27 Go back to the Spirit Hall

--- Chapter 27 ---

"Eh? Your Majesty's Son?!"

The two douluo are shocked by Bibi Dong's words as both of them are frozen like a statue for a few seconds before calming themself down.

'It's funny to see them shocked.' Yunlong thought while looking at the two men in front of his mother.

'Well, to be honest, I can understand their feeling, though.' He added in his heart while observing the two douluo.

Ghost Douluo is a slender man with an average build and covered in black while using a white mast to cover his face to hide his disfigurement.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Chrysanthemum Douluo is a man with a high ponytail and big sunny eyes. He also wore a flowing female robe, making him look feminine; we can define him as "Extremely Sissy."

'Now that I'm thinking about it, these two had a good relationship with each other in the story, which surpassing blood brothers bond.' Yunlong thought while weirdly staring at the two douluo.

As Yunlong observing his mother's loyal subordinate, the two douluo are also examining him.

'Your majesty's son... He's around 6-8 years old, but that doesn't make sense because she was ascending as supreme pontiff six years ago.' Ghost Douluo thought with a frown behind his white mask.

'She also never had contact with any man in that time as her teacher's death makes her must take the position of the supreme pontiff?!' He added in his heart while thinking about something.

'Your majesty's son... What is his spirit rank?' Chrysanthemum Douluo thought while trying to perceive Yunlong's spirit rank, which makes him shocked.

'This kiddo is no more than eight years old, but his spirit rank is...' He added in his heart as he tapped Ghost Douluo's shoulder.

"Gui Mei, check his spirit rank." He said while staring at Ghost Douluo, who nodded his head.

"H-His spirit rank is level 29!!" Ghost Douluo shouted as Chrysanthemum Douluo is nodding his head because he is also shocked by this.

"Ghost, Chrysanthemum, you two are my loyal subordinate. That's why I can share this secret with you two." Bibi Dong said while staring at her loyal subordinate, who are turning their gaze at her and nodding their head.

"But... If something happens to my Yunlong because of your mouth, I will give you two painful and slow death." She coldly added, which makes the two douluo shiverings in a cold sweat.

"W-We understand, your majesty." The two douluo responded while coldly breathing because they could feel Bibi Dong's cold gaze piercing their body.

"Good." Bibi Dong smiled before nodding her head.

"Level 29..." Hu Liena muttered with a disbelief expression while staring at Yunlong.

"And he's only six years old?!" She added in her heart.

Chu Xiaoyu is also staring at Yunlong while gripping her hand before silently muttered, "He becomes stronger..."

'Looks like our choice is not wrong.' Chu Yunxi thought with a smile on her face while looking at the mother-son duo's back.

Bibi Dong is staring at them for a few seconds before saying, "Let's go back to the spirit hall."


On the way out of the star dou forest's outskirt area, we could see seven peoples walking out of the woods.

"Hmm, we're almost out of the star dou forest," Yunlong muttered while glancing a little bit at his system map.

"It's faster than I thought." He commented, which makes his mother chuckled.

'Well, we can travel out easier because we had three titled douluo in our group.' Yunlong thought with a smile on his face.

'Their presence alone is enough to frighten a bunch of weak spirit beasts in our path.' He added while shaking his head.

"Hmm? Another spirit beast?" Yunlong said while looking at a small white fox in the bushes.

"It's a Cat?" Chu Xiaoyu suddenly blurted out, which makes Yunlong stare at her with a weird expression.

"No, It's a white fox," Yunlong said while walking toward the white fox, who is warily hissing at him.

"Woah, calm down there, buddy." He said as he tried to touch the white fox's fur.

[Name: Mystic White Fox]

[Species: Spirit Beast]

[Age: 99 years old]

[Special Skill: Spiritual Shock]

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"Hmm, what about this..." Yunlong said while taking a tiny red berry from his spatial ring, which is a medicinal fruit.

The white fox is staring at the tiny red berry and sniff it for a few seconds before snatching it from Yunlong's hand.

"It's rare to see a mystic white fox in this area." Bibi Dong commented while walking to her son's side.

"Maybe, this white fox is lost from its group." She added, which makes Yunlong nodded his head.

"I see, you are lost, huh... Buddy?" Yunlong said while staring at the white fox, who already finished the red berry he gives earlier.

The white fox licks its paw before walking closer to Yunlong and rubbing its head on his hand.

"Also, this white fox is a female." Bibi Dong stated while looking at the white fox's tail and found a black mark on its end.

"Ehh? You're a female?" Yunlong said while lifting the white fox with his hand.

The white fox was only tilting its head cutely before letting out a yawn and jumped into him.

"This white fox seems to like you, Yunlong." Bibi Dong said while looking at the white fox, comfortably wrapped around Yunlong's neck and slept.

"Uh... Can I take her as a pet?" Yunlong asked while brushing the white fox's fur with his hand.

"Sure, I don't have a problem with you having a pet." Bibi Dong replied while smiling at him.

After taking the white fox as his pet, all of them quickly set their steps toward the city, which takes at least one hour to a nearby town.

Arrived at the city, all of them are taking a carriage toward the spirit hall as the two titled douluo follows them from the sky.

"Why are we taking a carriage?" Yunlong asked his mother, who is shaking her head.

"Well, I just want to enjoy my time with you." Bibi Dong responded with a smile on her face.

"Is that so..." Yunlong responded while entering the carriage.

After sitting on their seat, Yunlong was calmly looking at the blue skies from the carriage's window and muttered, "Spirit Hall..."

'Maybe I can meet her there,' Yunlong thought while thinking about Bibi Dong's first child, who is technically his half-sister.

'My sister, Qian Renxue...' He added with a smile on his face.

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