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Fairies Punch Too


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What is Fairies Punch Too

Fairies Punch Too is a popular web novel written by the author Aryna_Stan, covering STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, ELVES, TEEN, FAIRY, MAGIC, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, ACTION, HUMOR, FANTASY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 147.6K readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 34 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


WINNER OF WFP #5 FEMALE LEAD (WEAK TO STRONG GOLD TIER ) Eden Mariach is a Fairy and like all Fairies, is expected to sit still and look pretty. In Aria there are two kinds of creatures that live together, the Fairies and the Elves but the Fairies are practically slaves to the Elves. Eden wants to change this but can she? When her very own weak and fragile nature is against her. Lily Larue hates his purple hair and he hates his name, he's not too excited about being a Fairy either plus the fact that he's supposed to be the strongest light Fairy but he can't even light a candle. Poppy Payne is the perfect Fairy Hero but all isn't as it seems. Aster Maloy simply doesn't care, he's emotionless and lost with no sense of right or wrong. Daisy Dane hides his true self because he's scared of being rejected. And Orchid Oak just wants to be different, she wants to count. Six Heroes with different stories and pasts come together to save a city that doesn't want to be saved. Will they be able to put their issues aside to save their Kind? •♥• Come talk to me on discord at Aryna Stan#5852 I'd love to hear your thoughts... Instagram : arynah_ •♥•

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This is my first time writing a book in this style and I'm really hoping that it'll turn out the way I plan, I'm the Author of this book by the way and I have to admit it turned out really good.


Who doesn't love a good fairytale about fairies? My childhood were filled to the brim with them and I still have fairytopia movie in my PC that I watch all the time. What am I even saying? Back to this mad book. I love everything about this book and I just love little Eden. This book is a good start to fulfilling all my inner children when they decide to wake up. I love the flow, the pacing is good and entire story looks natural and the vivid descriptions in it makes me feel that I'm actually watching it and not just reading. Keep it up author.


This is my first time reading a book about fairies and I absolutely loved it. I really admire the MC's resilience and determination. Everything about the book is top notch. It's a must read Good job, author!


I would love to go on about how much I love this book but first I'll give you reasons why. Ever wanted a book with top notch grammar, flawless writing style? Well you have come to the right place. Fairies Punch Too is the answer!!! Read it!!!


I really liked this. I clearly could feel the event through the author's writings, also the feeling that lingers in the character. Really great!


Such a light read!!! From the Prologue I already saw the potential of the book, plus the characters are very relatable, especially the MC's. Would definitely recommend!!!


Wonderful read, the character developments are very unique and relatable and the entire story itself is just wonderful. It's just starting but I can already see it's potential, and I good work Author!


Oh my God. I loveeeeeeeeee this book. It's so so so good. It's a light read. Once you start, you won't stop reading. It's added to my library. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!


Cool...the rest of her books were great, so why won't I give this one a chance... I hope it's also interesting like Secrets of a teenage vampire and Becoming the Luna


Pls can u update more we are stuck at Chapters 32. I like the story but can u increase your stability of updates everything else is okay .It would mean a lot to me if you can update faster but anyways thanks a lot.


you did really really well in this story. Fairies punch too with 4.8 rating wow. and 5+k wow... i love the story. so good i love it. aryanastan


This story is an amazing read the, attention to detail with jobs and world building is quite amazing, I could tell the author is taking time and consideration with that kind of thing which is very appreciated and the interactions amongst characters is absolutely amazing. I really like the personality of this main character cause I feel like in a way she’s relatable. Great work so far!


Reveal spoiler


Great job! I really like the names you give to your characters, it's very cute and very fairy-like 😂 The plot is interesting, as i have never seen a fairy book before. Also, the writing quality deserves an applaud👏 grammar and vocabularies you use are all top notch. The story also flows naturally, i can say this is a very promising book even when there are only like 3 chapters out now. Keep on writing, Author! This is a good story, I'm sure you will make it big someday with this book! 🥺


I like how you write the story. I can feel how determine is Eden to her own goal. As i read the story, it reminds me of Tinkerbell since they are all fairies but except the they have enemies.


As of chapter 1: The story is decent, the build-up is engaging and the premise is interesting. The thing I liked the most is the author's good grammar, thankfully! The novel is well-composed, do give a read.


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