70 Universe Laws. (EDITED)

Soon, I recovered from my daze and looked at MJ, expecting some answers.

However, through our mental connection, I could tell that he was just as puzzled as me.

Noticing my gaze, MJ answered while he fiddled with his fingers, "Master, this… in the System records, there was no mention of such a drastic decrease in a Trial Program's duration."

He was a bit anxious, fearing that I would scold him for being unable to predict such an outcome.

When he saw me raising my hand at him, he closed his eyes and scrunched his shoulders in fear.

Instead of what he expected, I just patted his head as I consoled him, that it was not his mistake, since even he couldn't predict everything, and asked him to brief me on the changes brought by the shortening of the Trial Program's duration.

With MJ explaining in detail, it just took me a few minutes to overview the situation.

It seemed that according to the System records, there were only two cases in which a Galaxy Trial Program had two Omega Chosen at most, but that didn't bring any changes to their Trial Program.

From that, I could see why MJ assumed that there wouldn't be any changes even when a Galaxy Trial Program has three Omega Chosen.

The change led to the Trial Program's duration, being reduced to one-third of its original size.

As for the Tournament among 1000 Trial Zones, which was supposed to be held on Day-30 of the Trial Program, was preponed to Day-10 instead.

The same was the case for the other two Tournaments, i.e. Trial Continent Tournament and Trial World Tournament, that were preponed to Day-20 and Day-30, respectively.

Even though the duration shortened, that didn't increase the difficulty of said tournaments, since all the Alpha Chosen of the different planets had the same amount of time as us to grow stronger.

The true impact of the change in the Trial Program's course, lies in what comes once it ends.

Because, one of the main reasons of the Trial Program existence, was to let the Chosen of a Galaxy become strong enough, for them to face the inevitable monster invasion.

Because of that, the standard time period of a Trial Program was set to be 18 months, but, with my siblings gaining a Grade-10 Innate Talent each, both of them were considered as 'Omega-Chosen' by the System, causing the Trial Program to shorten by 12 months from what it should have been.

I also learned that even with Tier-4 System access, MJ was unable to find information on why the Trial Program shortened with the appearance of 3 Omega Chosen.

At this point, we could only make assumptions; MJ guessed that the System might have considered the potential of 3 Omega Chosen to be sufficient to deal with the monster invasion. However, I had a feeling that it wouldn't be as simple as that.

When the System announcements appeared, it didn't congratulate Qew and Kay by their names, or that they were from Earth, like it did with Olivia.

It seemed that even though my siblings were considered as Omega Chosen, both of them were yet to assimilate with the System.

Without the System, they couldn't learn any information on what their Innate Talent was or even what abilities it possessed.

With no connection with the System, both of them had to find out their Innate Talent usage by themselves. They had to wait until the Beta Program could begin to become an official 'Omega-Chosen.'

Upon hearing that, Qew was dejected that she couldn't join the Alpha Program and assist me in the Trial World.

I comforted her, by telling her that she could stay on Earth and learn more about her Innate Talent's abilities, and slowly adjust herself to the Undistributed Looted Stats I provide both of them with.

That way, my siblings could protect our family when I was in the Trial World.

I just said that to console my sister, as there was no need for her to protect our family, since MJ had already assigned 100 Quantum A.I to conduct constant surveillance on everyone in the World. Those who intend to harm us would be put on a list, that I would give a visit in the upcoming 18-hour-rest period.

Coming to the details of their Innate Talents, unlike them, I could see their information since I was assimilated with the System.

So, I had MJ upload their Innate Talents' information onto their respective Wristband Prototypes that MJ had made using Spirit Energy Engineering.

Those Wristband prototypes were Spirit Energy-based Gadgets, which were embedded with several useful functions.

One of its primary functions was 'A.I Space Communication', which made it possible for them to use their wristband prototype to communicate with me, even when I was in the Trial World.

Another useful function was 'Simulated Status,' which would allow the Wristband Prototype user to look at the MJ's simulated version of their Status.

Using that function, both my siblings opened their Simulated Status with a thought, since the Wristband Prototype needed mental commands, as it tapped into one's consciousness.

Along with them, I looked at both of their Simulated Status that were projected in front of them, from their Wristband Prototype.



