1 Prologue

It was 18th century when the first rumored began to spread. A monster crawling at night. People started missing and found alone dead. It drains their blood and left them lifeless.

A group of men haunted the mastermind of the serial killer. They were in the woods with a wood fire. But was attacked by the pack of wolves and ended up wounded. And worst some died. Only those few survive the nightmare of their lives.

"It was terrifying. But over time it stops when the barricade was made."

The barricade indicates a line. A line of territory between the creatures.

Supernatural creatures like Wolves, Witches, and Vampire.

Humans are considered as a pest not until a group of men stand up to fight and soon it began a revolution.

Whoever passes the line will end up wounded or dead.

"Papa, how come we're allowed to visit the woods? Isn't that prohibited?" asked the naïve little Pana.

Father's Pana coughed and slowly shake his head as he gaze up to look his little angel.

"Well we have a lilttle secret ways to enter the woods."

Pana watched her father in awe. Pana's father then smiled at her and continued doing his work.

Pana was kept in wonder but end up doing the same with his father. And Pana's father reminiscing the time he went to the woods. But sadness wrapped in him as soon as he remembered it.


After sunrise father's Pana meet secretly with the witchcrafts.

"They are unstoppable. You know how strong their bond is." uttered by the dark cloth but long hair and cherry lips. Father of Pana sighed in grief and gaze at the man beside him.

"We did everything we could. The least we could do is to keep the baby." Father's Pana widened his eyes with the revelation.

He sudden felt weak. But he kept his knees stronger and fight the tears to stream. Though his heart won't falter to creak.

"I am happy for them. And such things as these is to be expected. All we can do right now is to support what they ought to do." Pana's bravely uttered while slowly his heart swollen with sadness.

The woman stared pat his back and smiled. She then speak. "You're such a great friend and companion. We're always here for you. Mark that."

Father's Pana tears sudden broke down and he felt his knees slowly loosen and then he was there on his knees crying for his heart, crying for his pain, crying for his precious one.

Howling was made as soon as the full moon came in. Soon enough a creature was born.

Her name is Saoirse.

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