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Chapter [7]

Kaito hesitated for a moment upon hearing Yuuma's unexpected and deeply meaningful question, his eyes searching hers for any sign of jest or metaphor that he might have missed.

He laughed nervously, trying to deflect the weight of the question with an uncertain smile. "Is this some kind of poetic expression, right? Like, dying for love or something?" Kaito asked, looking for a confirmation on Yuuma's face that would ease the sudden tension rising within him.

With a smile that lost all sweetness, Yuuma looked directly into Kaito's eyes, and what he saw there made him freeze. There was no warmth, only the cold emptiness of a predator. "No, Kaito," she said, her voice taking on a grave tone he had never heard before. "It's not a metaphor."

Without any warning, Yuuma began to tear her own clothes, a gesture so abrupt and violent that Kaito took a step back, stunned and confused. The fabric was ripped apart by the strength of her hands, revealing a physical transformation that began to unfold before Kaito's eyes.

Yuuma grew in height, her features becoming more defined and mature. Her previously friendly eyes now transformed, taking on a dark and sinister glow that seemed to swallow the light around. Her gaze was pure malice, and the transformation didn't stop there. The clothes that emerged on her body after tearing the old ones were intensely black, consisting of straps that barely covered her body, designed more to intimidate and seduce than for any practical function.

Metallic pieces like shoulder guards adorned her shoulders, with three sharp spikes protruding from one side, giving her an almost demonic appearance. Black gloves covered her arms, with chains dangling, clinking with every movement. A piece resembling a thong was strapped around her hips by thin straps, and high-heeled boots completed the aggressive look.

Then, with one last dramatic flourish, a pair of black wings unfolded from her back, flapping once in the air and sending a gust of wind that made the surrounding leaves flutter.

Kaito, completely astonished and now terrified, could barely form words. "Yuuma, what... who are you?"

With a cruel smile, Yuuma replied, her voice now imbued with a new dark power. "I am a fallen angel."

With a fluid and gracefully predatory motion, Yuuma raised one hand to the night sky. The darkness around seemed to condense, forming a spear made of pure light, bright and blinding. Kaito, unable to withstand the light's intensity, raised his arms to cover his eyes, a futile gesture to protect himself from a power he knew to be lethal.

"I was going to tell you my true name," said Yuuma, her cold voice cutting through the night breeze, "but a failure like you does not deserve to know." The coldness in her words was as harsh as the weapon she wielded.

Without hesitation, Yuuma threw the spear of light towards Kaito. He barely had time to lower his arms before feeling the brutal impact against his abdomen. The sharp tip of the spear pierced his skin, muscles, and bones with terrifying ease, and pain exploded in his body like a thousand burning suns.

Kaito fell to his knees, his hands clutching the wound in a vain attempt to stem the bleeding that now stained his clothes and spread across the cold ground of the square. The shock of betrayal mixed with physical agony, leaving his mind in a whirlwind of despair and anger.

"Cursed life, cursed girl," he thought, as the metallic taste of blood invaded his mouth. "If I survive this, I swear I'll take revenge on every person who ever wronged me." Each breath was a struggle, and his thoughts became increasingly blurred and distant.

Yuuma watched Kaito with disdain, her wings still open in a gesture of absolute power. Without a trace of compassion, she slowly turned and walked away, leaving Kaito there, alone and dying, under the dim light of the moon that now seemed to witness his imminent death.

After Yuuma left the scene, the shadowy figure of a bat quickly disappeared among the trees, signaling to Rias and Akeno that it was time to act. Emerging from the shadows where they had been hidden, the two quickly approached Kaito, who lay fallen, his breathing weak and irregular under the pale moonlight.

Rias and Akeno, examining the scene with expressions of concern, were surprised to see that where Kaito's blood touched the earth, small flowers and grass began to sprout, creating a vivid contrast with the painful scene. The life emerging from his blood was not only a sign of his imminent death but also of a rare and powerful magical potential.

Akeno, observing the unusual and magical phenomenon unfolding before their eyes, turned to Rias.

"Should blood do that?" asked Akeno, her voice laden with astonishment and perceptible caution. She knelt beside Kaito, observing more closely the delicate flowers and lush green grass that sprouted where the blood seeped into the soil. Her hand hesitated before lightly touching the vibrant petals of one of the flowers.

Rias knelt beside Kaito, her gaze fixed on the magical and unusual phenomenon unfolding before their eyes. "This is definitely not normal. It's magic, but of a very rare kind," she commented, her expression serious and thoughtful as she leaned closer to Kaito, looking for any sign of life in his weakened gaze.

As she watched, a hoarse whisper escaped Kaito's lips, his words almost inaudible mixing with the sharp pain he felt. "I... will have my revenge," he murmured, his voice laden with fervent resentment and a promise of retribution.

"Kaito," began Rias, her voice soft yet firm, "do you desire power and revenge? I can offer that to you. I can give you a new life, power beyond your imagination, but in return, your loyalty and servitude will be mine."

Kaito, struggling against the pain and darkness that threatened to envelop him, focused his gaze on Rias. Her proposal was a spark of hope, a means to escape death and achieve the revenge that now consumed his thoughts. With each breath becoming more laborious, he knew this might be his only chance.

"Yes," Kaito managed to say, his voice weak but laden with determination. "I accept."

As soon as the words left Kaito's mouth, his body began to fail, life draining from him with each beat of his weakening heart. Moonlight bathed his face, reflecting a growing pallor as excruciating pain consumed him. Rias, recognizing the signs of his critical state, acted quickly.

She pulled out a small velvet case from her pocket that contained the chess pieces needed for the reincarnation ritual.

With a solemn expression, Rias opened the case and took out the glowing pieces, each emitting a pulsing red light that contrasted with the darkness around them. She held the pieces between the palms of her hands.

As Rias prepared the reincarnation ritual, she carefully placed the pawn pieces on Kaito's chest, who lay there fighting against the closing darkness. Initially, she thought to use four or maybe five pieces, but as each piece touched his skin, she realized that would not be enough.

Rias continued placing the pieces, one after another, until all eight pawn pieces were aligned over him.

"This is unbelievable," murmured Rias, her voice mixed with awe. The need for so many pawn pieces to stabilize Kaito's life indicated the power he might possess after the reincarnation process.

The light emitted by the pieces began to intensify, forming a glowing aura that enveloped Kaito in a dome of pulsating energy. With each piece added, the light grew stronger and the air around them more charged with magical energy.

Rias, now with trembling hands due to the intensity of the power she was manipulating, placed the last piece on Kaito's chest. A flash of red light burst from the pieces, so bright that both had to look away.

When the light subsided, they looked back at Kaito. His body, previously contorted in pain, now lay calm and motionless. The heavy atmosphere of death seemed to have dissipated, replaced by an expectant silence.

Kaito, whose breathing had been erratic and shallow, now breathed evenly and deeply. His face, previously pale and marked by pain, now showed a healthier color, and small signs of regeneration could be seen where the spear had wounded him.

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