13 Chapter 13: Night Snack

The two entered Dorm 7, one after the other. 

Wang Sheng and the others, including Tang San, had already returned. Upon seeing Xiao Wu, Tang San was about to greet her, but upon noticing Ye Qiu behind her, he halted. His gaze moved back and forth between the two with suspicion. 

Ye Qiu calmly returned to his own bed. 

When it came to the final round of greetings, Wang Sheng seized the opportunity, blocking Xiao Wu at the door. "Sister Xiao Wu, where did you go?" 

"Mind your own business." Xiao Wu narrowed her eyes. However, since she was in a good mood today, she decided not to argue with him. She generously told him, "I just went out for a walk." 

"A walk?" Wang Sheng was puzzled and glanced at Ye Qiu again. "Sister Xiao Wu, did you cry? Your eyes are red." 

"Cry? Who cried? Don't talk nonsense!" Xiao Wu was the big sister; how could she admit to crying? Was she going to give up her position as the boss? 

What? Are you talking about last time? Last time, she hadn't become the boss of the Nouding Academy yet! 

Tang San, who had suspicions from the beginning, upon hearing Wang Sheng's words, immediately noticed Xiao Wu's reddened eyes and the faint handprint on Ye Qiu's face. 

The thoughts of a love novice quickly went wild, and no force on earth could rein them in. 

He felt it was time to show his concern. Tang San ran to Ye Qiu and pointed at his nose. "Ye Qiu! Did you bully Xiao Wu?" 

"..." Ye Qiu was stunned, 'How did I become part of this? Don't you have the Purple Demon Eye's did you practice in vain? Didn't you see that Xiao Wu was smiling when she entered?' 

Now, Ye Qiu was afraid that Tang San would add, 'do you want to die!' He couldn't handle that!

"I don't have that ability?" Ye Qiu quickly denied, jokingly. If someone was bullied, it was him, considering he was forcibly kissed by the Rogue Rabbit! 

Tang San, who clearly didn't want to let it go, sneered, "If it wasn't you who bullied her, why are her eyes red? How did you get the handprint on your face?"

"I made that handprint on my face myself. Do you believe that?" Ye Qiu, cornered, retorted. 

Taking the high ground of intelligence, Tang San coldly laughed, "Huh, do you think I'm stupid? I'm not like Xiao Wu, easily deceived by you!" 

"I..." Ye Qiu was about to speak, and finally, after the banter with Wang Sheng, Xiao Wu, who had a tough time, rushed over and happened to hear Tang San's words. 

"Tang San, what do you mean? Are you saying I'm stupid?" Xiao Wu stared with her eyes, glaring at Tang San. Except for Ye Qiu, no one else could call her stupid!

"Xiao Wu, I didn't mean that." Tang San also realized the inappropriateness of his words. 

"That's better. Otherwise, Sister Xiao Wu will settle the score with you! Hmph." 

Looking at Xiao Wu's willful appearance, Tang San felt like his heart was melting. "Xiao Wu, tell me, did Ye Qiu bully you? I'll help you settle the score with him."

"Xiao Qiu? When did he bully me?" Xiao Wu pointed her index finger at her chin, thinking seriously. 

'It seems I'm the only one bullying Xiao Qiu,' she thought, and for some reason, her face felt a bit hot. 

'Damn it! Why isn't that person me!' Tang San looked at Xiao Wu's tender and glossy face. Even though he was jealous to the point of going crazy, he maintained his composure. "None? Then why are your eyes red, and what about the handprint on his face?"

"My eyes got sand in them, and I cried." Holding her face, as if recalling something, Xiao Wu's smile on her face seemed sweet and cloying.

With her recollections, she remembered something funny and burst into laughter. "Haha. As for the handprint on Xiao Qiu's face, he did it himself. Haha." 

"He did it himself?" Tang San, listening to Xiao Wu's clear laughter, felt his face aching. Was this a new method for picking up girls? 

