thrown around.

Even 5 hours after the initial attack the guildmaster still kept fighting despite the fact that there was no one to fight for. No valuables that could be salvaged and no benefit to continue fighting. The only reason Shireth kept fighting was out of anger and desperation for survival but she was outmatched by the young monster.

Every hit that connected to the demon did no damage. No matter how much force Shireth used the demon never faltered at the pain. This demon's resistance to pain seemed infinite, nothing fazed him and the only reason it hadn't killed her yet was because it was playing with her. The demon used Shireth as a whetstone to hone his strength, technique, reflexes and magic. But eventually the demon got fed up with Shireth and with a single punch, it tore a giant hole through her chest and the demon takes out her beating heart before crushing it in his hand.

"You were a strong woman guildmaster Shireth, I'll be sure to remember you as my first real challenge. It's a pity you couldn't adapt and grow throughout our fight, you have already hit your peak."

Shireth smiles in pain at her weakness as her body burns into ashes from Preo's magic.

[Elimination Mission: Eliminate A Dark Guild Has Been Completed.]

[Genocide Mission 2/3: Kill 100 Human Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 1x Evolution Coin, 1x Roulette Coin.]

Preo looked at the blue screen with a satisfied smile.

'I can finally evolve my fire magic, I wonder what goddess luck will grant me.'

[Host Has Used 1 Evolution Coin To Evolve Fire Magic.]

[Options For Evolution Include: Cursed Fire Magic, Hestia Flame Magic, Ghostfire Magic.]

[Cursed Fire Magic is a variation of the fire magic that inflicts extreme pain upon your targets and causes extreme corrosive damage with dark red flames, the magic's power grows on negative emotions. The user can control all fire to a limited extent with their emotions.]

[Hestia Fire Magic is a variation of fire magic that can heal the user and others through warm light green flames, the magic's power is centered around the want to help others and grows stronger when the user is selfless. The user can control all fire to a limited extent with their emotions.]

[Ghostfire Magic is a variation of fire magic that allows the user to become transparent white flames and use them to target an opponents soul. The strength of this magic depends on how strong the users soul is. The user can control all fire to a limited extent with their soul.]

'Well isn't that interesting a completely offensive magic that cause corrosion damage and depends on negative emotions. A completely supportive magic that heals other and depends on the morals of the user. And a both offensive and defensive magic that allows the user to become flames themselves but depends on the strength of the users soul. How interesting that these are my three options.'

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