12 The Realm of Vida




After making sure that, the training was going smoothly, I checked on Milim.

I saw her fighting her fellow Dark Beings without fear or sadness, but seemed desperate.

"I am so sorry brothers! However, do not worry! Your power won't be wasted! Hiyaah!"

"Hmm, very good then, she seems to have understood"

The named servants swiftly killed many Dark Elemental Beings, even weaker monkeys had their chances to gain EXP because my summons would only let themselves be killed.

"With such an efficient plan, even weak monkeys will be able to gain strength easily by leveling up, even if they won't get any combat experience, they can be instructed by other members in basic combat, if in the next days some become strong enough I might name some more."

I went inside the cave with Wagyu and Rimuru and packed up loads of food on my Item Box, I knew that the journey to the Snowy Mountain Wall would be long, and probably would take us more than a day to get there and then come back.

I decided that even if I summoned more than 200 dark beings for my servants to farm, If I am outside for too long they might run out, so I summoned 300 more, almost draining every bit of MP from all my named servants, luckily we had stocked loads of MP Potions.

"We wish you good luck Master!"

"Senior Wagyu and Senior Rimuru, please take good care to Master Kireina!"

"Wagyu, I am counting on you!"

"Take care little Rimuru!"

All my servants said their respective goodbyes.

"Alright, you guys better take good care of this place while I am outside, also please expand the cave a little more, I will be back with some big boys!"

While I disappeared from their sight, my servants relaxed a little and started to talk.

"I hope those Wyverns don't give our Master a hard time"

"Well, Master already got the Wyvern Overlord blessing, it shouldn't be so hard…"

"Let's just hope for the best! All right rookies! Keep killing these blobs, we got loads of EXP to win!"




According to Wagyu the shortest road to the Great Snowy Mountain Wall was through a series of mountains to the north, they were named the Ancient Dragon Spikes, as they resembled the bones of a gigantic dragon.

"Was this actually a dragon on the past? Such gigantic beings exist in this world?"

"According to my grandfather, there is a legend about a legendary dragon being able to split heaven itself that was slain long ago by the strongest Demon, after this, the ground itself absorbed his corpses nutrients and formed this Forest, but it's no more than an old tale…"

"Hmmm, hey… but how are we going to cross all these spiky mountains? You guys can't fly like"

"Ah! I didn't thought about that…"


"Sigh… Hmm?"

The Minds inside my head reminded me of something.

"Remember that Levitate skill from the Flame Salamander Empress? It's a temporal buff that you can grant to others too"

"Main Mind… You never read the skills descriptions in detail… You just always assume what they do…"

"Ah! Is that so? Alright!"

I quickly casted [Levitate] on both Wagyu and Rimuru, they were quite awkward about floating but they got used to it surprisingly fast. 


As we passed through the spiky mountains, we saw a big group of weird looking bats, they were pink colored and had horrible faces that resembled demons, sprouting big fangs from thy lower jaws.

"What are those bats…?"

"Hmm, they seem quite weak I dou-"


"Geeeehh…! They are coming!"




"Do not worry, such weak monster cannot pose a threat to us now, at most they will be a interesting dinner…"

Suddenly, two massive Pink Bats came outside of the cave!

"Ah! This is bad, Master, these are young Emperor Pink Bats!"

"Emperors…? I don't feel so much power from them…"

The two big Pink Bats called all the other bats to get together, and started to be stuck together on a big group!

"Why are all they stuck together like this?"

"Probably some kind of command skill…"

Out of nowhere, a strong voice resounded inside my head.

"Intruders…! Go away! I am the Pink Bat Emperor, and this is the Pink Bat Empress, leave this place if you don't want to die!"

"Buwahahaha! Who do you think I am? Why don't you just kill us already if you have the strength?"

"I-I… You insolent! If you want to die this badly, then death awaits you! Activate Skill: Tandem Spell: Dark Shadow Ball!"


Both Pink Bath Emperors casted a strong combination skill that formed a massive Dark Shadow Ball!


"Guwahaha! That's what you get!"

"Wa-wait, look!"


The Pink Baths could not believe what they own eyes were seeing, a gigantic sphere made of lava successfully blocked they strongest combined attack!

"This! How is it possible? Such strong magic! Impossible! What kind of beings are you?!"

"Gaaah! Such pressure… w-we must run!"

