47 <Sword Aura Projectile> & Stage-3<Sword Aura>!

A new aspect called 'Estimated Level' was added in my <STATUS>, similar to the one in my <LOOTED STATUS>.

MJ said that it would happen when a person's overall Stats exceed more than what it should be for his Level.

As I was in Lv.24, I should be having 290 overall Stats, excluding the Luck Attribute.

Instead, I had 485 Stats. But still, my estimated level was only Lv.28.

That means, any Lv.28 Life form would have 485 overall Stats.

At first glance, it might look odd because of the considerable difference in overall stats between Lv.24 and Lv.28.

But the answer for that was the Evolution Stats that one receives when they undergo Tier-3 Evolution after reaching Lv.25.

Back when I went through the Tier-2 Evolution process after reaching Lv.10, I gained 10 Evolution Stats in each of my 5 main Attributes.

In the case of Tier-3 Evolution, the Evolution Stats received for each of the 5 main Attributes will be 30.

Which means that any life form that completes their Tier-3 Evolution will gain 150 Evolution Stats, giving a huge boost in their power.

That was one of the main reasons as to why there was a massive power gap between Tiers.

Coming to my Stats, they were significantly higher than the beginning of Day-2.

If not for the <Harmony> Skill, it would have taken quite some time to adjust to my Stats' quick increment.

The remaining were mostly self-explanatory and in the end, I looked at the description of Stage-3<Sword Aura> and the new Weapon Mastery Perk, <Sword Aura Projectile>.


Lv.21<Sword Aura>: When used on a Sword type Spirit Weapon, the damage output increases by 210%.

Cost: 21 Spirit Energy per minute.


<Sword Aura Projectile>: The extended part of the <Sword Aura Extension> can be shot as projectiles with a specific range.

Current Range: 210 meters. (Depends on the level of user's <Sword Aura>)


I wanted to go out to test it due to the closed space within the underground Maze centre.

So, I told MJ to stay behind and protect Dante if some monster enters the maze and attacks him.

I travelled through many twists and turns of the underground maze, and when I was about to leave the maze entrance, I heard a shriek with my enhanced hearing sense from the depths of the maze.

Following that, I returned to the maze's centre to find the source of the sounds.

When I got there, what welcomed me was Dante shaking in fear while holding a chalk-black dagger pointing towards 'Hobgoblin MJ'.

Dante shouted at him, "Stai parlando di Hobgoblin Ba ... Bastardo! Allontanati da me. Come stai ... sei ancora vivo? Non sei morto prima rimanendo impalato nel petto? "

I didn't understand what he said, but through our mental connection, MJ sensed that, and in the next instant, the translated conversation appeared in my vision as if I was watching a movie with subtitles.

It showed, {"You talking Hobgoblin Ba...Bastard! Get..get away from me. How are..are you even alive? Didn't you die earlier by getting impaled in your chest?"}

It seemed like Dante mistook MJ's Battle Form as the monster that tried to kill him.

MJ tried to explain, but with him being in Hobgoblin Shaman's body, his voice sounded croaky, and few more goblin language words such as 'grek' and 'kwichik' were added for every two or three words, which made it even hard to understand.

On top of that, Dante was too scared to listen and understand what the monster in front of him was trying to say.

So, I mentally commanded MJ to exit his <Battle Form> and then the Hobgoblin Shaman's body eyes lost their light and fell to the ground.

Then a green streak of light exited from its heart and turned into the chubby baby MJ.

Dante's fear was replaced with shock as his eyes widened when he looked at the chubby baby who was speaking in fluent Italian.

As the direction I entered the Maze centre was in Dante's blind spot, he didn't notice me standing 10 meters away from them.

Then the baby MJ pointed towards me and explained that it was me who saved him and that we guarded him when he was unconscious.

After hearing that, he threw away his hostility and expressed his gratitude, "I cannot thank you enough for saving my life and taking care of me. You might not know me, but I saw you at the end of Day-1."

He then explained that he saw me when I drank water in Crystal Lake before I was surrounded by the Wolves.

I was taken aback upon hearing that he was just across the Crystal lake, but there was no change on my emotionless face.

He also said that he saw my name through the Skill, <Inspect>.

But for the next few seconds, he racked his brain, and I asked him about what was troubling him.

Dante replied with a puzzlement, "For some unbelievable reason I couldn't recall your name, no matter how much I tried to.

As for why he couldn't remember, I know the reason, but I didn't reveal anything about my Legend Grade Skill, <Mask of Nihility>.

Instead, I had MJ to slightly tweak the skill effect so that he could remember my name.

Then his face lit up as he exclaimed, "That's it!! I remember it now, your name's Jay. It seems I got forgetfulness as the one Uncle Roberto has."

Just as he said 'Uncle Roberto', his expression turned solemn as he went silent for a couple of seconds.

He suddenly seemed to remember something, and he looked at his body, and when he found there was not even a mark, he anxiously asked me, "Can I know how I recovered from such heavy injuries?"

He finally realised that his wounds were completely healed, and I could also tell why he was anxious.

I replied, "To save you, I had to use a few drops of a Grade-3 Vitality Fruit's sap, which I obtained on Day-1 of the Trial Program. It can magically heal wounds, and I even used it to cure my family member's illness."

I could have just said that I used the sap of Grade-3 Vitality Fruit to heal his wounds.

But, by mentioning the details of a few drops and treating illness, I indirectly suggested that I had more of the magical medicine and that he could use it to save his Uncle Roberto.

From the change in his expression, I could confirm that he caught onto my indirect suggestion.

Then he pleaded with me, "Jay, please give me some of that Vitality Fruit medicine to save someone who is like a father to me."

When he saw me staying silent, he got desperate and started to beg me that As long as that Vitality Fruit medicine saves Uncle Roberto's life, he would sell his soul to me.

Hearing him say that, my lips twitched, "What? Did you watch too many movies on Devil to say that you would sell your soul to me? No need for all that. As long as you accept three conditions, I will help you."

Only after reassuring him once more did Dante's mood brighten.

I intentionally waited for him to become desperate because back when I found Dante lying with several injuries, MJ told me that his Innate Talent might most likely be related to Fate since he has Fate Stats.

MJ estimated that if Dante's Innate Talent really was related to Fate, then there is a way to use those Fate Stats to find the <Arch Spirit Fruit> with his help.

Then, I stated my first condition, "Alright then, for the first one, I would like to know every single detail of your Innate Talent."

I thought he might hesitate to reveal information about his Innate Talent, but out of my expectations, he happily explained every detail of his Innate Talent <FATE INTERVENTION>.

To put it simply, he could predict the future for a certain period and range.

I was taken back when I heard about his 2nd Innate Exclusive Skill, <Fate Sequence Alteration>.

After hearing the extent of his Innate Talent abilities, I asked MJ if every Unique Category Innate Talent were as powerful as Dante's and mine.

But even with Tier-4 System Access, MJ couldn't find much about the Unique Innate Talents.

Moreover, the way he looked at me was like I was his long lost brother.

But still, It would have cringed me out If not for my suppressed emotions.

I shook my head as I ignored Dante's over-friendly behaviour since it might be due to the fact that I saved him from near-death or that I agreed to give him the medicine that could save his Uncle Roberto.

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