Emperor's Reckoning

Heaven, hell, and the world themselves have forgotten a prominent figure that once stood at the pinnacle. Alas, the said figure himself forgot who he was. Lyon is a young man who lived a leisurely life on earth. Not much was said except that he enjoyed such a life. However, one fateful night sent him to the world where killing is not a sin, alchemy is a thing, and magic cultivation is not imaginary. Immediately after being sent to this world. He is met with a beautiful woman who rumbled the earth and cracked the very firmament under the mortals' eyes. Selena is her name. She claimed to be his wife, the first one of three. However, their meetings didn't last long due to circumstances that he has yet understood. With one wedding ring on his finger that contained half of his past power, he sets forth to find Cecile, the woman whom Selena said is a queen in Blue Continent, the other wife that he adored then. But, he lacked focus at times, and combined with his whimsical nature, he often finds himself, in unusual situations. His smirk and lazy demeanor brought nothing but trouble for himself and the others around him. His relentless nature of stealing, his rebellious adolescence year, and the capability to smile by the teeth of a gnawing dragon brought his charm to a height that fairies once forget. Though his perverted nature often gets them to scurry away almost immediately, those that stayed long enough to know him better, know the redeeming qualities of Lyon Torga as a whole. Regardless! His arrival in this world has rotated an old cog of fate that those old monsters and old kings in the ages of the ancients, would have never guessed to be working again.

Big_Yellow · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1228 Chs

Two Against One

The moment Bairong died, the intents on both sabers immediately stopped. The resistance that Lyon felt was no more before he let go Rue and Lue on top of the beach sand.

"Your rampage ends now."

An old hoarse voice was picked out from Lyon's ear before he furrowed his eyebrows. Glancing in the direction where Tuey was, his eyes turned sharp as an old man was pulling Tuey's hair with his wrinkled fingers beside her neck.

Lyon suddenly sensed a fist coming from his right before his pupils looked at the incoming fist and slightly looked up at Mara in the eyes in the latter disbelief. In that short moment, in that short window of a time, Mara realized how terrifying the enemy was.

The punch landed cleanly but Lyon was only getting dragged by the force. His figure was still standing as he dragged the sand with him. No bruise was visible on his right cheek but Mara's anger filled the void of silence on the beach.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" shouted Mara.