"Because you two are Emperors I have to go all out too!"

I moved the Overpowering Sun to the Bats Cave at max speed! Clashing with the Mountain Peak and overflowing the entire cave with hot lava! Mostly all of the Pink Bats died on the spot completely calcined!


[You've gained 7865 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 3932 EXP]

[You've gained three levels!] [Level 19/30 EXP 0118/3000]

[The rest of your party gained two levels!]

[Wagyu level 16/25 EXP 1289/3000]

[Rimuru level 16/20 EXP 0345/2800]

[You've obtained the following Titles]

[Pink Bat Emperor]

[Pink Bat Empress]

[You have received an item on your Item Box: Pink Vampire Soul Crystal Ball (B)]

"Gaah! I messed up again, if I just make them all dust, what do I eat? Well, I got some titles and this new Soul Crystal Ball that does nothing for now…"

I went to the Bats cave but only found lava everywhere, all of the bat corpses turned into dust.

"Sigh, next time I won't get too carried away…"

After flying some more we passed through countless spiky mountains, this was the first time I have traveled so far outside the Forest, but for some reason, I couldn't see what was laying ahead of the forest, the spiky mountains was indeed a massive section of this geographical zone.

"This place is too vast… Ah!"

"There it is, Master! The Great Snowy Mountain Wall! We can see it now!"

"Gaah! It's really a wall!"


Very far away, we could finally see the legendary Great Snowy Mountain, it looked like an actual gigantic wall that naturally formed from the massive snow covered mountains, it went so far above that it sometimes blocked the light of the sun!

"This World… is really something else… This is completely insane. I would never be able to see such a huge natural formation on Earth!"

"I wonder how high up the Wyvern families are, I hope not too high, as we traveled higher, the temperatures will go down dramatically, and we don't really have any ice resistance skills to protect us!"

"Hmm, maybe [Flame Body]?"

"Oh! Good idea Master!"

"Guuuu! [Flame Body]!"


We quickly activated [Flame Body] which immediately made our bodies covered in fire, being able to ignore the very low temperatures of the Mountains.

"Eh? It's already getting pretty late, the sun is already going to the other side of the horizon"

"Indeed Master, this trip took us a very long time, but we are finally here"

"Mastaa… How do us… Find the Wyverns?"

"I… don't know… let's just keep looking around… while traveling higher and higher…" 

In our travels to the peak of the Snowy Mountain Wall, we found a series of bizarre monster unique to this region.

"These look interesting, we should go grab some for the skills…"



Our first preys were some elephant sized white rabbits, they had a beautiful white fur and big horns that seemed to be made of ice.

"Hmmm, I'll name you guys, Big Horned Snow Rabbits!"

They were indeed quite weak so we quickly disposed of more than ten, their meat was tender and delicious, even raw, even their blood was sweet and warm, ideal for such travels.

[You've gained 3122 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 1728 EXP]

[You've gained one level!] [Level 19/30 EXP 0240/3100]

[Wagyu gained one level!] [Wagyu level 17/25 EXP 0017/3100]

[Rimuru level 16/20 EXP 2074/2800]

We roasted around five rabbits and ate them entirely, even the bones were a delicacy and easy to chew.

[You've obtained the following Titles]

[Big Horned Snow Rabbit King]

[Merciless Rabbit Killer]

[You and the rest of your party learned the following Skills]

[Ice Horn Formation]

[Basic Ice Resistance]

[High Ice Element Affinity]

[Big Horned Snow Rabbit Fur Creation]

[Advanced Ice Magic Manipulation]

"Oh! Ice Resistance! There it is! Let's deactivate [Flame Body] then, it drains too much Stamina and MP"

After we finished eating, we packed some more rabbit meat and continued our journey.

We kept checking around every cave that we found, but in such a vast Mountain, it was quite hard, as we keep going up, the ice storm got worse and it was already night time so we decided to pick some cave to pass the night.

When we found a big enough cave, a big family of some kind of Ice Wolves welcomed us.

Because they were Wolves I didn't want to kill them thinking about Wagyu, he tried to calm them down but they insisted on attacking us so we had to take down every aggressive one.

