14 Double Yellow?

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By the time Su Mo got home, it was already 8 pm.

He switched on the light, changed into his slippers, and went to the refrigerator to take out a can of Coke.

After finishing it in a few gulps, he threw it into the trash can and threw himself onto the sofa.

After a long while, he let out a long burp.

The fatigue of the day seemed to have dissipated along with the burp and his mind instantly cleared up.

Thinking back to this day, it was simply too exciting.

Not only did he successfully get a profession and become a genuine Transcendent, but he had now personally killed a demon.

As he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to recall the fox demon's rolling head.

Spin, jump... Stop, stop.

Su Mo hurriedly cut the image in his mind.

Sister Qingwu's legs were truly pale and so smooth that even ants probably couldn't stand on them.

To think Old Master Zhou runs a boxing gym that seems to be quite close to his house.

Captain Zhang looked like he could hold his liquor, but his looks were deceiving. One glass of beer and he got drunk immediately.

Deacon Xu was truly insanely rich. The ten rings on his hand were all magic items.

He seemed to have heard that he could get a lot of points this time, but he still didn't think it was enough to get a magic item.

Rather, he probably couldn't even get a secret weapon.

The official exchange was so stingy.

He wondered when he would be able to gain merit.

He heard from Deacon Xu that the lightless sword was super awesome, so much so that killing a level 6 monster would be like child's play.

If he had the chance in the future, he would buy it.

Su Mo thought about many things.

After a long time, he collected his thoughts and turned his attention to his game panel.

Without a doubt, the interface was his biggest reliance now.

After the battle in the afternoon, He had gained 90 lifespan points in total.

As a result, his lifespan was now as high as 160.

According to the 70-point baseline he set for himself, he had 90 points left to draw the lottery.

If he added the 11 draws that he had already performed, it would amount to a total of 101 draws, which would guarantee a gold item.

He just wondered what profession he would get this time.

He had asked around during dinner and learned that Transcendents with multiple professions existed as well.

There was even someone who held five professions simultaneously.

However, those with multiple professions often faced a dilemma.

One's energy was limited, and it was difficult to balance the professions perfectly.

If one insisted on a balanced development, it would likely drag down the levels of all professions.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult for a level 3 multiple-professions Transcendent to defeat a level 4 single-profession Transcendent.

Therefore, most people with multiple professions would focus on one profession, using the other classes as support or simply as additional skills.

That being said, Su Mo was not too worried about this. After all, he could continuously obtain cultivation EXP.

Moreover, if he drew the same profession, it would be converted into a large amount of EXP for that profession and thus increase his cultivation progress.

Su Mo opened the card drawing interface.

Looking at the boundless starry sky, he took a deep breath and began a new round of lottery drawing.

"Come!" After pressing the draw-ten button, the falling stars carried a bright purple color as they flew down with a long tail of flames.

A rich light flashed, and the results of the draw were displayed on the interface.

[Cultivation EXP book] x4

[Skill EXP book] x4

[Skill: Finger Sword]

[Skill: Sword Energy Slash]

"Double purple in ten consecutive draws, a good sign, a good sign!" Su Mo was overjoyed.

He generously pressed to perform another ten consecutive draws.

After a burst of light, the interface showed his gains.

[Cultivation EXP book] x7

[Skill EXP book] x2

[Skill: Instant Sword]

Su Mo continued to click.

"From now on, until I get the gold item, I'm a ruthless card drawing machine."

After multiple ten consecutive draws, when he was performing the eighth ten-consecutive-draw, a bright golden light suddenly appeared in the starry sky.

"F*ck! Gold! I've struck gold!" Su Mo almost jumped up from the sofa.

He held his breath and focused, his eyes unblinking as he paid close attention to the results of the lottery.

After the dazzling golden light flashed, the results of the card draw immediately appeared before his eyes:

[Cultivation EXP book] x3

[Skill EXP book] x5

[Skill: Sword Condensation Technique]

[Profession: Sword Saint]

Seeing the results, Su Mo was completely dumbfounded.

No way?

No way?!

