2 Chapter 2

(General POV)

Cries of horror cry out from around a small camp. Large clouds of smoke rise up as large constructs of fire destroy the small camp. People of all ages cuddle up with their families to say their last goodbyes as they look towards their aggressor in fear and hopelessness.

The aggressor steps out of the orange red flames, exposing the face of the pyromaniac killing a large group of people for seemingly no reason.

The boy walked up to one of the crying children and with a blank and vacant face, he swipes his hand creating a blade of fire that decapitates the poor child. The boy smiles as he looks at a blue screen completely ignoring the frightened people around him.

[Alignment Mission Hero/Villain 1/3: Save A Person/Kill A Person Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 1x Dark Cloak, 1x Dark Orb, 1x Cursed Dagger.]

[Dark Cloak is a magic artifact that protects the user's identity by masking their age, voice, face and figure to be unrecognizable.]

[Dark Orb is a magic artifact that allows the user to efficiently cast spells through this medium. Any magic spell used through this orb will not only be stronger but also give corrosion damage.]

[Cursed Dagger is a magic artifact that allows the user to deal corrosion damage with every attack.]

[Genocide Mission 1/3: Kill A Human Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 1x Cursed Claw.]

[Cursed Claw is a magic artifact that allows the user to use their nails as weapons. Every attack deals corrosion damage.]

"Well, well, well, it seems that my troubles for staying in solitude for so long have finally paid off."

The young man takes out a pitch black orb from seemingly nowhere and giant tendrils of dark red fire whip out at the defenseless people. He looks in awe at the destruction he caused with a maniacal smile.

"My, what incredible power."

The corrosion damage from the fire spells raining down at the campers melted through tents, sleeping bags, food supplies and people.

[Raid Mission: Destroy A Camp Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 100x Loafs Of Bread, 100x Water Bottles, 100x Camping Supplies, 100,000x Jewels, 10x Map Of Fiore.]

The young man snaps his fingers causing the entire area of the camp to explode in dark red flames before putting on his disguising cloak and dipping from the location before anyone can track him down through some type of magic.

Looking at his inventory of thousands of relatively unnecessary items the boy frowns as he realizes how little progress he's gotten with his magic spells.

'The only spells I have are spells that I got as rewards through missions. I still don't know what you need to make/create new spells. I can't just depend my fighting capable on my 3 fire spells, I need to either join a legal guild or start ransacking some dark ones for magic books.'

The young man pulls out one of the ten maps he got from completing a mission and he finally gets his look at the country of Fiore.

'So I'm in Waas Forest near the future guild of Cait Shelter? So this is before the dragon slayers appear in 777 so I'm at the very least older than Erza. This is really good for me, Waas Forest is surrounded by sea and mountains so no one will bother sending troops over here to a dense forest with very low population meaning...I can do whatever I want over here as long as I don't bring to much attention. I should be able to find a few dark guilds as well considering how good of a hideout this area of the country could be.'


[Name: Preo Strifude

Age: 10

Strength: C-Rank

Speed: C-Rank

Durability: C-Rank

Endurance: C-Rank

Magic Power: B-Rank

Magic: Fire Magic Level 50/100

Magic Spells: Fireball, Fire Tendrils, Fire Bomb

Evolution Coins: 0

Roulette Coins: 0]

'How ridiculously annoying, I can't level up my fire magic without creating or learning more spells so now I'm stuck at this level.'

Preo builds up magic in his mouth and he spits out a fireball spell while closely observing the magic circle.

'I don't understand? Is this some type of magic language that allows mages to make spells? It isn't the language of this world so what is it?'

Preo takes the dark orb from his inventory, channeling his magic power into it. The dark orb glows as a strange language scripted on it appears. But unlike his magic spells the language on the orb is something he remembers perfectly. His face lights up in excitement at the prospect of this discovery. On the orb the words inscribed are amplify power, apply corrosion and increase cast efficiency.

'Isn't this English? Then that means I can create magic spells without actually having to study any magic language necessary to create magic spells right?'

Testing out his theory Preo channels his magic power into a circle and he uses fire magic in conjunction. Using his fire magic as a type of ink he writes down fire, shout, expulsion, blast outwards. Once he finishes creating the entire magic circle a large amount of magic power comes blasting out of Preo's mouth.


The giant collum of red hot fire is spewed from Preo's mouth in a violent manner. Unlike his fireball spell this spell had no form, it was just a large blast of fire that outwardly expanded causing a loud shout to boom across the area.

Panting at the extreme cost of magic power Preo falls to the ground in exhaustion as the system notification rings.

[Host Has Created A New Spell: Fire Shout.]

[Fire Shout is a magic spell created by the host that allows the user to blast a large expanding volume of fire as a shout.]

[Mission: Create A Spell Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 1x Magic Book.]

[Magic Book is a magic artifact that allows the user to store formulas of magic spells into it serving as a portable library with infinite space.]

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