[You've gained 2457 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 1228 EXP]

[Party Member: Servant Rimuru gained one level!] [Level 17/20 EXP 0502/2850]

[Kireina level 19/30 EXP 2697/3100]

[Wagyu level 17/25 EXP 1245/3100]

After taking down three Ice Wolves, the others morale fell and they gave up, becoming my new servants. Their were nine left, including three pups and two mothers. 

Wagyu tried to comfort the quivering wolves but they were too scared to speak so using         [Puppet Master] I made them sleep for now while we ate the strong Wolves we killed.

[You've obtained a new Title: Snowy Mountains Wolf King]

[You and your party learned the following Skills]

[Snowy Mountains Wolf Sharp Ice Fangs]

[Snowy Mountains Wolf Cold Blood]

[Ice Magic Shot]

[High Ice Resistance]

Their meat was bitter and cold, unlike the fatty and delicious meat of the Ice Rabbits, the Ice Wolf had barely any fat on it.

"Now that I look at them, they all seem quite thin, even the pups… Probably hunting is very hard up here. Those rabbits were indeed quite fast"

"Perhaps they wouldn't have lasted this year…" 

"Guuu… doomed to extinction… are the weak…"


"Guuu! Let's save them…! Let's add them to our… family!"

"Oh, yeah I had already decided to do that, they would be a good addition to our army, they seem to have unknown potential"

"I will give them some food that I have saved including the rabbit meat, and we will come to pick them up when we find the Wyverns"


"Thank you very much Master Kireina!"

After finishing eating every part of the Wolves we killed, I made improvised beds made of thread and we slept for the rest of the night.




[Day 17]

After waking up we calmed down the Ice Wolves and we bought their trust with loads of food, it seems that all of them were starving, after such a huge feast, I decided to name the strongest one to make a better connection with the family.

I named her Yuki-onna (snow woman in Japanese) she was the mother of the pups and the strongest left after the three males were killed, with her command and the trust that the others wolves have on her, they will easily obey me without much trouble.

"Very well then Yuki, I'll leave the rest of the wolves in your care until we come back from what we are looking for, there is a lot of food so there's no need to risk your lives hunting"

"Th-thank you so much Master Kireina! We don't deserve such benevolence!"

"Take care"


Before taking our leave, I used some magic and made a simple illusion outside the cave, to look like a big boulder from the outside closes it.

As we flew even higher we checked most caves we came across but there was almost no signs of the wyverns.

"It's already been several hours, are these Wyverns even real? How few are they?"

"There is no point in complaining Master, we must keep up"


"I guess you two are right…"

As we slowly approached the peak of the Mountain, we came across a strange white bird. It had ice wings, and showed electric powers, it was a big flock but it only had around three Kings.

We quickly disposed of the Kings and around ten birds. The rest was able to fly away.

[You've gained 3925 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 1962 EXP]

[You've gained two levels!] [Level 21/30 EXP 0322/3300]

[Party Member: Servant Wagyu gained one level!] [Level 18/25 EXP 0107/3200]

[Rimuru level 17/20 EXP 2464/2850]

The meat was tender and juicy, with a hint of sweetness, but very cold, so we quickly descended to a little cave and roasted some birds. After roasting them, they were even juicier and tasted like a very high quality turkey.

[You've obtained a new Title: Icy Storm Bird King]

[You and the rest of your party learned the following Skills]

[Ice Wings Creation]

[High Ice Magic Affinity]

[Thunder Element Affinity]

[Thunder Magic Shock]

[Icy Storm Bird Ice and Thunder Tackle]

"Ooh, Thunder Magic finally, strange that it didn't give more ice resistance…"

"Ah, these birds were on par with the Gale Bird Emperor meat, Master! Such a big delicacy!"


After eating every part of the birds, including the ice wings, we continued our journey to the peak of the Mountains.

Several hours have passed and we slowly approached the Mountain Peak, it seemed like the storm was getting even rose and the temperatures were freezing my wings, even with ice resistance.

We had no other choice than to use [Flame Body] for the time being.

As we went further and further up the Mountain started to become a complete vertical wall without any rocky textures around for any walking animal to live on.

"Impressive, the whole structure of the mountain started to become a vertical wall, barely any living beings are here, perhaps the occasional bird… Ah! There is the Peak!"

Excited about what is on the other side of this natural wall, we went to the Peak at max speed.

Then, when we finally reached the Peak, we found a little habitable zone, when looking down we could see the enormous dark colored clouds that formed the eternal ice storms.

