54 Soul Ring! Lottery and enhancement

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Opening the shop interface, Fang Xuan saw an incredible item appear in front of him.

A yellow halo quietly floated in the air, emitting a dazzling light.

"It's actually … a soul ring"

Fang Xuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his face was filled with shock.

[Item: Duplicate Soul Ring (100-year)]

[Attribute: None]

[Skill: None]

[Introduction: A soul ring exclusive to the Duplicate Martial Soul. It has no attributes or skills, but it can greatly increase the proficiency of the Duplicate Martial Soul.]

[Price: 10 draws]

(Note: Each Duplicate Martial Soul can only absorb one Duplicate Soul Ring)

Duplicate Soul Ring?!!

Fang Xuan's eyes widened. The system gave birth to another strange thing.

Currently, there are three types of Soul Rings in the shop:

100-year Soul Ring, 1,000-year Soul Ring, and 10,000-year Soul Ring.

They were all Duplicate Soul Rings exclusive to the Duplicate Martial Soul.

According to the system's introduction, These duplicate Soul Rings did not have any additional skills, but they could greatly increase the proficiency of the Duplicate Martial Soul.

The currency in this shop was not ordinary money, but the number of draws.

As the year increased, the number of draws required for the Duplicate Soul The ring would also be ridiculously high.

[100-year Soul Ring, Price: 10 draws]

[1,000-year Soul Ring, Price: 1,000 draws]

[10,000-year Soul Ring, Price: 100,000 draws]

Fang Xuan did not see a 100,000-year Soul Ring. The highest level was a 10,000-year Soul Ring.

However, not to mention a 100,000-year Soul Ring, Fang Xuan could not even afford an ordinary 1,000-year Soul.


In the system's shop, a 1,000-year duplicate Soul Ring could only be purchased after 1,000 draws.

Fang Xuan roughly estimated that he could successfully draw about 10 times a day. Even if he wanted to buy a 1,000-year Soul Ring, it would take him more than 100 days. As for the higher Soul Rings, who knew how long it would take him to exchange for them?

As for ordinary 100-year Soul Rings, although they were cheap and could be purchased after 10 draws, he did not plan to absorb a 100-year Soul Ring.

A Duplicate Martial Soul could only absorb one Duplicate Soul Ring.

Fang Xuan was now ranked 31 and completely capable of absorbing a 1,000-year Soul Ring. If he took a step back and wasted this precious opportunity on an ordinary 100-year Soul Ring, that would be too stupid.

Soul ring.

I didn't expect that I would be able to absorb a soul ring.

Fang Xuan was very excited.

In the Douluo Continent, if you don't have eight or nine soul rings on your body, it's embarrassing to go out and mingle.

At the bottom of the shop interface, There was a blue bar that showed the number of coins, which was the number of times he could draw his sword. Unfortunately, it was 0.

It seemed like the number of times he had drawn his sword before he upgraded the system was not recorded by the system. Sure enough, it was a black hole.

Cursing inwardly, Fang Xuan exited the store and went to check the Lucky Draw function.

The lottery interface was a large, colorful wheel with all kinds of strange items recorded on it.

Talent Points, Upgrade Cards, Soul Rings, Sword Mastery, 100 years of cultivation (below 10,000 years), 100 times of drawing the sword, and many other strange items.

For a moment, Fang Xuan couldn't figure out the uses of some of the items.

Suddenly, a touch of demonic red flashed before his eyes.

"A hundred thousand-year soul ring"

Fang Xuan inadvertently found a hundred thousand-year duplicate soul ring on the lottery wheel. His eyes immediately bloomed with a blazing light.

A hundred thousand-year soul ring, this was the number one treasure in the Douluo Continent.

Generally speaking, rainbow lotteries and scratch-off lotteries were all open scams. There weren't many people who could earn money from them.

Therefore, Fang Xuan wasn't very interested in this lottery function from the beginning. He thought that it might be a money-making function of the system.

But he didn't expect that there would Be a hundred-thousand-year soul ring among the prizes.

Even if this was a scam, Fang Xuan was willing to jump in.

As a mortal who didn't have a soul beast as a girlfriend, a hundred-thousand-year soul ring was impossible. But now, there was a hundred thousand-year soul ring among the prizes in the lottery. This was too inconceivable.

Blood surged, and Fang Xuan was incomparably excited. In his heart, he kept thinking about the lottery.

[Lottery Wheel (Beginner)]

[Price: You can draw the lottery once every 100 sword draws.]

He could only draw once every 100 times he drew his sword…

Fang Xuan smacked his lips. He felt very regretful. He didn't have a single draw now. It seemed that he wouldn't be able to draw the lottery today.

At this moment, a voice sounded in his mind.

[Because the host has activated the lottery wheel for the first time, three free lottery chances are awarded]


This was the so-called newbie gift pack.

Cliché, but practical.

Fang Xuan was overjoyed. He couldn't hold back the excitement in his heart and quickly started the lottery.

In the next moment, the rainbow wheel spun at high speed. The precious prizes on it dazzled the eyes.

However, Fang Xuan's eyes were locked on the hundred-thousand-year soul ring.

According to the rules of the lottery, Fang Xuan closed his eyes and counted six in his heart. Then, he directly shouted to stop.

How was it?

What did you get?

Was it a hundred-thousand-year soul ring?

If there wasn't a hundred thousand-year soul ring, a two hundred thousand-year soul ring could be worn.

[Thank you for your patronage. Please keep up the good work!]

Fang Xuan: "…"

"I've already transmigrated to another world, but I still can't escape the curse of this hateful 'Thank you for your patronage' fate!!"

After wasting a free lottery chance, Fang Xuan was a little mad.


Gritting his teeth, he started the lottery for the second time. This time, he changed to a new incantation.

"1, 2, 3 … 8"

Eight, eight, eight, go, go, go, go, this time it's right!

The moment he counted to "8", Fang Xuan suddenly shouted to stop.

[Congratulations, you have drawn … the 100 draws]

Uh … at least I got something.

One hundred draws could buy him one chance to draw the lottery. It was a win-win situation.

Finally, it was the third lottery.

Fang Xuan drew a yellow soul ring (800 years)!

This is not bad.

Looking at the yellow and purple eight-hundred-year soul ring, Fang Xuan revealed a satisfied smile for the first time.

After the third lottery, Fang Xuan drew 100 draws and an eight-hundred-year soul ring. All of them were automatically stored in his inventory.

The harvest was still acceptable.

He was already secretly happy that he didn't thank him to the end.

Personal information, shop, lottery …

He checked them one by one.

In the end, Fang Xuan trembled as he opened the last strengthening furnace.

Could it be … Ma Papa's curse transcended time and space, reversed the heavens, and followed him to the Douluo Continent?

An ancient strengthening furnace appeared in front of him.

It was the same as the one in his memory.

It was the same pit …

Seeing this familiar large iron furnace, Fang Xuan immediately felt a chill in his heart. He recalled an unbearable past.

[Strengthening Furnace]

[Function: Strengthen the strength and speed of weapons]

[Price: 100 draws]

(Conscientious tip: As the strengthening level increases, the price will also increase. Please pay attention to your wallet )

Fang Xuan: "…"

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