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What is Dragon Ga Kill [Original]

Read Dragon Ga Kill [Original] fanfiction written by the author GhostyXXX on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, r18, harem. โœ“ Newest updated โœ“ All rights reserved


A college student with a dark past is reborn into the Akame Ga Kill world. He will become a legend. Support: https://www.patreon.com/ghostybones [Tags]: Extreme Violence, R-18, OP MC, Ruthless MC, Assassins, Evolution


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Don't get to see many Akame Ga Kill fanfics on this site, if any at all, so I'm pretty happy to see one. And it's written by a Author who can actually understand English? Well dang, this might as well be Christmas! Looking forward to more!


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This is stupid. Your writing is great and your power selection fots the mc but because you made changes with the story just to fit your grandiose belief on the Mc's power, everything went to ****. First, you split them up just because the elder has something to say. Are you really right in your brain? Why the **** would they do that? They're still going to the same spot. What would 5 minutes do to their journey?! You just needed an excuse to make ieyasu and sayo to die. Second, tatsumi is stupid but not because he's an airhead but because he was innocent in the beginning of the story but you made him to be a total airhead who can't even think for himself just to make the mc seem smarter than everyone. Third, just to show that the mc is stronger, you decided to make akame attack the mc just because she finds him dangerous. Hello?? Knock knock?? Are you stupid? They're assasins. All of them are dangerous. And the mc is obviously killing the empire's guards thereby helping akame but to your logic he's interfering with their mission. Then the genius mine and the disciplined bulat even helped akame of her ridiculous claims. Simply stupid. Fourth, you made ieyasu die but not sayo? Is this sexist or what. In the original sayo died long before ieyasu you stupid author who only think with your cock. And before you spout your fucking nonsense that the story was changed, read carefully on your material. Sayo was tortured and poisoned while ieyasu was being tortured too. It means she should have been dead long before ieyasu. If you wanted ieyasu to dies then sayo needed to die too. Stupid. Last not because it's the last stupid thing you did but because I can't bear to read this anymore, you basically dumbed down everyone just to fit the story you want to make. Seriously? You made him want to join Night Raid? Even though they tried to stop you from saving ieyasu and sayo? Fuck! Really? Just because you want him to be close to main storyline, you made him want to join them? Just because it's logical? You basically told everyone how he care a lot about ieyasu and sayo and now you want him to join the bunch of imbeciles that tried to stop the mc in helping them? I thought you made him to be smart? Not another imbecile like you. Fuck! I'm normally a calm person but ****!! This novel! You can just make your own novel with your talent but because you things to go your way you defiled a great manga just because you want to show your readers how more powerful the mc is from the original cast. All in all, Respect the source material. It's ridiculous to make a fanfic if you can't even respect the source material for what it is.


Good and amazing. Another hidden gem that got so much potential but *sigh*. I and like others are more to freebies. You know this could just printed as a book. Bleh copyrights when already cashing much of this in Patreon *sigh*


I'll say this is a bloody awesome fanfic. Not many Akame Ga Kill fanfic here to this site. Thank gladly someone answer the call to us thirsty readers xD




This is a good story so far. The mc has some ok abilities but can't access them yet so he isn't ok yet but strong enough to fight the top dogs in the world. So he has to work for his strength. HOWEVER according to the author and the authors previous works he is insistent on doing a harem which honestly trash and ruins the story imo. It would be better if the author chose one girl and overtime that girl changed the mc's ruthlessness but he insists on having multiple women in a useless harem. But besides that decent story


Its rare to see Akame ga Kill Fanfics so i'm actually really happy to see this here and would like to see more. Keep up the good work. ytrdfghjkliuytrfdghjkl;.,mnjhgfdcvghuytgfdfghjkiuytrfdfcvghjuytfrvgbhjuyt


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I like how the story is developed especially the relationship between the mc and akame have so many similarities, I think they will be a wonderful couple in the future as the strongest killers


Bloody hell I liked how this story started I even gave it my power stones but dear god author everything in this story is a nightmarish brag fest and some of it doesnโ€™t even make sense ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ


Yes. Harem. Do it!!!! Kill la kill has so much potential for harems it's not even funny. I like this author. It's like we are kindred spirits.


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Please do right some more i'll give you all my stones hehehe but dont overwork since you still need to prioritise your health , good job tho hope you could right another novel


FUCKKKK YEAHHHH! Isnt this the first Akame Ga Kill fanfic on WN? I fucking loved it, and even though the deaths made me cry, the anime was HELLA GOOD. I haven't even read the story but FUCK it


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This is a really good fan-fic, not just because it's the only Akame Ga Kill as i have seen so far, but cuz of it's interesting story and character standing. In the original i didn't like Tatsumi cuz of him being a typical mc of japanese novels and Takashi is a real badass character so far and i hope it will continue to be one. So all in all, thanks for this interesting fan-fic and keep up the good work man!


Good read ๐Ÿ˜‡ Just keep on doing your best as always ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Just wanted the Mc to remember all his memories as we waited long enough already ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…


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