To think the interface gave him the profession he already had as his first gold item!

Was there a mistake?

Didn't the interface feel sorry for doing this?

Wasn't it afraid of losing him?

"Calm down, calm down!" Su Mo mumbled as he picked up the sofa cushion and expressionlessly punched it a few times.

Since things had come to this, he could only accept the result of the card draw.

Looking at the card draw record, he saw that the 91st draw was the one that presented the gold item. It was the last draw of the ten consecutive draws too.

"In that case, the reward is not considered the guaranteed gold item. After all, I haven't drawn a hundred yet," Su Mo thought to himself.

He then began to take stock of the results of the card drawing.

[Cultivation EXP book] x40

[Skill EXP book] x30

[Skill: Finger Sword] x1

[Skill: Sword Energy Slash] x3

[Skill: Instant Sword] x2

[Skill: Sword Condensation Technique] x3

[Profession: Sword Saint] x1

After thinking about it, the result of the card draw was not unacceptable.

Looking at the sword saint cultivation EXP that was converted from the sword saint profession, Su Mo realized something.

It seemed that after drawing the same profession, it could only be converted into the cultivation EXP of the same profession.

It was not like the cultivation EXP books which could be widely used for all professions.

It was the same for skills.

He added all the sword saint cultivation EXP to the sword saint profession progress bar, and his EXP bar instantly skyrocketed.

The progress seemed to have inched to one-fifth of the entire EXP bar.

At the same time, Su Mo's mind was filled with many cultivation comprehensions, and his body had also been strengthened in all aspects.

Be it strength, speed, or agility, they were all much better than when he killed the fox demon in the afternoon.

However, what Su Mo was more concerned about was the progress of his EXP bar.

At this rate, as long as he drew the same profession five times, he would be able to advance to level 2.

Looking at it this way, he hadn't lost out.

Following this, Su Mo added all 40 cultivation EXP books to his profession, and his EXP bar was thus close to one-third full.

If he had relied solely on comprehension and cultivation to reach this step, who knew how long it would have taken?

Su Mo looked at his skills with satisfaction.

Other than the sword condensation technique and instant sword that he had already mastered, he also got two new skills, finger sword and sword energy slash this time.

Su Mo had fused the finger sword and sword energy slash skill books.

He waved his fingers, and a wave of sword energy shot out from his fingertips, almost piercing through the balcony wall five meters away.

If he was only three meters away, the attack could probably even penetrate steel.

Then, he got up and unsheathed the retractable sword. Following this, he slashed down at a flower pot rack on the balcony.

With a wave of white sword energy, the flower pot rack was split in half.

The remaining sword energy even left a faint mark on the wall.

Seeing this destructive power, Su Mo could not help but feel extremely satisfied.

The attack range of these two skills was around five meters.

The difference was that sword energy slash had a larger attack range, while finger sword gave higher concentrated damage.

Both were rare and excellent skills that he could continue to cultivate and improve.

Su Mo did not hesitate and immediately added the skill EXP books transformed from the repeatedly drawn skills to the respective skills.

The progress bar of each skill immediately began to climb.

The progress bar of the sword condensation technique had reached about three-tenths, while it was one-fifth for both instant sword and sword energy slash, and empty for finger sword.

In other words, if he drew the same skill, it would increase the skill's EXP by about 10%.

Other than that, he also had 30 skill EXP books.

Su Mo thought about it and added 10 skill EXP books for instant sword and 12 skill EXP books for sword energy slash.

This way, the progress bars for the sword condensation technique, instant sword, and sword energy slash were basically the same.

Then, he threw the remaining 8 books to finger sword, and the skill's EXP bar was just a little short of one-tenth.

Looking at his new stats, Su Mo could not help but feel quite satisfied.

He turned and saw that he had 80 lifespan points left in the top right corner.

"That won't do. I've decided that I won't touch the points below 70, but I have to finish anything above 70. Besides, this is just enough to perform a ten consecutive draw," Su Mo did not think too much about it and chose to draw ten times.

The next second, a bright golden light suddenly lit up in the starry sky!

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