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Eclipse: Showdown of Assassins


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What is Eclipse: Showdown of Assassins

Read Eclipse: Showdown of Assassins novel written by the author Plat_3907 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, weaktostrong, dark, tragedy, killer. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The underworld is home to numerous organizations and people wishing to indulge in the services that they provide, the Eclipse being one of many. For hundreds of years the Eclipse has serviced these masses by facilitating brutal no-holds-bar fight rings, using the matches as a front to advertise the associations true business, mercenary contracts. Every fighter that battles in the arena also works part-time as a hitman who does the dirty work that others fear to do themselves. Thông Trần is an adult fresh out of college who has spent his whole life mastering the art of Wing-Chun, however as of recently his family dojo has begun to go under. In addition to the failing establishment, Thông's father decided to try and get help from the wrong people, drowning the family in debt that might cost them their lives to pay back. With seemingly nowhere to turn, Thông is persuaded by his close friend Michael Taylor to join the Eclipse so he can get the money needed to save his family. Now thrusted into the shadows of the underworld, will Thông persevere through the Eclipse or be consumed by the darkness that now engulfs him. Join the discord for consistent updates: https://discord.gg/neweclipse


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Currently caught up to the latest chapter and I absolutely love the series so far, can't wait to see future chapters and how the tournament ends!!


Legit , best story , I've read so far ,...................,............................................... . .... ..................


Someone once asked me "why dont you read web novels" I responded with "there isnt one good enough for me" that changed today with the discovery of this solid 100 out of ten


Update to my previous review This really is a series that shows fantastic improvement in quality as it carries on. The dedication to the story shown by the author is phenomenal and the handling of multiple characters' developments at once is done amazingly. Overall, very fun and very enjoyable. [img=recommend]


I've been following the story since the very day chapter 0 was uploaded, up till today it has yet to disappoint. A great combination of both storytelling and great action that is always a pleasure to read, get hyped, feel down if your pick gets the L, etc. Truly excited to see how this tournament ends


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