Then there was it.

"What… is this place…"



On the other side, there was nothing that I would had imagined, no plains, or another forest, or even humans towns or civilization.

The only thing that we were able to see a starry sky, the one that we would usually see at night, but it not only composed the sky itself, even down there, were there was nothing more than a dark space and stars.

"Why? Why is there a starry sky in this place? Is this space?"

"Space? What is Space, Master?"

"Space is… what's outside our world… the outside of it, you know?"


"My grandfather has never told me of such thing, so this is… Space?"

"But it's wrong! Space is upside! Even higher than the sky! It cannot be just at our side! It does not even make sense! What is even the shape of this world then?"

"Master, please calm down"

As I tried to look even deeper on the starry sky, we were able to see shadows moving around, and after adjusting our eyes, a whole bunch of strange beings were wondering around this "Space".

"These, what are they?"

"Ah! Ma-master! Don't get closer to them! They smell… it's very strange!"

"What do you mean? They should be just another type of monsters…"

"Master Wait!"

After taking another step, Wagyu stopped me on place.

"Wh-whats wrong with you Wagyu, why are you freaking out so much?"

"I didn't believe it before, but this space, the smell, is like some type of poison… I do not smell the clear air of the forest, or even the scarce air of this Peak… If you go there, how will you breathe?"

"Breath…? So there is no air in there? Is it a vacuum then?" 

Wagyu calmed down and started to talk very slowly.

"I… don't know… but it's just, something inside, something encrusted inside my very self, tells me to never step in such a place…"

"Wagyu… Rimuru, what do you think?"

"Guuu…? This place… reeks… No fresh air…"

"So it's really space then? That's freaky, this place is nothing like Earth then… Probably even has different physical laws"

My three minds spoke inside my head.

"Don't get any closer, Main Mind, we will surely die"

"Don't go…"

"Alright, we should calm down for now, how about we look around for the Wyverns, eh?"

"Ah! The Wyverns, if they aren't on the Peak then they never existed in the first place…"

As we looked around the vast peak, we saw some kind of enormous bird nest made of countless weird looking bones.

"Is that, a Wyvern nest?"

"Yes, but there are no Wyverns around…"

"Guuu… strange bones…"

I quickly noticed the strange bones on the nest, they didn't look like anything we have encountered in our entire lives.

"Are these bones, those weird things in the Starry Sky?"

"Is it even possible for Wyverns to hunt them?"

"That's… I don't think that could be possible…" 

"Mastaaa…! Look!"

"Eh? Ah!"

Suddenly, a massive figure came at increasing speed from the Starry Sky!


It landed directly on the nest, creating a big shock wave!

"Guaaakk! Wh-what?!"

After the dust dissipated, I was able to take a closer look. It was a gigantic red colored dragon-looking lizard, it had four crimson red horns on its forehead, golden eyes and black markings around its body, its two front limbs had large orange colored membranes that connected with his body, looking like bat wings.

"That's… A Wyvern!"


The Wyvern slowly settled down and talked to us directly to our minds.

"Hmmmmmm… Such beings, shouldn't be in this place, go away, before you become my dinner"

"Hey! Wait! I came to recruit you!"

"Eh? Recruit… me?"

"Yes! The Wyvern Overlord sent me! Look at my status!"

"Ah! My father?!"

The Wyvern quickly looked at my status with an unknown skill.

"You have… his blessings… My father, is still alive? I…"

"You have to help us! Your father commanded me to defend the forest from the Dark Nation!"

"The Dark Nation… so that bastard has already decided to attack? Alright then, I shall lend you my strength"

"Oh thank you very much!"


"By any chance, do you know where can we find more Wyverns?"

"Yes, we are few but united, I know another two families to the East of the Peak, come, hop into my back, it will faster"

Thanks to the Wyvern politeness, we had a nice conversation on his back, I decided to ask him some questions about the Starry Sky.

"Oh, you mean the Astral Road, right?"

"Is that the real name?"

"Yes, that place is a space between different realms… It's a dangerous place that you shouldn't enter unless you have a special skill named [Internal Breath]"

"Internal Breath… wait, do you mean that this world, as it is, is a Realm?"

"Yes, even if it's only a Realm, you should not underestimate it, its vast and incredibly wide, at least more than 40 different civilizations live here"

"Gah! What is the name of this Realm…?"

