1 Evermore chapter 1 "Game Start!"


12 font Bolded writing = Camera/Scenery

14 font = Talking from people in the story

(The camera starts off showing a view of the beautiful golden colored field with small traces of clouds, and large grey mountains soaring through the sky in the fairground. To the left is a beautiful oak forest filled with natures animals and trees.) 16 y/o Kibo: "The world can be a great place." (Camera shows a flock of birds chirping bursting from a large oak tree flying about the sky) (Camera shifts to the view of a woman and her child paying for a basket with bread through a store window. Video picks up sounds of people talking, children laughing, and chariots strolling through the town. The mother and child leave smiling while the baker smiles with his eyes shut waving at the two as they walk home down the street of the large town.) 16 y/o Kibo: "To some it can be a home, or just a place to stay and thrive." (Camera shows overview of the town showing its fairly large size, it is riddled with broken cobblestone pathways and brick houses) 16 y/o Kibo: "Unfortunately, some people don't care for the simple life." (Camera shifts forward towards the background past the village and slowly rises up to reveal a Colosseum atop a small hill.) (The camera shows an eagle eye over shot of the Colosseum and the people inside it, the video picks up the sounds of loud cheering slowly begging to get louder) (Camera shifts to a lower view of the crowd all shouting and smiling, cheering with all their eyes pointing in the same direction) (Camera shifts to see one man getting attacked by an ice shard, the video picks up with the fans cheers getting louder) Announcer: And contestant 187 Victor Hato gets a deadly ice blast on contestant 202 Levi Lavigne! Levi: "Boulder dash!" (Levi yells out his attack as his arm makes a quick rising motion starting from the ground reaching toward the sky to end off with. Soon after the motion is completed, the Earth from beneath Victor rises and forms a boulder triple the size of Victor himself! With Levi making a throwing motion with his arm, the boulder bullets towards Victor at lightning speed!) Announcer: Levi launches a massive rock from the ground at Victor! (Victors facial expression changes to a grin as he dashes to the right avoiding the attack. After words he puts his hands in the shape of a ball and snow begins to leak out of his hands.) Announcer: Victor Hato avoids the attack with lightning speed! But what's this? It looks like Victor is stirring up something big! (Camera switches to only show Levi's mouth change shape into a slight smile.) Announcer: Wait a minute ladies and gentlemen, Levi's boulder attack is coming back towards Victor, this time with more speed than before! Victor: 360 Ice Spears! (Lasers of ice shoot in every direction around Victor with him in the middle. Like a water droplet hitting a calm smooth lake) Announcer: Contestant 187 releases a deadly attack that seems to be going in all directions. (Camera switches to show the giant boulder shatter into thousands of pieces almost turning completely into dust.) (Camera switches to Levi's face showing an extremely surprised and worried face.) Levi: "UAHHHH! EARTH BARRI..!" (Levi's voice is cut off by the sound of an ice attack spearing into the bottom right part of his stomach.) (Levi falls to the ground bleeding heavily.) (The ref blows his whistle loudly as medics begin sprinting to Levi with medical equipment.) (The camera shows Victor holding up both arms towards the sky laughing in joy while the crowd goes berserk.) Announcer: "It's all over folks! Contestant 187 Victor Hato has done it, he is the 'victor' of this years Adventurer's Exam!" (Fans cheers stay loud and consistent while the camera goes to the crowd slowly zooming in on a small young boy.) 16 y/o Kibo: "You see this child right here? That was me 5 years ago. At this moment I recognized my dream, I wanted to become an adventurer! (Opening plays/Epic music for 10-20 seconds) (Scene changes to Young Kibo and his father Victor in a bar with men and women alike drinking cheering for Victor) Man 1: "Hey Vic what factions invited you to join them?" Man 2: "Yeah Victor, you have always been known for having amazing talent, surely some factions had to have seen that during the exam!" Man 3: "Yeah Victor come on what faction are you joining?" Victor: "Well, I'm actually going to be joining "Blue Moon." (Man 1 spits out his beer he was drinking and begins to open his mouth to let out a scream of fear.) Man 2: "D...Did I hear that right?" Man 3: "D...Did you say Blue Moon?" Victor: "Yeah, apparently they liked what they s…" (Victor gets cut off by the sound of screams and people exiting the bar with fear) Victor: "Guess I should have seen that coming *Laughs at himself*" (Looks at Kibo drinking his juice box staring up at Victor.) Victor: "What do ya say we head home for the night Kibo?" (Kibo still drinking his juice box nods) 16 y/o Kibo: "You see, an adventurer is someone who sets out to complete what is known as the 10 monuments. These 10 monuments are located all around the world, one in each region according to legend. These monuments were created to represent each king of elements during the great magic war between the 10 tribes. For every trial you complete, you get a badge, collecting all 10 badges opens a portal only the holder of the 10 badges can see, which takes you to a place that is known as Evermore! Evermore is rumored to be a legendary place of nature that can grant you the powers of God, and all the knowledge in the universe. With such a prize on the line, it's only natural people would risk so much to complete the trials. Though with such a reward, the cost to obtain it is anything but easy. Countless number of factions and adventurers have died inside and outside of the monuments trials. Although, most people speculate Evermore doesn't even exist. But me, I know it's real, and I, am going to be the one to find it! (Camera shows the kitchen of Kibo's home with Kibos mom's back turned to the camera,, she is making breakfast.) (Kibo rubs his right eye due to tiredness as he looks over at the table where his dad usually would be sitting at this time.)11 y/o Kibo: Hey mom, where is dad? (Kibo tilts his head slightly to the side curiously while staring at his mother) (Kibos mother turns around slowly to reveal tears falling down her face at a rapid pace) (Kibo slowly begins to open his mouth as his eyes widen. He turns around quickly and begins sprinting down the hallway he came from.

Kibos Mom: Kibo! Young Kibo: *Panting* Sprinting down the hallway making a sharp right turn to pause in place looking at a piece of paper on Kibo's fathers side of the bed. Kibo's father: "Dear Kibo, I'm sorry but last night when you and your mother were asleep I left to begin my journey as an adventurer. As you know, Blue Moon is the best faction in all of the 10 districts, because of this I was forced to leave before anybody in the higher factions found out about you or your mother's relation with me. Kibo, they're some bad people out there who join dark factions for the soul purpose of eliminating other factions and adventurers in order to gain access to classified information about the monuments whereabouts, and how to complete them. I couldn't let anyone find out about you or your mother so I left, i'm sorry I didn't give you a proper goodbye. To be honest i'm not sure that I ever will. I can't tell you if i'll stay alive long enough to see you grow up and become the great adventurer I know you will be. Please, take care of your mother for me, be a good person to everyone you meet, and most importantly, become the person that you dream."Kibo's face has a trail of tears running down his face, but oddly enough, he's smiling. *Time Skip to present day*