4 Chapter 4: Tsundere "Proud and Reserved."

Rising from the ground, Ye Qiu brushed off the dust from his clothes. Amidst the complaints and curses echoing inside the house, he couldn't help but smile. 

These rabbits were, after all, inexperienced—when scolded, they either fought or bit.

After neatly packing the savory rabbit meat into a jar, extinguishing the sparks in the stove, and placing a few incense sticks beneath the peach tree for a brief ritual, Ye Qiu shouted inside, "Xiao Wu, I need to step out. Ensure the dining table is well-arranged!"

"I dislike you. Xiao Wu doesn't want to listen to you!"

"Alright then~"

Hearing her response, Ye Qiu felt a tinge of disappointment but understood her mood. He didn't press the matter.

'It seems I'll have to cook when I return.'

Shaking his head, carrying the rabbit meat and some money, he headed towards Zhang Lao's house.

Meanwhile, Xiao Wu, still pounding her pillow, rushed to the door upon hearing the silence outside. Surveying the surroundings, she realized she had lost sight of him.

"Ye Qiu~!"

"I'm so angry. Humph!" Xiao Wu, with teary eyes, angrily pounded the door, creating a resounding noise.

"you don't even know how to comfort me." Pouting her rabbit lips, she was thoroughly displeased with Ye Qiu's nonchalant behavior.

Casting a cold glance at the table, she tossed her scorpion braid, kicked her rabbit legs, and returned to bed.

'Humph! If Xiao Wu isn't happy, let whoever wants to deal with it!'

As she closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembled. Opening and closing them several times, she stared at the table, lost in thought.

On the other side, Ye Qiu was approaching his destination.

Rabbits weren't easy to come by. With only one bed at home, the naive rabbit still used his clothes as a makeshift cover.

Tomorrow, he would embark on his journey to the Soul Master Academy, necessitating the purchase of some essentials.

Listening to the melodious bird chirps along the way, he looked up at the sky, intending to make a playful remark. However, circumstances didn't permit, leaving him with only a sigh: 'Regretting not having enough time to read. So many branches, so many birds!'

Bending down to set down his belongings, he picked up a few pebbles, and his eyes gleamed crimson.

"Let's test the recent progress in cultivation!"

With each hand holding three stones between his fingers, he adjusted his breath and focused.

'Swish, swish, swish!' The stones were thrown successively.

'Snap, snap.' The sound of stones colliding.

'Plop, plop.' Four birds fell.

The movements were fluid, but Ye Qiu wasn't entirely satisfied with the outcome.

"Missed two."

He furrowed his brow and then relaxed.

'There's still ample room for improvement in the Sharingan's progress. Also, I'm about to meet Tang San, right? Tang Clan's unique skill? My Sharingan is already impatiently itching.'

Casually plucking a few strands of Blue Silver Grass from the roadside, he quickly tied up his spoils.


"Aunt Zhang! Is the village chief at home?"

"Oh, little Qiu, Grandpa Village Chief went to borrow a cow. But everything is ready; just take it back."

While Aunt Zhang continued washing clothes, she wiped her hands on her apron, inviting Ye Qiu inside. She then brought out the prepared items and placed them on the table.

"Borrow a cow?" Ye Qiu stood there, slightly puzzled.

Aunt Zhang explained, "Oh, renting a carriage is costly. To save some money, we'll have to trouble you two kids to ride a cow carriage."

"That would indeed be inconvenient for Grandpa Zhang." Ye Qiu nodded. He was well aware of the challenges faced by the villagers in the lower strata of society; life on the continent was no easy feat.

"No need to worry about inconveniences. You two, future Soul Masters, just don't feel wronged, okay!"

Even though Ye Qiu knew Aunt Zhang was jesting, he refrained from making light remarks. He gestured emphatically, "Auntie, that's not the case. Everyone has been incredibly kind to me. Whether I feel wronged or not, I won't forget everyone in the future!"

Setting the jar and a few small birds he was holding onto the table, he added, "By the way, Auntie! This is the rabbit meat I cooked. When Grandpa Zhang returns, let him know it's a token of respect from me."

"You naughty child! No wonder Grandpa Zhang always praises your level-headedness." Aunt Zhang scolded him with a playful glare.

Ye Qiu took it in stride. Compared to the care he had received over the years, this jar of meat was a small gesture.

He didn't want to feel overly indebted to them.

After a brief chat with Aunt Zhang, Ye Qiu took his leave. Knowing that the copper coins in the jar lid would become a topic if he lingered, he swiftly departed. He had already arranged to leave with the village chief at the village entrance tomorrow morning. Carrying the quilt, he raced back home like a wisp of smoke.

Approaching the stone house,

He thought that when he returned, Xiao Wu would have cooled down. Unexpectedly, even before entering the house, he heard her cursing.


Just as he was about to enter, looking at the clothes hanging outside, Ye Qiu was particularly surprised.

He lightened his steps, silently moving towards the door.

Inside, the bowls and chopsticks on the table had all been cleaned up.

Xiao Wu was riding on the wooden horse Ye Qiu had leisurely crafted for her, patting the horse's head. She kept muttering.

As the grandson of Old Ye, Ye Qiu had also inherited quite a bit of carpentry skills over the years to ensure he could eat three meals a day even without a martial soul.

During this time, he had also crafted many little things for this silly rabbit.

Maybe she was scolding too passionately, but Xiao Wu hadn't noticed him approaching. Her voice, immature and crisp, entered his ears.

"Stinky Ye Qiu, dead Ye Qiu! You've been gone so long!"

"Everything is already cleaned up, and I've even washed the clothes. If you don't come back, Xiao Wu will be angry!"

Before she could finish, she was startled by an unexpected voice.

"Just what? Are you going to ignore me?"

Ye Qiu hooked the corner of his mouth, watching her amusingly.

"Ah! Ye Qiu, you're back!" A hint of joy flashed across her face. She was about to run towards him after getting off the wooden horse.

Halfway through, as if she remembered something, her expression froze, her body paused, she swung her scorpion braid, and turned her face away.

"Humph!" She snorted, her mouth still stubborn, "I won't talk to you!"

'I didn't expect this rabbit to have a bit of tsundere in her.'

Ye Qiu, seeing her behaving like this, laughed until his eyes narrowed. "Haha."

"Why are you laughing?" Xiao Wu's eyes, now crimson, glared at Ye Qiu. "The matter with Xiao Bai isn't over yet!"

"Cough, cough." Ye Qiu coughed twice, avoiding the topic of that rabbit. He walked over, putting his hand on Xiao Wu's head.

"Not laughing at anything, just feeling a bit happy. Thank you for helping me with the laundry."

After saying that, he also took the opportunity to rub it a bit. The feeling was quite good.

"I've told you so many times! Don't touch my head!" Xiao Wu's small face turned red, her voice lacking the usual fire. She muttered briefly, not resisting too much.

It could be seen that the two fluttering pink rabbit ears confirmed the effectiveness of the head-patting technique.

It was strange that every time there was a conflict, in some intimate contact, all conflicts seemed to be resolved. This obedient rabbit made Ye Qiu feel a bit unreal.

'Is the influence of the Sharingan long-term? Or just an aftereffect?'

Ye Qiu pondered in his heart.

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