42 Chapter 42: Destiny is Cruel

Classes start in 2 days and I have so much paperwork to review that my life expectancy has been cut in half.

"Yamada-san, at this rate we will die from overwork" - Tetsuo (Demi-chan wa Kataritai), the teacher fanatical of demihumans, had a dead look worthy of a Japanese wage earner.

"Don't you dare die or I'll have to do your part of the job" - I sighed wearily. - "In 2 hours we have to do the interviews with the new teachers"

"Satou, I'm really going to die ..." - Kyoko (Nisekoi), the responsible teacher who has been the private tutor of the girls in my mansion, collapsed on her desk.

"Be strong, I'll give you a raise" - I smiled wryly seeing how the two honest and responsible adults were close to passing to a better life due to overwork.

"Here you go, this will make you feel better" - Anida smiled politely as she served the tea.

Next to her was Olga dressed in a maid uniform acting as Anida's assistant.

I don't know what Enma did to make Olga so obedient but the dark elf has not complained about being Aida's assistant since according to her own words a maid is superior to a slave in the hierarchical pyramid.

I prefer not to think about slavery issues and I better concentrate on drinking my tea.

This tea was not normal tea, it was mixed with a vitality potion that Enma prepared. Although it is useless for me since it literally never tired me, this potion also reduces mental fatigue which is a relief since I have been working without sleep for two days fixing possible problems that can harm my students.

After discovering that Gakusho was getting help from the Gentlemen's Club to take control of my academy, I began a counterattack as fast as I could so that Gakusho didn't have time to react.

Since my negligible intellectual capacity renders me incapable of creating a proper plan, I left that task in the hands of the most capable women around me.

Asagi, Enma, and surprisingly Rinka were able to come up with a short-term plan to get the spies out of my academy.

Although I am happy that my adopted daughter is intelligent, I am concerned that she is so talented at manipulating and making cruel plans… I will try not to think about that.

The plan was simple, Lala improved the surveillance system and through complicated software that I don't really understand, she made a nameless artificial intelligence that began looking for patterns of behavior among the recordings of teachers and students.

People who met a certain personality profile were investigated and if the person was a potential threat then Enma and a Taimanin squad would search for the person.

If the person turned out to be a normal human then he would be interrogated and then his memory would be erased, but if the person possessed the slightest trace of magical power or demonic energy then he would be marked as a high priority target and his movements would be monitored without drawing his attention to not alerting the Gentlemen's Club.

Once the list was complete, it was Black Label's turn to work.

They would be in charge of eliminating the spies in a conspicuous way using machine guns and explosions as if it were a Hollywood movie, in this way the Gentlemen's Club would focus its attention on them allowing me to fire the academy personnel who are suspicious.

In just one day Black Label took care of 12 spies which made me reflect on how convenient it was to have a squad of professional assassins working for me.

Because upper and middle-class demons can only use their magic in Mirror Dimensions, Black Label has encountered no setbacks on their assassination missions thanks to the funding I give them.

With the upgrading of equipment, Enma's magical artifacts, and the training that some Taimanin are given, Black Label became a truly fearsome organization.

To prevent the Gentlemen's Club from connecting Black Label with me, I sent a Taimanin squad to other cities to murder unauthorized rapists and thieves to make it appear that the Black Label base was not in this city.

One thing I discovered was that most of the spies in my academy had made shady deals with the previous owner of this body.

They gained the trust of the previous director by offering beautiful girls to use as sex toys, in fact some of the girls who live in my residential area were offered by them which made me question if those girls were also spies.

Asagi said that she would take care of the investigation and I left it up to her. If she is the one who investigates I can rest assured that she will not do something excessive, unlike Enma and Kiara who lately seem to be up to something that I will not like.

Now that the spies are being eliminated by Black Label comes a problem, the lack of personnel.

To deal with this I took advantage of Tetsuo's project of contacting a demihuman community.

I originally thought of offering them a shelter in my residential area without asking them to work since with my money it is not difficult to support a few million people however Asagi insisted that offering a shelter without asking for anything in return will only make them ungrateful.

