1 Chapter 1: Xiao Wu

In the vast expanse of the Douluo Continent, within the Fasno Province of the Heaven Dou Empire, to the western outskirts of Nouding City, nestled a village named Biyou Village.

Morning bathed the landscape in radiant sunlight.

Ye Qiu, a six-year-old, stood alongside Village Chief Zhang bidding farewell to the deputy steward of the Martial Soul Hall. Despite the awakening of his martial soul, there was little joy apparent on his face.

"Life is unpredictable. It's a pity this isn't Tao's territory; otherwise, I might not have awakened the first-level innate soul power, the Red Eye Disease." Ye Qiu sighed, watching the departing deputy steward. Reluctantly, he had to face the harsh reality.

"Xiao Qiu, why the furrowed brow? You're the sole child in our village possessing innate soul power. In the future, you could become a formidable soul master!" Village Chief Zhang comforted, patting his small head with a smile.

Evidently, the emergence of another child with innate soul power after all these years brought genuine joy to Village Chief Zhang.

Yet, Ye Qiu knew all too well that merely possessing a first-level innate soul power was a far cry from breaking through to the tenth level.

"Grandpa Zhang, I'm not just unhappy about this," Ye Qiu managed a forced smile.

"Sigh!" Zhang sighed and tactfully wiped away the smile from his face. Producing a silver coin from his pocket, he handed it to Ye Qiu.

"The villagers collected this. Go back and take care of Old Ye properly. In some time, I'll arrange for you to go to the Soul Master Academy!"

"Thank you, Grandpa Zhang, and extend my gratitude to everyone!" Ye Qiu bowed deeply, holding onto the silver coin.

"No need for thanks. Old Ye has been a great help to the villagers. Go back by yourself. I'll take a stroll outside!" Without waiting for Ye Qiu's response, Zhang headed towards the village, his steps somewhat ethereal, perhaps driven by the desire to settle scores with the neighboring village's mockery over the years.

Shaking his head, Ye Qiu silently traced the path back home.

It had been six years since he arrived in this world, transported by a dimensional truck.

Douluo Continent, a world both familiar and unfamiliar, a realm that once existed solely within the realms of literary fantasy!

He had anticipated showcasing his prowess, only to find himself transitioning into a world where his skills were channeled into mundane tasks.


Ye Qiu snapped himself out of his thoughts, patting his head as he briskly walked towards home.

However, the closer he got, the heavier his heart weighed.

A stone-built house stood, adorned with scattered rocks, moss-covered stones, and weeds that crept through the crevices, testament to its age.

Since childhood, he had been adopted by Old Ye. Memories held no traces of parents; Old Ye was his sole familial connection.

Creak! The fairly robust wooden door opened, and a hoarse, feeble voice greeted him, "Xiao Qiu, how is it going?"

Gazing at Old Ye lying on the bed, gasping for breath like a wisp of smoke, Ye Qiu felt a twinge in his eyes, a lump in his throat as he fought to maintain a composed voice.

"Grandpa, Xiao Qiu hasn't disappointed you. I can now become a soul master!"

"Good, that's good!" Old Ye's withered visage gained a hint of rosiness.

Ye Qiu stood by the bedside. Old Ye took Ye Qiu's hand, his cloudy eyes shimmering with tears. "This way, Grandpa can rest assured. When you succeed, remember to come back and see Grandpa."

"I will, Grandpa. Xiao Qiu will definitely come back to visit Grandpa!" The pain in his throat made it challenging to speak.

"That's good! That's good." Old Ye slowly closed his eyes, a lingering smile on his lips.

Sensing Old Ye's weakening grip, Ye Qiu knelt by the bed, silently sobbing.

Long depleted of vitality, Old Ye lingered only out of concern for Ye Qiu.

Tears of sorrow fell to the ground, tinged with a faint red.

After the tears subsided, Ye Qiu brought a basin of water, wrung the towel dry, and carefully attended to Old Ye's appearance, wiping meticulously.

He then tidied the tools Old Ye used for carpentry.

"How could this be!" Ye Qiu exclaimed.

Bang, crash!

The basin toppled, and as Ye Qiu looked at the water's reflection on the ground, he couldn't help but bend down for a closer inspection.

"This is a sharingan!" Ye Qiu widened his eyes. "Is this an illusion?"

Repeatedly rubbing his eyes until they ached, he finally accepted the truth.

After careful observation, Ye Qiu realized that his soul power seemed to have increased slightly!

"If that's the case, can my innate soul power still be improved?" Ye Qiu chuckled.

Laughing and crying, Ye Qiu approached the bedside. He knelt down and knocked his head three times. "Grandpa, thank you for watching over from the heavens! You can rest assured; your grandson will become a powerful soul master!"

When Ye Qiu calmed down again and finished arranging everything, he planned to go out to buy some offerings.

"It doesn't seem good to go out like this." Before leaving, he touched his eye sockets, still stained with blood.

"Is it because I didn't control the improvement of soul power for a while?" Ye Qiu guessed.

Trying to close his martial soul, after half an hour, the blood color in his eyes finally dissipated.

"All right!" He whispered, locked the door, and went out.

With the help of several villagers, following Old Ye's will, Ye Qiu buried Old Ye under the peach tree at the door, the place where he often stayed.

At dusk,

Ye Qiu, who had already had dinner, was walking towards the village chief's house. A silver coin was spent, and there was still a little left. Ye Qiu planned to return it, remembering the help from everyone. He kept it in mind and dared not take it for granted.

Just as he reached the door, the village chief's daughter saw him.

"Hey, Xiao Qiu, have you eaten? Come to my dad's place!"

"Yes, Aunt Zhang, has Grandpa Zhang come back?"

"He's back, he's back, and he brought a little girl back! Go in and have a look for yourself; Auntie has some work to do."

"Yeah, thank you, Auntie!"

Ye Qiu didn't pay much attention to the little girl mentioned by Aunt Zhang. There were often children from nearby villages getting lost in other villages.

After nodding to thank Aunt Zhang, Ye Qiu walked past her.

After getting closer to the door, he heard the sounds from inside, "Eat slowly, little girl, eat slowly. There are still plenty of carrots!"

"Grandpa Zhang," Ye Qiu called out. As soon as he entered the door, he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

"This is Xiao Wu!" Ye Qiu murmured to himself, staring at the braided girl with rabbit ears devouring carrots at the table.

For a moment, he stood still.

Village Chief Zhang noticed Ye Qiu, and his eyes lit up! "Xiao Qiu, you've come at the right time! Let me introduce you; this is Xiao Wu. Xiao Qiu, Xiao Qiu!"

"Ah? Oh, Grandpa Zhang, you're calling me."

Zhang called several times before Ye Qiu came back to his senses, but his gaze remained fixed on the girl.

With a small bag slung over her shoulder and wearing a pink skirt, Xiao Wu was not shy. She ate her meal while occasionally waving her hand at Ye Qiu.

After learning the details, it turned out that Zhang encountered bandits on his way back, and thanks to Xiao Wu, he could return safely.

Moreover, he brought her to chase after the deputy steward of the Martial Soul Hall and obtained a Martial Soul certificate in the neighboring village. Zhang promised to send Xiao Wu to the Soul Master Academy as well.

Ye Qiu realized, 'So, this is how Xiao Wu became a part-time worker.' After Zhang explained everything, he brought up the plan he had just made.

"Xiao Qiu, you see, there's no extra space in my house. So, I plan to let this little girl stay at your place for a while. What do you think?"

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