8 Don’t Be Childish

Lu Yao was a bit surprised to see Shao Yunchen. She only saw him a few times a month. She often sees him these days. It's like a dream that he's the one who took her to the hospital.

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Lu Yao didn't answer his question, but she looked away.

Shao Yunchen sighed. He pulled the chair and sat down. He opened the hot porridge and his voice couldn't beak, "From today on, stop smoking. Did you hear me?"

Lu Yao sneered and said very madly, "Oh! Who do you think you are?"

"Lu Yao, you're not young anymore. Don't be childish." Shao Yunchen said lightly. He blew the porridge and gave it to her. "I ask them to put some sugar like you use to eat."

"Take it away. I don't want to eat." Lu Yao turned around and her tone was bad.

He thought and remembered what she liked and disliked. Why did they end up with a though marriage?

She is not young nor childish!

Seeing that Lu Yao was so perplexed, Shao Yunchen frowned. He ate the porridge, reached out to her, and kissed her. He forced her to open her mouth to feed her the hot porridge.

"Ump!" Lu Yao resisted and pushed his chest against her. Shao Yunchen took advantage of her. His long legs pinched her legs in between. The repeated deep kissing almost made Lu Yao breathless.

After repeatedly feeding her this way, the bowl of porridge was nearly empty. Lu Yao calmed down in his embrace. She starred at him fiercely as if he committed a grave sin.

Shao Yunchen rubbed her delicate lips with his fingers.

It was light pink and soft, he just felt when he kissed her. This is a hospital, he has to suppressed his thoughts and her body isn't well.

Shao Yunchen held his hands on the side of Lu Yao's head, as if holding her in his arms, and said with a soft voice, "Lu Yao, if I find you smoking again, I have a way to deal with you."

"Yes, take care of it." Lu Yao was somewhat embarrassed to look at him. She didn't want to look at him in the eyes. She just turned around, pulled the blanket, and felt guilty.

She's not feeling well, will he stay?

As long as he will stay to take care of her and be better, she will certainly not resist him.

It's just Lu Yao's thoughts, minutes later, he picked up the plastic bag casually. She heard Shao Yunchen said, "I have something to do. You should rest first. I'll pick you up later when I have time."

Lu Yao was disappointed and wrap herself in the blanket.

In his heart, she was not as important as work.

Seeing that Lu Yao didn't say anything, Shao Yunchen had to stand at the door and asked, "Do you want to ask something from me?"

"No! No!" Lu Yao knew that he was probably referring to her father's case. When she will ask for 'help', she will feel bad and stuffy. "I will figure it out myself, go!"

It was really childish that Shao Yunchen sighed slightly.

He didn't like the marriage, but she was at least his wife. For so long, she has been well behaved and didn't bother him. He couldn't ignore her completely.

After leaving the ward, Shao Yunchen thought about it. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed out, "Help me contact Mr. Xiang and ask him if he is free. I want to visit."

Waking up in the morning, Lu Yao waited until eleven in the hospital, but Shao Yunchen didn't come.

He lied to her!

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