Looking at Ye Qiu, Xiao Wu laughed out loud, leaving him no choice but to spread his hands innocently. He shrugged his shoulders, and he had long expected this situation. The rabbit indeed smelled good; he wouldn't let go!

"Xiao Qiu, are you okay?" After enjoying enough laughter, Xiao Wu came to Ye Qiu again, expressing concern. 

"I'm fine. Tang San just asked me a few questions."

"That's good." Having interacted with Tang San for a long time, Xiao Wu knew his character. From those hidden weapons, she could infer something, and she was afraid Tang San might cause trouble for Ye Qiu. 

Tang San felt that something was wrong. Although Ye Qiu and Xiao Wu had always been quite close, tonight he smelled a different scent. He felt that Xiao Wu's gaze towards Ye Qiu had changed, becoming even softer. 

He clenched his fist so hard that it crackled, until Xiao Wu's voice brought him back to his senses. 

"Tang San, thank you for your concern, but I'm really fine!" Xiao Wu was now more polite. No, she just felt that the favor Ye Qiu asked her for might be related to Tang San, so she thanked him. 

Well, it was okay to thank Tang San for Ye Qiu's sake!

"It's okay, it's okay. It's my lack of consideration. I misunderstood Ye Qiu. I'm sorry." Upon hearing the words "thank you," Tang San felt that he was worthy of it. Internally, he shouted, 'She has me in her heart!' 

"It's okay. It's my fault. Why hit myself in the face for no reason? My bad." Ye Qiu didn't want to dwell on such things and glanced at Xiao Wu, who was smiling beside him. 

"Yes, it's Xiao Qiu's fault!" Xiao Wu teased Ye Qiu with a playful wink. 

Hearing Xiao Wu's judgment, Tang San also felt satisfied. Indeed, his concern was not in vain! 

Then he thought of something else, took out a food box from the table, and said, "Oh, Xiao Wu, didn't you eat enough tonight? I brought some night snacks!" 

"Night snacks? What's that?" Xiao Wu became lively upon hearing about food. After walking for a while, she was indeed a bit hungry. 

"Ye Qiu, come and have some too! Consider it my apology to you." 

"Oh? What good thing is it!" 


Ye Qiu, Xiao Wu, and Tang San sat around a table, looking at the food box, waiting for Tang San to reveal the contents. 

Opening the food box and pushing it in front of Xiao Wu, Tang San said, "Xiao Wu, take a look. Freshly roasted rabbit! I specifically asked the kitchen to prepare it at the request of the teacher. I used to eat it frequently in the Holy Soul Village. It's delicious!" 

While Tang San was talking, he kept staring at the box, showing that he really loved it. However, he didn't notice Xiao Wu's stiff expression, and her face turned dark. 

Coincidentally, Ye Qiu was also tempted, and his hand had already reached out. 

"Ah! Ye Qiu~" Xiao Wu shouted and pushed Ye Qiu's hand away. "You're not allowed to eat!" 

Thinking that Xiao Wu wanted to enjoy it alone, Tang San was relieved. 'Great, Xiao Wu loves it!' 

He pushed the box towards Xiao Wu, saying, "Then, Xiao Wu, you eat more!" 

"Ah! Tang San!" Xiao Wu was going crazy! Her eyes turned crimson, and she gritted her teeth. 

Poor Tang San still hadn't figured out the situation. "What's wrong?" 

"I'll eat your mother, go away!" Xiao Wu directly cursed. 

Tang San looked utterly confused. 

Noticing Ye Qiu still eyeing the food, Xiao Wu glared at him. "Ye Qiu, if you dare to eat, I won't talk to you!" 

"Hehe." Ye Qiu chuckled awkwardly, tears of fear streaming from the corners of his mouth. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand. 

The chef's cooking skills were indeed remarkable. 

"Xiao Wu, what's wrong with you?" Tang San weakly asked. Wasn't the rabbit meat fragrant? Even Ye Qiu and Wang Sheng beside him were drooling! 

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