608 Fishbone

Translator: CKtalon

Shang Jianyao—who liked to joke and always acted like an old friend—didn't treat him as an outsider at all. He raised his right hand and waved it. "Hey, where are your two friends?"

The other party was Ashlandic, so he didn't deliberately change his language.

The man turned his body and looked at the fellow before casually muttering, "They are still in the restaurant. Burp…"

Just as he said that, his gaze froze. "It's you! Do you think I'm suffering from dementia? Do you think I'll forget your teasing yesterday?"

As he spoke, the man took a step forward and raised his fist.

Shang Jianyao was delighted instead of being angry. He looked down at the other party from above. At the same time, he bent his right arm, propping up the clothes on his arm.


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