Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack
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Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack


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What is Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack

Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack is a popular web novel written by the author RazorIsSharp, covering SYSTEM, GAMEELEMENTS, HAREM, LITRPG, COMEDY, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.55/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 110 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Harvard had been a well respected lawyer, but then he got killed by his girlfriend because he forgot to take out the garbage and she also had robbed a bank. Afterwards, he had a lot of time to think in the underworld before he got to meet King Yama - a beautiful women with the greatest mounds and body he'd ever seen on the ruler of the underworld. She invited him to take part in the phantom universe expansion pack, and because of his lot in life, she decided to give him a little bit of much needed help. He gets lucky enough to inherit the Evolving Ghost System, and journey into the new expanded universe! Inside, he will meet lots of beautiful women, complete quests from badass NPCS, and have fun joining a guild and terrorizing the new universe. There is nothing he cannot do with his new system! [Evolving Ghost System would like to give you a gift basket!] [All Host has to do is complete a simple Quest to receive it!]] 'Oh god, I hope it's more simple than killing 100,000 Ghost Slimes. My reputation is still ruined because of that!" Harvard nervously opened the prompt. "Oh no! Oh god! Here we go again!" *** Any votes are appreciated and will birth new chapters! Please add to the library as well if you wouldn't mind, and come back and expect daily updates if this story gets enough votes! Thank you for your largesse!


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I'm going to leave an honest review here for any new readers that are looking for a story with the best world building, greatest character development, and the finest dialog you've ever seen. This story... has all those things, but you need to give it some time. Character development starts around chapter 70, and the world building isn't really satisfying till around the same chapter. However, to those who do give it a chance, thank you and please support this story in any way you can. I think it has some interesting arcs the later the story gets, and hope you all enjoy it :)


When I read harvard, I thought it's that famous school. When I found out it's a name, I was like, okay that's cool. I find your story funny to read, although I'm sure it's not a comedy. I'm entertained by your plot and story set up, especially the character. When it said "sort of float around" I crack up. Anyway, your story is a good material and I wish you luck in your writing journey. Keep up the good work author!


A very interesting read turning the afterlife into a game. I loved the creative approach of the author in how they explained the afterlife and the process of waiting to meet the king of the underworld. One thing that threw me off was that the king of the underworld was a female although constantly being referred to as King which is normally a term saved for males. Other than that the writing was great the pacing amazing throughout. The way the character grows in the game and outpaces many other players out of sheer determination was interesting to see and reminds me of some people I know in real life who are the same way when gaming. All in all. Great work author! It was a fun read and it is exciting to see where the story will go next.


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would've been good if the mc didn't have to be a goofball ideas great but feel more like a comedy show I guess,..............................


so far (1-30) this seem to be a unique book, it takes a different approach to the usually system like novels! in my review the book/auther seems to do the opposite of what is expected. for example king yama being female or the system having a personality only when the character dodo something oblivious. there is a little of unorthodox humor in between, which nice for a change. all in all; this book has potential to be great in a unique. if your looking for a run thru consistedly level up and badass main character this book isn't for you but if your looking for comedy/slice of life look no further.


is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem? is this a huge harem?


Read up to 38 so far. I like it so far as a whole, but something about the writing style bothers me. I either don't know what the problem is or can't put it in words. Will keep reading.




This book is Very Creative, I have read a lot of Video gamebooks but I find this one a little more interesting. Turing the Afterlife into a game is Unique in itself. The book is well written and has a few unexcepted surprises. What I am most excited about is upcoming enemies Keep Up the Good Work Wild-Bunni


Grammar mistakes aside, I think this story is definitely worth your time. Rarely have I been so drawn into a novel that I read the whole thing before I realized it. The Author has a mastery over pacing and exposition, and they make use of this to keep the reader immersed in a way that feels natural. I like the way you use the system, and it reminds me of a few mangas that I've read in my time. I do truly hope that you continue with this amazing work, Author, as I look forward to reading more!


Eh, I just wanted a leave a review to say that this story is now premium, and that I will try to increase the quality of this story by a thousand percent. You can expect at least 1 chapter a day from me starting January first, maybe 3 - 5 somedays if things are going well, and... lots of heart warming harem scenes, so please forgive me for trying to make a living :D


I needed a 10th review, so here I am again writing something about a story that I love dearly and hope that each of you read many a times over and enjoy it slowly like the tastiest food you could ever eat. Please let me know here if you have any questions, remember to vote for your favorite authors stories, and leave me a power stone or two or three so I know you exist. Appreciate it and woohoo! The spell is complete!


It happens to be 9:26 AM when I'm writing this. I realized I had 8 reviews and that I can write another review at 11:00 AM where I am and will have ten reviews. I'm giving myself 5 stars because it's faster, and it will also increase my rating. This story deserves a high rating because I worked on it! Every author feels the same way! Give us all 5 stars please! hahahaha! In an hour, I will have 10 reviews! Then the spell of 10 reviews will be complete and you can see my rating!


Once a long time ago, a beautiful women, with large bouncy features, that liked to call herself king because she earned it after killing all her brothers, King Yama, decided to expand the universe in order to make a game for phantoms in the underworld! After a long time of testing this new expanded universe, she said screw it and tossed some unlucky phantoms into that universe where even ghosts could make babies! What will happen in this new expanded universe? Find out in the next episode of random author's note!


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