"This old Realm, it's probably one of the first to have been generated when the "Original World" was shattered, its name is Vida"

"Vida… W-wait, original world? Shattered? What happened?"

"Ahh, that's an old legend, about an original world which contained all the Realms, I only know that multiple civilizations in Vida call that old world, Genesis"

"Genesis… Do you know anything more?"

"I have never left Vida before, so my knowledge is limited, but my father used to travel through Realms, he must know more… But…"

"He's… Dying… Right? Guuu…"

"Senior Rimuru, please don't be disrespectful!"

"It is fine, Wolf. Yes, my father is slowly dying, thanks to the seal made by the Humans. His life was slowly drained through the years. I… had already assumed he died, until you came"

"I-I see… Well, don't worry, we will find a way to free him from that accursed dungeon! Do not worry at all! Let's focus on our main mission for now!"

"Will you really…? I… You are right, let us focus on what we need to do first… Ah! We are almost there…"

"By the way, do you have a name?"

"Ah, yes. My name is Abellona. I already know your name, Kireina, right?"

"Hahaha, yes… My servants here are Rimuru and Wagyu!"

"It is an honor to know such a legendary being like you, sir Abellona"

"Guuu… nice to metcha'…!"

"Hahaha! What a colorful party you are… Ah, you also are Demon from another world, right?"

"Gahh! Y-yeah… How can you tell?"

"Your strength, and the smell of your soul, are very unique, like nothing I have ever seen"

"You can… smell my soul…?"

"It comes with the skill [Soul Perception]"

"Geez, you got quite the godly skills, is this on every Wyvern…?"

"Hahaha, yes. Because I was born from an Overlord class like my father, I have been blessed with countless skills since birth"

"I see… (I wish I could eat you) Eh? Are those the other Wyverns?"

As we got closer to another big Wyvern nest, there were two Wyverns eating some strange creature.

"Hmm? Is that... Abellona?"

"He has come with some new creatures, are they some extravagant food?"

Abellona slowly flapped down.

"Siblings, I have come with good news, our father is still alive, and he has sent a messenger!"

"Our father! Is he alive? Really?"

"F-father… Are you for real, Abellona?"

"Sister Adena, I would never lie to you, it is true"

"Ah! I can feel it, this being… even if it's just a tiny butterfly, it's extremely strong…"

"Buwahahaha! That is true! I am strong!"

"Hahaha, and it got quite the big mouth! Hahaha! I like it already!"

These two Wyverns seem to be Abellona's younger brother and sister. Their names are Aine and Adena.

After explaining everything they immediately agreed to help us, they were quite the energetic pair.

"Very well then Kireina, nice to meet you!"

"Indeed, nice to meet you Kireina, I can't believe that just a tiny existence like you slayed all the 8 Emperors, you are quite the monster! Hahaha!"

"Y-yes! Almost every fight was full of hardships, but with every fight my power increased incredibly fast"

"I see, it's such a pity that all the Emperors wanted to kill you instead of trying to cooperate with you, killing them was something normal if you wanted to keep your life, that's how this world works after all, I would had done the same!"

After some more talk I discovered that the Wyverns possess the skill [Appraisal] by default, which let them observe other's living beings stat windows, and even their full skill list, so convenient!

"Is there a way for me to obtain [Appraisal] other than just eating you?"

"Well, not really, it's a unique skill that every Overlord class obtains. We got it from our father as a gift when we were born"

"Yeah, our father is indeed a legendary being… I am so glad he's still hanging on, that old man…"

The Wyverns told me that the last family on this Peak was not so far away, so we decided to take a break later when we arrived there.

Each of us decided to go on the back of a different Wyvern, I never thought that flying on a Wyvern would feel so refreshing and relaxing, I almost fell asleep multiple times.

"Kireina, don't sleep, we are almost there!"

"Master Kireina, look!"


As we approached the last family nest, the biggest Wyvern we have ever seen before greeted us, his size was almost double as large as Abellona, it was black colored instead of the usual red and his limbs were strong and muscular, accompanying him was a little green colored Wyvern with a golden colored horn on his forehead. Unlike the three brothers before, these looked very different from each other.

"Hmmm, big siblings?"

"Eh? It's true! Look Titus! Big siblings came!"