Name: Kay

Age: 23

Race: Inferior Human (Male) (Yet to assimilate with the System)

Level: N/A

Life Energy: 0/100

Tier: N/A

Strength: 6

Agility: 7

Vitality: 14 (5+9^) [^ - for Spirit Items {includes Spirit Fruits}]

Endurance: 6

Spirit: 20

Health: 140/140

Stamina: 30/30

Spirit Energy: 100/100 (Locked until System Assimilation)

Luck: 11

Undistributed Stats: 0

Pseudo Skill: Eidetic Memory

Disease: Polymyositis (Cured)

INNATE TALENT: <Apex Ruler> (Grade-10)

<Apex Ruler> (Variant Category):

The Host will be able to manipulate the 19th Powerful Law of the Universe, 'The Law of Rules,' depending on the Host's Innate Talent Mastery level.

(Yet to awaken the Innate Exclusive Skills.)



Name: Qew

Age: 23

Race: Inferior Human (Female) (Yet to assimilate with the System)

Level: N/A

Life Energy: 0/100

Tier: N/A

Strength: 6

Agility: 5

Vitality: 16 (7+9^) [^ - for Spirit Items {includes Spirit Fruits}]

Endurance: 7

Spirit: 18

Health: 140/140

Stamina: 20/35

Spirit Energy: 90/90 (Locked until System Assimilation)

Luck: 14

Undistributed Stats: 0

Pseudo Skill: Parallel thinking

Disease: Paraplegia (Cured)

INNATE TALENT: <Infinite Convergence> (Grade-10)

<Infinite Convergence> (Grade-10):

The Host will be able to manipulate the 17th Powerful Law of the Universe, 'The Law of Convergence,' depending on the level of Host's Innate Talent Mastery.

(Yet to awaken the Innate Exclusive Skills.)


With the description of their Innate Talents being too vague, Qew and Kay didn't understand what it meant by the 'Law of Rules' and 'Law of Convergence.'

Even though the description of their Innate Talents was vague, I had a basic understanding of 'The Law of Rules' and the 'The Law of Convergence' from their Lv.1 Innate Talent Masteries, i.e., <Rule Mastery>, and Lv.1<Convergence Mastery>, which I gained, through the Major ORIGIN SIGILS.

So, I explained to them, that just like how the Laws of Physics govern the Earth, The Universe was also governed by numerous Laws.

Usually, one needed to reach at least Immortal Realm (Tier-7 to Tier-9) before one could have the ability to manipulate one of the Universal Laws that corresponds to their Innate Talent.

But the Omega-Chosen were an exception from that, as they have the ability to manipulate such Powerful laws from Tier-1 itself.

That was another major reason as to why the Omega-Chosen were feared and respected throughout the Universe, even at lower Tiers.

With the 'Synchronize' function of my ORIGIN SIGILS, I could just share the knowledge regarding their respective Lv.1 Innate Talent Masteries with my siblings. However, I was worried for their safety since it would be dangerous to transmit knowledge without assimilating with the System.

Then, MJ suggested that the way around the problem was to increase the Spirit Attributes of my siblings.

For that, I sent my siblings 20* Undistributed Looted Stats each and had MJ set them to periodically improve their Stats while giving my siblings the time to adjust to the improved Stats.

Once I was done with everything, there was only 5 minutes left before Day-3 would begin.

During that time, I relaxed on the sofa as MJ opened the fridge and sneakily slipped a few of Qew's favourite Ice Creams into my Limiter Ring's Storage Space for him to enjoy, when we were back in Spirit World.

I admired MJ's guts to steal under Qew's nose, as it's not something even I would dare to do.

Meanwhile, Qew boasted to Kay, "Little brat, the Convergence Law that I can manipulate is two ranks higher than yours. Quick, praise your Big Sister."

Hearing Qew, Kay facepalmed himself, and I chuckled at his inner thoughts, 'A Powerful ability was wasted on my Devil Sister.'

Looking at the chaos in the house, my heart was filled with warmth, and soon the 18-hour-rest period ended, causing me to be teleported back to the Trial World.

I looked forward to testing the new Skills of <Centauri Kavach> and my siblings' Grade-10 Innate Talents abilities.



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