Escaping August - Alpha's New Dawn Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Escaping August - Alpha's New Dawn


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Growing up inside a giant glass dome, 19-year-old Otis Von Stein has never been able to leave his country. Distracting himself with college, witchcraft and teenage love, he tries to forget about his desire to explore the outside world - until one day his innocent puppy Ren turns out to be a cursed werewolf. Ren introduces himself as Otis' lost twin and needs his brother's help to finally break the hex so he can return to human life and his family. Combining Otis' magic knowledge and Ren's brave heart, they embark on a breathtaking journey through a world full of danger, magic and longheld secrets, leading them further away from the life they once knew. But will their newly found brotherhood be strong enough to survive this adventure? And what will happen once their enemies have picked up their track? --- This book is competing in the Werewolf Lover & I contest. Please support me if you can. Some author friends and I made a Discord server. Join today to gain exclusive access to artworks, spoilers, emotes & more! :) https://discord.gg/uvyHgS5bsZ