50 I Think I’ll Choose Money

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Li Junwei only reacted to the situation after being stunned for a few seconds. He could not help but snicker in disdain. "You're another one of the number one pro's admirer's, huh? You also played using the useless person and fruit knife combo? Let me tell you, I've already defeated eight people using useless people this week."

Qin Guan thought about it. "Then… let's hope I don't become the ninth?"

Li Junwei was amused. He swung his wooden sword. "Alright. I won't say anything about how you want to fight. Watch properly. Even though this is a wooden sword, when it hits you, it still hurts!"

Li Junwei rushed at him with his wooden sword.

The wooden swords were specially made and were rather sturdy. Since the Transcended Gamers' had greater strength, when the wooden sword really struck a person's body, the Transcended Gamers whose pain tolerance was weaker would also feel pain.


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