I told Tetsuo to send a message to the demihuman community telling them that in order for them to receive my protection they will have to work for me, and surprisingly, the teaching position was one of the most sought-after jobs among adult demihumans.

Yesterday the demihuman community came to my residential area, as many demihuman women are extremely beautiful I let Enma and Asagi take care of the matter or I would have a panic attack.

This is my first time interacting with the demihuman community so I'm a little nervous.

"This is too much work ..." - Tetsuo sighed again.

"You contacted them so it would be disrespectful if you are not there during the interview" - I held back my laugh, seeing Tetsuo acting like someone pitiful is funny.

"... My shoulders hurt" - Kyoko raised her arms to stretch.

Since she has been tutoring Rinka and Saki I also asked her to help Mikan, Kei, and Lala with their studies.

Normally this would be dangerous as it could cause Kyoko to discover the supernatural world, but this is where the convenient plot twist provided by reincarnation comes in.

Kyoko and Tetsuo were acquaintances of the original owner of this body and it could even be said that they were friends.

They met the original principal when he had not yet turned into a complete perverted degenerate. It was at the time when Kyoko and Tetsuo were students and had a deep respect for the previous principal, they knew him even before Enma.

Even though the original principal's lust grew over the years until he became a complete idiot, the two of them continued to respect him, waiting for the day when the principal would return to his former self.

But hey, that idiot died and I took his place so that dream is no longer possible, but at least now I can say that I have friends.

Since they both know the supernatural world and are also trustworthy (something Kiara verified), I decided to ask them for help in recruiting, or in less colorful words, drag them with me under a truck.

"You two can ask for a week of paid vacation whenever you want, take it as my thanks" - I smiled and stretched my back, spending a lot of time sitting makes my butt go numb.

"Oh, that sounds good" - Tetsuo smiled. - "An acquaintance told me about a hot spring inn near here, there are rumors that it is a refuge for demihumans so I want to visit them"

"You only think of demihumans" - Kyoko looked at Tetsuo with mockery. - "Just admit it, you have a strange fetish"

"It's not a fetish!" - Tetsuo yelled in shame. - "I only find the idea of ​​magical beings living in our world fascinating!"

"It's a fetish ..." - I sighed.

I can't judge him, I love nekomimis and kitsunes.

Looking at the embarrassed Tetsuo, I couldn't help but laugh alongside Kyoko.

Is this how it feels to joke around with friends? I like it.

One more thing I can check off my list of things I want to experience at least once.

As we laughed, Kyoko began to massage her shoulders.

"I don't have gigantic breasts and yet my shoulders and back hurt" - Kyoso sighed in exasperation and then looked at Anida who was bringing us sandwiches. - "Anida-san, I don't want to be disrespectful, but I'm curious. Doesn't your back hurt?"

Anida was dressed in her maid uniform, although it was not a revealing dress and was actually the elegant type that shows no skin, Anida's voluptuous figure could not be hidden.

Anida smiled politely with a slight blush almost imperceptible at her tanned skin. - "Before I had some back pain, but since Yamada-sama began to massage me I feel better than ever"

Since I started having daily sex with Anida and Enma, I also started giving them massages since my libido is endless and if I lose control for a single second I can get carried away knocking them unconscious for pleasure.

To prevent hurting them because of my inexhaustible stamina, I looked for other forms of intimacy that did not depend on intercourse and after some experiments with Enma I discovered that combining my skills [Vibrator Mode] and [Magic Fingers] I can not only make a woman reach the greatest orgasm just with my hands, I can also give excellent massages which I have been practicing to make the women around me happy, I can even improve the way I pat on the head something that Rinka got addicted to.

"Oh, I didn't know you knew how to give massages" - Kyoko looked at me in surprise.

"I learned a few days ago" - I smiled wryly.

"The Master is modest" - Olga spoke with her usual calm voice. - "All the manual tasks that the Master does are first class"

Despite the fact that Olga was speaking in a double sense, it is true that I have become adept at various manual tasks.

In a short time I have learned and experienced so many things that I feel as if I have experienced a lifetime in a matter of days.

"Give me a massage!" - Kyoko smiled cheekily, put her arms on the desk, and settled down to get a massage on her back.

