It is well known in the scientific world that every 10 years the rainbow meteor will make an appearance. Based on a very secretive research conduct by government from around the world, a top class scientist is gathering to find where the meteor landing. After searching, the meteor pieces that been found will be put in the special laboratory where the further examination took places. It is already about 50 years of their research and the scientist also interchangeably every single year based on their experience and of course their geniuses.

They believe the meteor is magical. Every 10 years the meteor will come in a very different location and only special tools can detect their appearance. That is why; normal people didn't know their existent until this day. This year, the further research is conduct in Korea where they find the new rainbow meteor making its appearance. But, even they know the rainbow meteor contains 7 color, they only found 2 color that been keep in the laboratory. The red stone is been keep for almost 40 years and recently the teams found the blue stone which make them so trilled because it's been so long after their first finding.

"Kim Byung-Hun!"

A new scientist in his early 40 feels scared to death by the sudden voice that wakes up him. With his tired eyes he watches his friend with angry look.

"What do you want Alex?"

"Visiting you of course. In here, just both of us are the young one. As I want to find more friends other than you, it is somewhat hard to make conversation with other old folks." Alex said quietly while grinning. "What about the new stone? I can see it shine bright like a diamond in there." He added.

Byung-Hun watch the stone that floating in special device inside the tempered glass wall. The blue meteor stone is sparkling so much that his eyes sometime hurt by it. He then explains, "Professor Diego wants me to keep eyes to it. This is slightly different than the red one."

"What part makes them different?" Alex intonation become more professional as his curiosity built up. His team is in charge with the red stone for quite a while now. The red stone already had been smash into pieces and boil in high temperature until it become a liquid. Next, they need to conduct further experiment that probably involves human.

"As you know, generally the red stone has a very eerie feeling to it when we came in close contact with it but the blue one somehow feels so calm and relaxing. Scientific speaking based on data that we collected so far, the energy from the blue stone is containing the power of wind and water. The level of radiation also lowers than the red ones. Basically, this stone is more approachable."

"So you mean that it's like a cold air autumn while the red ones is a bad summer heat right?"

Byung-Hun just nodded by his friend remark.

After few second of silence, Alex started talking again. "You know, somehow I feel there's something wrong with the red stone."

"What do you means?" This time Byung-Hun is the one that asking back.

"As you said, there's eerie feeling when we come close contact to it, and…" Alex looking around to make sure no one here beside them before continuing. "This is just between us okay, last week I found out that, my head team Professor Do-Yun is in a meeting with the military minister and the president. After that, professor ask us to burn the red stone into a liquid and wanted to conduct a research of human reaction to it."

"Is it legal to attempt it to human being?" Byung-Hun in doubt.

"Of course it's not. But if higher up already have a say, what choices can we make? When we living off them each month with our salary it is. Ahh… Just thinking about that make my pride as a scientist hurting."

"Are you really sure the research will be involving human? We suppose to try test it to other things first such as plant, insect or non-living things. Why such a rush?"

"I know right. But, I know the reason behind it. The last experiment that we conduct to the red stone found that somehow it contain power and eternity. They said that it probably will become the best part of nuclear weapon and also for cure a sickness that the world never found the solution yet. I tell you this experiment will have a pro and cons. If it success in medical things, I will emptied out my savings just to buy one for my child without any doubt."

Byung-Hun smile a little when his friend start talking about his child. He can see a devoted loving father in front of him each time they talking about this. Aaron was involved in a car accident last year and already in comatose state since that. Alex never gives up finding the best solution for his child but to no avail nothing seems to work so far.

Sudden change of talk reminded him about his own child Eun-Woo and wife at home. It been so long since the last time they met. How excited he is when his ask for leave for this week has been approved by his supervisor.

"Down to earth Mr. Byung-Hun!"

Alex raising voice makes his longing for his family disappear at once.

"I know you will be gone home this week to your handsome child and pretty wife but please hear me out when I am speaking okay." Alex pretended to get angry.

"You can come too you know. My wife loves to cook for you when you're visiting and of course she will be waiting for some gift.

"Nah, I'll pass this time. Professor will get me killed if I ask for more leave. I save it for Aaron sake anyway. Just, bring some cookies when you back to work and say hi to Eun-Woo for me when you got there."

"I will."

Siren sound suddenly interrupting the both of them.

[Attention to all scientists. An assembly will be held at the third floor conference room in 10 minutes. Please move as fast as possible to avoid delay of our work progress. Thank you.]

Byung-Hun and Alex look at each other weirdly as this kind of sudden assembly rarely been held. Even with mixed thought, both of them flew out the research room to get to conference room before it pack with people.

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