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Drawn To You


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"Someone save them." ordered by Ruke, the King of the Empire of Deveraux. Ruke stared with rage and as he gazes upon the blooded skies, he soon follows to capture himself the person behind his nightmare. "Yes sire." his guards nodded and held the people who got wounded. A dark fire of robe whose been haunted for the misdeed. A crime perhaps, blood was shed. Some were dead. And with the glimpse of the night. Ruke found the mastermind. The image of a golden robe lingers through his mind. He used all of his power and breathe to find the scent. And as he turned behind the woods, only to be guided by the shine of moonlight. He found the shadow. He heard the rapid beat of his heart. And felt the breeze of wind as he takes a step closer. He seemed intrigued by this moment of the event. He stood there ready to attack, his hands were position to grab its figure but were disappointed when it vanished. Ruke was furious and at the same time fascinated. "Come and play with me, let's make this moment a bit fun. I mean that's your forte, right? To play with someone's mind, luring them in. And ending them, leaving them lifeless--- He was thrown by the closer tree and Ruke coughed blood with the massive force he embraces. He smirked and licks the blood on his lips. "You're a quite tough knot to crack. How about show your face and stop being a frightened little one. Or perhaps I must take it off myself." Ruke shouted with rage and moved closer when he saw the shadow. They've been flying through like a wind. Their speed and force seemed to match that they like a mismatched turned of events such as the sun and the moon who won't collide their fate but as soon as Ruke took his every ounce of power he finally catches it. "Ahccccck," the figure behind the shadow groaned in pain. Ruke pinned the figure by clenching his hands through its neck. "Now shall we end this circus you started." and as soon as he freed his hands. He slowly removed the last piece that preventing him to witness the person behind everything. "Y-you..." Ruke was utterly dumbfounded. He clenches his eyes closed. End up biting his lips, wishing somehow this feeling might stop. And yet, it still breaks him in two. He felt like a corpse with his own body. "You little witch, ” pain was written through his face as he gazed deep through the core of her entire being. His favorite two pools. "W-why?!!" Saoirse flinched but chose not to show any emotion. It's hard not to know it's the first time seeing him this so broken and furious. Saoirse still kept her mouth shut and just gaze at Ruke like a stranger she just met. "I command you to speak," he lowly ordered using his deadly tone. Saoirse slowly loosens her walls when she witnessed the tear slowly streaming down his face. “I made a crime, ” Saoirse starts and ends up breaking down as soon as it all came back. “And that's loving you.” she ended her sentence like a life she's willing to sacrifice just to save him. —


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