Evermore Book

novel - Magical Realism



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Years ago in an unknown time, there was a battle between tribes. In this long onslaught between tribes, it was soon to be found out that only one tribe was truly being targeted, this tribe was known as --- the "Hato." With a grand total of 11 tribes, it was an unfair wager stacked against the Hato. There was no other choice but to use an ancient artifact that the other 10 tribes fought so desperately for. This weapon was known as "Larihuet." For the sake of the future, the Hato tribe used the Larihuet to kill everyone who had engaged in the battle, including the people from the Hato tribe. Years later, the world would remember the war by making 10 monuments to remember the tribes chiefs, names, and their magical ability that was used in the battle. “Obtain an obscure amount of knowledge and can grant you the powers of a God”. These are the reasons so many people died trying to attain the 10 badges. When Kibo's father died, Kibo promised him that he would be the first person to see Evermore in honor of him, thus begins the tale of Evermore.