"I'm supposed to be your boss" - I sighed as I got up to give her a massage.

Since Kyoko mentors my adopted daughters every day, we have had the opportunity to talk and eat together.

So far she has only tried Anida's food as according to Asagi, my food is not appropriate for normal people or they might become unable to eat anything other than my food.

These days we became friends and at my request, she stopped calling me with honorifics. Thanks to this my phobia does not explode when I interact with her since I value her as a good friend.

I asked Tetsuo the same since I like him even though I am envious of his biceps, but he refused, apparently, an incident happened in the past where I helped him with something important and now he respects me too much.

I went after Kyoko and activated the weaker version of my [Vibrator Mode] ability at my fingertips and started using [Magic Fingers].

With gentle movements I began to massage Kyoko's shoulders, being careful not to touch-sensitive areas or her bra.

"Oh ~ That feels good ... Ah ~" - Kyoko started to let out little sounds that I tried to ignore.

I frowned a little, Kyoko's shoulders were too stiff as if she had a heavy load on top.

I was looking at several articles on the internet to learn how to massage and I read that knots in the back are a sign of stress and if left untreated they can cause muscle atrophy that in the long term can lead to paralysis of the muscles.

Since it would be rude of me to ask Kyoko about her personal life, I did my best to remove the knots on her shoulders.

"This will hurt a bit, but you will feel better" - I spoke in a low voice.


With the articulation of my thumbs, I pressed the knots and made circular movements

"Ahhh… T-that feels too good…."

With my left hand, I held Kyoko's left shoulder while my right hand pressed the outline of her scapulae being careful not to touch her spine.

There was a cracking sound as her tense joints released pressure, I put in a little more force while using the base of my palm to press his scapular muscles upward to allow the vertebrae to stretch a bit reducing the risk of damage to the joints nerve endings.

In each movement, I was very careful not to use too much force so that Kyoko's back did not suffer damage, even when her body creaked it was only because her joints were being adjusted to the correct positions.

To finish, I needed to stretch Kyoko's back a little, but for that, I would need closer contact with her body so I asked in a low voice. - "Can I put my hands under your armpits?"

"..." - Kyoko did not speak.

Because I'm behind her I can't see her face, but I saw that she nodded her head gently so I put my hands under her armpits, and being careful not to touch her breasts I lifted her up a little allowing her back will stretch.

I did some exercises with Asagi and in human terms, my strength is comparable to a heavyweight boxer, but in the supernatural world, I am average so my system is based on the general scale of the world saying that my strength is not impressive.

After finishing the massage I let go of Kyoko but quickly had to move my hand to support her body as she fell like a log.

"Kyoko?" - I spoke to her with concern when I saw that she did not respond.

I carefully arranged Kyoko on her desk and could finally see her expression.

Kyoko had her eyes closed with a silly smile, it was not an ahegao but an expression of inner peace as if she was experiencing the best nap of her life.

"She passed away" - Tetsuo seemed to find the situation amusing.

"..." - I sighed.

Now how are we going to do the interviews?

"Tetsuo, wake her up" - I gestured to Tetsuo, he just looked at me blankly.

"No thanks, I don't have a hobby of being hit" - Tetsuo crossed his arms, an unreliable man.

Once Kyoko fell asleep at my house after teaching the girls, when I tried to wake her up as it was getting dark she threw a punch at my face and if it weren't for my physical endurance skills she might have broken my nose.

Kyoko is the kind of person who responds with violence when trying to wake her up so even if I'm resistant to physical harm she is a land mine I don't want to step on.

"I'll give you a raise" - I tried to negotiate.

"No" - Tetsuo did not fall into the trap of capitalism.

"Do it or you won't have a vacation" - I resorted to threats.

"I'd rather not have a vacation than have my face broken" - Tetsuo was not afraid of labor exploitation.

"..." - I ran out of ideas.

I sighed and resigned myself to my fate.

I took off my glasses so they wouldn't break and gently pushed Kyoko's shoulder. - "Kyoko, in 10 minutes the interviews will begin, you must wake up"

What I received was a punch between my eyes.

Even though I didn't even feel it, I wanted to sigh. It seems my destiny is to be the punching bag of life.




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