Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent
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Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent


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What is Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent

Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent is a popular web novel written by the author Aciee_GelaTin, covering R18, ROMANCE, COMEDY, BILLIONAIRE, MODERN, DRAMA, BADASSFEMALELEAD, COLDMALELEAD, CONTEMPORARYROMANCE, CEOCOUPLE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.9M readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 52 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 200 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In order to be loved, she changed her whole personality, but all she got in return was a cold husband and her unrequited feelings. Now that she lost her memories and went back to her old self, she's determined to never love again. She wouldn't let anyone trample on her anymore. But then, why is her husband coming back around again - turning over a new leaf and wanting to take her back so desperately? "You should know well by now, my beloved wife. Didn't you change yourself for love...?" he muttered vehemently, voice low and smoky. His unwavering eyes are blazing with passion and a deep sense of endearment that she'd never seen before. This isn't her husband at all - instead of cold, his gaze appears to be on fire. "The same goes for me... So, love me, love me not - you're going to take responsibility." --- Impassive, strait-laced, stiff and very compliant - that's how everyone sees Cassidy Eleanor. She's an underdog wife who's desperate to gain her husband's affection and would even sacrifice her own freedom. Coming from an unknown background, she was neglected by her spouse, persecuted by his family, and misjudged in her workplace. That's all until it came to a point when she already had enough. In an effort to flee from the clutches of a loveless marriage and all the obligations that were forced on her, she got herself a ticket and boarded a plane. Little did she know that a bombing incident would ultimately ruin her plan to start anew. Then, before she knew it, she woke up to find herself with a type of amnesia that caused her to forget everything that happened to her when she's past the age of eighteen-years-old. To be exact, Cassidy had gone back to her old self - right before she met her husband, Adrian Millicent. --- Cold, distant, steely and iron-willed - that's how everyone sees the owner of the country's richest conglomerate. Adrian is known to be a prodigious figure in a variety of fields and commerce, a prestigious individual with billions of assets, and a man of outstanding achievements overall. He used to be the most-sought-after bachelor of the country, but only to get in an arranged marriage by his grandparent - with a woman of unknown origin, to boot. He really couldn't care less, though. After all, he never needed love to begin with. That's all until Adrian found this reserved and amenable wife of his acting like a wild and boisterous teenage girl one day. -- WFP #23 Gold Tier Winner -- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist)

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Second Author's Review Here 😑😑😑 Welcome all to my petty attempt in Contemporary Romance! Here you can find a to-hell-with-the-world Female Lead whose amnesia made her live like she just travelled back in time 😑😑 Did that even make sense? 😑😑 Well, anyway, just some few points that I think everyone will wanna ask as they start reading the story. (Please, don't mind the 😑 emojis. I'm not mad 😑😑😑 Seriously) - No easy forgiveness here - Female Lead and Male Lead have their own respective character developments (Please don't ask for a perfectly tuned FL or ML ΰ²₯β€Ώΰ²₯ I don't do that, and they're both crazy) - There's Romance, Comedy, Drama, Face Slapping, Actions that go bang bang brrrrr... And more! - Will not exceed 300 chapters - Trigger Warnings for Language, a little bit of Gore, and Eventual Smut That's all! Thank you for giving this novel a chance to ruin your day πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Have fun reading πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


SUCH A FRESH CONCEPT, I DONT KNOW WHY IT ISNT PICKEDπŸ˜‚ Like the story is totally unique and cool. instead of the typical Reincarnation thing she actually just forgot her memories, nobody else took ove she didn't reincarnate back to the age of 18. No nothing like that but it was still so much fun oh god I love it alot. please don't drop this novel pleaseeeeeee


I began to read this novel with doubt, but I must acknowledge my mistake. This novel is very refreshing. I recommend reading this novelπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―


First of all, great cover. The synopsis is intriguing. It really made me want to read it. The prologue is great! It made me smile. Then the first chapter came in. BRUH, I kid you not, I want to kill somebody. Then the accident happened, it made me freaking laugh about the change. This story is giving me mixed emotions. 5/5. Good job author! πŸ‘πŸ‘


Hello everyone! Author's review here. So, this is my first time writing a story with Contemporary Romance as a genre. I just thought I wanted to try it out. But anyway, I hope you'll all enjoy this. This story is my entry for WFC #23, so please do leave a power stone to vote. I'll appreciate it a lot 😊 Thank you!


This is such a fun book to read! I enjoy how quirky and f-the-world 18 year old Cassie is, it’s hilarious! 🧑 I did spot some inconsistencies with the tenses, some are in past tense where it should be present, and the vocab can tend to be overly repeated, but overall, such a great job!


Love how unique this storyline is, definitely a standout. I’m enjoying her authentic antics that are driving this crazy family wild. Looking forward to watching her ****-minded soul fall in love with her husband! ❀️


I love this nOvel i check every morning to see if theres a new update. i really enjoy the main fml is awesome i hope she Give the maLe lead a hard time for the 5 wasted years and jealOus. but so far im enjoying it a lot. keep it up author ur awesome 🀩


GIRLLLL !!!!! YES !!!! I love your book so far its good. At first When i was reading it i was like um i dont like it its not my Tea but Once you keep reading it it gets sooo goood!! Like i keep waiting for the update im literally like checking everyday. Honey boo its awesome. I love Cassidy she reminds me so much of my self esspically the motorcycle part cuz i love Riding them overalll MEEEE


First of all let me make one thing clear, that if u are reading this book then it is surely worth your time ❀️ This book is one of the most amazing books I have come across with...the suspense, mystery and of course our cool FL will surely make you fall in love with this book!!😍😍 The story development is really nice. I would love to see ML's & FL's more lovey-dovey moments ❀️😍 theybare really cute then together!!!! All in all this book is seriously worth reading ❀️😍 can't wait to get more chapters 😭😭😭


I find the story to be Very interesting and it definitrly draws you in ! i just hope that author has more time to update the chapters! Best of luck!!


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Tbh i didn't plan on giving any reviews on this book but its really good. the characters developed nicely throughout ALTHOUGH i would have prefered the FL to be more cold and take control of her life With her skills and not rely on the ML When she comes back even if they are living and married to each. But thats just meπŸ’™


I like the main character so much, rather refreshing to have a bold heroine. The story and character development is very exciting as well, can't wait to see where all of this is going[img=update]


To describe this novel in one word would be........AWESOME. Finally, a female lead that is strong willed and decisive. I love that the plot is unique and fast paced. The character development is also great. All in all, it is a very exciting and full of action story. Never a dull moment. Highly recommended. It's worth all my coins and privilege subscriptions.


I love the story line but in all honesty spending 4 chapters on getting stranded is a bit to much. I am reading cuz I like the plot but certain part puts me to sleep. I have the urge to skip chapters.


Reveal spoiler


So, I accidentally landed on this novel and I am so grateful that I did. I am on love with this book, the story is amazing and intriguing. The pace is not to fast and not too slow, also I love all the characters. If someone is looking for a good book, good story then your search has ended. Please do it and suggest others as well.


I love this book. It's full of suspense. After a long time I came across such a unique concept. it a must read book. I just can't wait for FL and ml to be together again. Need more [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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