After some talk we found out that, these Wyverns were named Titus (the big one) and Eshne (the little green one). They were actually the youngest pair of brothers, I was surprised because of Titus size that did not make sense at his age, but he told me that the Strength Wyvern God blessed him when he was born and this is why of his big and muscular appearance. Eshne tiny green body and golden horn are because of the blessing of the Wyvern God of Nature.

"I see! So, if a god bless you, your appearance changes? That's amazing!"

"Hahaha! You are very funny, Kireina, don't tell me that you don't know that you are blessed by a god already?"

"I… Am?"

"Of course! Your appearance and race is unique to you, you have been blessed by a god and he granted you such a unique evolution path, but I can't really know the god in detail, the system doesn't specify" 

This was the first time I heard about being blessed by a god. Now that I think about that, isn't Mysterious Voice technically a god? Then it's true, he blessed me…

After we settled down and had a nice talk with the Wyverns, we decided to pass the night in their nest, at night they offered us the creatures that they are so accustomed on eating. They were named Lower Eldritch Octopus, and were the main inhabitants of the Astral Road, those weird beings floating around. They tasted just like raw Earth Octopus and had a hint of sweetness and spiciness, a unique meat.

[You've obtained a new Title: Alien Devourer]

[You and your party learned the following Skills]

[Eldritch Curse Eye]

[Lower Eldritch Octopus Flexible Body]

[Basic Dark Arts Manipulation And Creation]

I also shared some of my food and the Wyverns ended falling in love with my cooking monkey's cuisine.

"Ah! Th-this food! It's so good! I was so bored of eating the same octopus every time! This is really something else!"

"Guoooooooooohhh! This food is amazing! Are you saying that you eat this every day? No way!"

"Th-this is indeed very good, such lovely fried meat, and the spices are just right! Ahh~"

"Yes, I am very surprised that simple Mountain Monkeys can craft such delicacies"

After a big feast, I created some thread beds for my Servants and we slept below a beautiful Starry Sky.

Skill fusion results of the day:

[River King Strong Claws] + [Big Bird Strong Tackle] + [Mountain Monkey Strong Punch] = [Dark Moon Shadow Blow]

[Poisonous Claw] + [Paralysis Claw] + [Massive Rock Smash]= [Toxic Shadow Claws]

[Flame Salamander Empress Flaming Claws] + [Dark Moon Shadow Blow] + [Toxic Shadow Claws] = [Demonic Toxic Flame Claws]

[River Emperor Incredible Endurance] + [Mountain Monkey Flexible Body] + [Gale Bird Emperor Impossible Tenacity] = [Shadow Body Sturdy Endurance]

[River Emperor Pressure] + [Crimson Wolf Emperor Hell Aura] + [Mountain Monkey Emperor Strong Pressure] = [Dark Moon Overpowering Pressure]




[Name: Kireina

[CLASS: None

[RACE: Dark Moon Illusion Butterfly

[LEVEL 21/30  EXP 0322/3300  STATUS: Full

[HP: 86/86  MP: 162/162  STAMINA: 149/130 (+10)

[STRENGTH: 68 (+3)

[DEFENCE: 70 (+3)

[MAGIC: 121


[SPEED: 86 (+3)


