75 Strengthening Journey

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Now, Fang Xuan still had 1,000 draws.

After some thought, he opened the main interface of the interface.

1. Personal Information

2. Shop

3. Lucky Draw

4. Enhancing Furnace

5. Inventory

Finally, Fang Xuan clicked on the fourth item, the enhancing furnace. He wanted to try it out.

Ever since the system had been upgraded, he had not used the enhancing furnace. This time, he happened to have free draws. He did not continue with the lucky draw but chose to enhance his weapon.

Entering the enhancing system, an ancient furnace appeared in front of him. Beside it floated a long white sword. It was the Shadowless Sword.

The Shadowless Sword floated quietly beside the enhancing furnace. The basic attributes of the weapon were automatically displayed.

[Shadowless Sword]

[Grade: A (Rare)]

[Strength: 35]

[Speed: 72]

[Enhancement: None]

[Special Attribute: None]

[Overall Evaluation: Shadowless, as fast as a ghost, but slightly weaker in strength. A sword as fast as lightning]

(Note: The standard attribute of a normal weapon is 10)

The Shadowless Sword was long and sharp. This was a fast sword that focused on speed.

Fang Xuan moved his consciousness.

The Shadowless Sword automatically floated above the enhancing furnace and began its journey of safety …

According to the enhancing furnace's introduction, the number of draws required for enhancing weapons below + 10 was 100 each time. However, if the weapon exceeded +10, the number of draws required would increase by 10 times, 1,000 each time.

Moreover, as the level of enhancement increased, the price would increase crazily.

Most importantly, weapons that were + 10 and above, if the upgrade failed, would directly shatter.

This was a bit of a pain in the ass. It was not easy to get a good sword, but now it was shattered. How was he supposed to continue?

However, after +10, the attribute increase brought by the enhancement of the weapon would be greatly enhanced. Moreover, it would randomly add a precious attribute. This was quite impressive.

"Give me +10 first"

Fang Xuan thought happily. He had 1,000 uses of the sword in his backpack, and he could strengthen it 10 times. If he didn't fail even once, he would be able to strengthen it to + 10. Wouldn't that be flying?

However, dreams were beautiful, but the reality was cruel …

Ten minutes later.

Fang Xuan lay sprawled on the bed, feeling as if his body had been emptied.

"Five … five consecutive 'Good luck next time'?"

He clutched his chest with a look of despair.

"Oh! My heart hurts"

He strengthened it five times in a row, but all of them failed. It didn't even reach +1.

Brother, what are you doing?

Even the Dungeon isn't as bad as you?

Could it be that the curse of the twisted Vines would be doubled in this world?!

Fang Xuan wanted to calm down, but The Douluo Continent didn't have instant noodles, so he couldn't calm down.

"Motherf*cker, I don't believe it today"

Fang Xuan slammed his fist heavily on the wall. He gritted his teeth in anger and decided to continue the upgrade.

He wanted to see how many times the system could fail him.

Back then, he didn't even panic when a King had knelt eighteen times in a row and dropped from a King to a Diamond Two! (There were no Starlight Grades in the early days. Don't complain.)

It's just five consecutive kneels, what's that?

The strengthening furnace began to shake violently, producing a bone-chilling muffled mechanical sound.

[Congratulations, Shadowless Sword +1 success]

[Power: 31 (+1)]

[Speed: 73 (+1)]

Fang Xuan finally heaved a sigh of relief. He finally succeeded. Weapon + 1 didn't bring many attribute points, only 1 attribute point. However, he finally saw the light.

He didn't hesitate and continued to strengthen it.

[Congratulations, Shadowless Sword +2 success]


[Congratulations, Shadowless Sword +3 success]


[Congratulations, Shadowless Sword +4 success]

After consecutive kneels, it was consecutive victories. This was the so-called changing of luck.


It was the last chance to strengthen. Fang Xuan's eyes were red as he stared at the violently shaking strengthening furnace. He said in his heart: Go! Go! Go!

[Strengthening failed, Shadowless Sword dropped to +3]

"F * ck"

The corner of his mouth twitched violently. Fang Xuan's face darkened, and he couldn't help but curse.

If it failed, then it failed. Why did the strengthening level drop? Brother, they won't drop if it's below +10. Did you forget to synchronize it?

Fang Xuan sighed and felt that he might have picked up a fake system.

It was obviously out of date …

Fang Xuan secretly decided that he would never touch this strengthening furnace again if he didn't have enough funds. He couldn't afford it if he didn't have enough money. He spent 1000 draws and his Shadowless Sword only reached +3. Wouldn't it be better to just buy a thousand-year soul ring?

After cursing the strengthening furnace 180 times in his heart, Fang Xuan finally calmed down and looked at the + 3 strengthening Shadowless Sword to see how much it had improved.

[Shadowless Sword]

[Grade: A (Rare)]

[Strength: 45 (+10)]

[Speed: 84 (+12)]

[Strengthening: + 3]

[Special Attribute: None]

[Overall Evaluation: Shadowless and formless, as fast as a ghost, but slightly weaker in strength. A fast sword-like lightning!]

It increased by about 3 points, which was still acceptable.

According to the introduction, a normal sword's basic attribute was about 3 points. Now that its overall attribute had increased by 22 points, the increase was about 20%. Not bad.

"So be it. I'll take it one step at a time. Sooner or later, I'll hold a +18 Shadowless and kill everyone in the Douluo Continent …"

Fang Xuan stroked his chin and thought excitedly.

After strengthening his Shadowless Sword, decided to go to Crazy Blacksmith's to see if he could find a good Sword. He would also use his free time to practice his left hand.

After all, after absorbing the soul bone, the strength of his left hand far surpassed his right. It would be a waste if he didn't practice his Drawing Technique.

Furthermore, his Shadowless Sword had been through a series of battles, especially in the battle with Douglas. It was a good opportunity to go to Crazy Blacksmith's for repairs.

A good sword needs to be repaired and maintained regularly.

Thinking of this, Fang Xuan immediately set off for Heaven Dou City.

Before he knew it, night had quietly fallen. Heaven Dou City became quiet, and a mysterious veil hung over it.

The old and shabby blacksmith's shop still sat quietly at the end of the street.

Two years had passed, and it was like an old man with one foot in the grave

who could sleep here at any time.

Standing in front of the blacksmith's shop, Fang Xuan calmly looked around and found that it was still the same as before. He didn't hesitate and immediately walked in.

The moment he walked into the smithy, an extremely terrifying murderous aura surged towards him, causing Fang Xuan to be rooted to the spot. His pupils contracted abruptly, and all the hairs on his body stood on end.

"This … this is … a Titled Douluo."


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