[LUCK: -1

[ITEM BOX: 11/20

[SKILLS: [Trash Belly] [Forest Caterpillar Weak Body] [Blessing of #########] [Iron Teeth] [Caterpillar Basic Regeneration] [Steel Belly] [Strong Thread Creation And Manipulation: Level 5] [Spider's 8 Eyes: Level 1] [Underwater Breathing] [Fish Strong Gills] [Dry Skin] [Water Element Affinity] [Group Command: Level 1] [Attack Command: Level 1] [Defence Command: Level 1] [Silver Belly [High Water Element Affinity] [Water Bullet: Level 1] [Underwater Sense] [Sturdy Fish Scales] [High Water Magic: Level 1] [High Water Manipulation: Level 4] [Mana Usage] [Basic Magic Water Shield: Level 10] [Summon Lower Water Being: Level 1] [Water Spear: Level 9] [Control Minions: Level 1] [Very High Water Affinity] [BIG Bird Tenacity] [Big Bird Binocular Vision] [Wind Element Affinity] [Big Bird Gale Wings] [Crimson Wolf Emperor Strong Senses] [Crimson Wolf Berserk Mode: Level 1] [High Fire Element Affinity] [Blessing Of The Fire Spirit] [Basic Fire Ball: Level 7] [Fire And Dark Element Affinity] [Dark Fire Ball: Level 7] [Red Horn Creation: Level 1] [Mana Zone] [Quick Spell Fusion] [Mountain Monkey Rock Throw: Level 1] [Earth Element Affinity] [Basic Earth Formation Magic: Level 6] [Basic 9 Elements Resistance] [High Mana Affinity] [Basic Mythical Circle Magic: Yggdrasil 9 Worlds: Level 1] [Basic Spirit Magic: Level 1] [High Spirit Magic Affinity] [Basic Illusion Magic: Level 5] [Puppet Master: Level 1] [Brain Share 3/3] [Power Share] [Defense Share] [Basic Illusion Shield: Level 4] [Summon High Elemental Beings: Level 1] [Fake Body Illusion] [Poisonous Illusion Mist: Level 1] [Gale Bird Emperor Feather Projectiles] [Very High Wind Element Affinity] [Magical Wind Zone: Air Void: Level 1] [High Wind Element Magic: Level 1] [Red Gem Magic Ring] [Blue Gem Magic Ring] [Seraphin Healing Bracelet] [Flame Salamander Spell Command] [Flame Body] [MP Share] [High Lava Affinity] [Tandem Skill: Lava Zone: Level 1] [Overpowering Sun] [HP Potion Secretion] [MP Potion Secretion] [Hairy Spider 8 Limbs Creation] [Hairy Spider King Powerful 8 Eyes] [Dark Thread Magic Manipulation: Level 1] [Dark Squirrel King Dark Flame Core] [Mythical Circle Magic: Levitate] [Magic Resonance] [Mythical Circle Magic: Absolute Fire Zone] [Mythical Circle Magic: Sacred Fire] [Mythical Circle Magic: Fire Elemental Tornado] [Fire Illusion] [Tandem Skill: Lava Tornado] [Advanced Lava Manipulation] [Very High Lava Affinity] [Scorching Adamantite Strong Shell] [Fire And Lava Affinity] [Fire And Lava Master] [Blessing Of The Wyvern Overlord] [Intoxication Resistance] [Beer Affinity] [Novice Alchemist Bracelet] [Overpowering Demonic Poisonous Bite: Level 1] [Dark Moon Demonic Body: Level 1] [Overpowering Dark Iron Body: Level 1] [Ice Horn Formation: Level 1] [Basic Ice Resistance] [HIGH Ice Element Affinity] [Big Horned Snow Rabbit Fur Creation] [Advanced Ice Magic Manipulation] [Snowy Mountains Wolf Sharp Ice Fangs: Level 1] [Snowy Mountains Wolf Cold Blood] [Ice Magic Shot: Level 1] [High Ice Resistance] [Ice Wings Creation] [High Ice Magic Affinity] [Thunder Element Affinity] [THUNDER Magic Shock: Level 1] [ICY Storm Bird Ice And Thunder Tackle: Level 1] [Eldritch Curse Eye: Level 1] [Lower Eldritch Octopus Flexible Body] [Basic Dark Arts Manipulation And Creation: Level 1] [Demonic Toxic Flame Claws: Level 1] [Shadow Body Sturdy Endurance: Level 1] [Dark Moon Overpowering Pressure: Level 1]

[TITLES: [First Kill In The New World] [Trash Eater] [Merciless Aquatic Killer] [King Of The River] [Loved By The Water Spirits] [River Queen] [River Emperor] [Merciless Avian Killer] [Born Bellow A Lucky Star] [Merciless Squirrel Killer] [Merciless Monkey Killer] [Beloved By The 9 Spirits] [Mountain Monkey Emperor] [Loved By Dark Beings] [Dark Empress] [First Of A Kind] [Gale Bird Emperor] [Merciless Salamander Killer] [Flame Salamander Empress] [Hairy Spider Empress] [Swamp Alligator Emperor] [Dark Squirrel Emperor] [Mineral Devourer] [Wyvern Overlord Champion] [Alcoholic] [Pink Bat Emperor] [Pink Bat Empress] [Big Horned Snow Rabbit King] [Merciless Rabbit Killer] [Snowy Mountains Wolf King] [Icy Storm Bird King] [Alien Devourer]

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