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A total of 11,000 draws meant a total of 110 draws.

As the saying goes, hard work creates miracles.

Fang Xuan finally decided to be generous and started to draw wildly. After more than a hundred draws, he did draw a lot of things, including some precious items.

[100-year soul ring * 33]

[1,000-year soul ring * 15]

[Talent Points * 62]

[Basic Mastery * 35]

"A bunch of yellow 100-year soul rings. Trash …"

After drawing the lottery, Fang Xuan opened his backpack and began to check his gains.

There were many 100-year soul rings, but they were useless. He also drew 15 1,000-year soul rings, with the highest being a 5,000-year soul ring. But now, they still couldn't arouse his interest.

With Fang Xuan's current strength, he could absorb 10,000-year and above soul rings, so even a 5,000-year soul ring couldn't arouse his interest.

In addition, although he didn't draw many talent points and Basic Mastery points, these attribute points were very precious. Fang Xuan first absorbed the 35 Basic Mastery points that could increase the proficiency of the drawing Technique. These attributes could increase the power of the Basic Drawing Technique, and the effect was very significant.

Currently, Fang Xuan's strongest innate talent for the Sword-Drawing Technique was the Six-Winged Angel's Sword-Drawing Technique of Light. Therefore, he didn't hesitate and chose to enhance his Sword-Drawing Technique of Light first. He added all 62 talent points to his Six-Winged Angel.

Although these talent points weren't enough to upgrade the Six-Winged Angel from intermediate to advanced, he believed that it wouldn't be long before the Six-Winged Angel was upgraded.

After dealing with these attribute points, Fang Xuan's face suddenly showed a hint of excitement, and he looked at the two brand-new items in his backpack with a blazing gaze …

[100-year soul ring cultivation (10,000 years and below) * 2]

[10,000-year soul ring]

"Haha, I got something good"

Fang Xuan saw the two new items and a hint of surprise flashed through his clear eyes.

A 100-year soul ring cultivation was a precious item that could increase the cultivation of a soul ring.

In the early stages of a Soul Master's life, due to the limitations of one's rank and strength, the Soul Rings that one could absorb were relatively young. Most people's first and second Soul Rings were Yellow hundred-year Soul Rings, greatly limiting the development of Soul Masters in the later stages.

As a transmigrator who was familiar with the Douluo storyline, Fang Xuan knew very well that there was only one way to increase the age of one's Soul Rings, and that was to participate in the Nine Divine Examinations.

When Tang San and Shrek Seven participated in the Nine Trials of the Sea God, their strength skyrocketed, and the main reason for this was that the rewards of the Sea God's Trial had increased their soul rings by a level, making them all incomparably luxurious.

But now, Fang Xuan had drawn an item that could increase the age of his soul rings through the lottery roulette. This was undoubtedly a huge surprise.

Although this item was restricted to those with a cultivation of less than ten thousand years, it could still greatly increase Fang Xuan's soul ring configuration.

Suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, Fang Xuan calmly analyzed his current three Soul Rings.

They were the eight-hundred-year yellow Soul Ring, the thousand-year purple Soul Ring, and the three thousand-year purple Soul Ring …

After thinking for a while, Fang Xuan decided to use all of his 200-year Soul Ring cultivation to upgrade his eight-hundred-year first Soul Ring to the thousand-year level.

This was because even if he used the 200-year Soul Ring cultivation on the other two-thousand-year Soul Rings, it wouldn't be of much use. It would be better to directly upgrade this hundred-year Soul Ring to the thousand-year Soul Ring and the benefits would be greater.


Thinking of this, Fang Xuan's eyes were resolute, and he immediately used the 200-year Soul Ring cultivation on his first Soul Ring.

In the next moment, he opened his palm, and the purple, purple, and purple Soul Rings appeared one after another, emitting a gentle halo.

"Not bad …"

Fang Xuan looked at his Soul Rings and nodded in satisfaction. Although it couldn't be considered a luxurious Soul Ring configuration, it was considered one of the best among Soul Masters below rank 50.

Finally, the ten-thousand-year Soul Ring.

Fang Xuan's eyes surged with light, and he stared at the pitch-black Soul Ring with some excitement. He could feel that this black Soul Ring contained a potent energy.

"A ten-thousand-year Soul Ring, huh? It just so happens that I can still duplicate a Martial Soul …"

After becoming a Soul Ancestor, he still had a God's Bestowed Blade that he hadn't used. He decided to duplicate a new Martial Soul in the next two days, and then absorb this ten-thousand-year Soul Ring.

After the lottery, it was time to upgrade his weapons.

The last time he upgraded it, the Shadowless Blade was only +3 after 1000 draws.

This time, Fang Xuan could use a total of 10000 draws.

Wouldn't the Shadowless Blade be + 30?

Oh, right, now it's two blades.

Fang Xuan suddenly remembered that he now had the White Blade, Shadowless, and the Black Blade, Void Breaker, so he decided to lower the requirements.

Adding 15 points to each blade wouldn't be too much, right?!

After thinking for a while, he confidently began to upgrade the two weapons.

An hour later …

Fang Xuan's eyes were unfocused, his face was numb, and his clothes were messy as he lay on the bed, feeling as if his body had been emptied.

"Damn …"

A civilized word came out of his mouth, and the corner of Fang Xuan's mouth twitched violently.

A total of 10,000 draws, going up and down, and in the end … the Black Blade was +8, the White Blade was +9, and not even one of them was +10.

At this moment, Fang Xuan's mind was about to explode. This upgrade was just too much of a scam.

After being depressed for a while, he sat up, pulled himself together, and began to check the attributes of the two blades.

[Shadowless Blade]

[Grade: A (Rare)]

[Strength: 77 (+ 32)]

[Speed: 120 (+ 36)]

[Upgrade: + 9]

[Special Attribute: None]

[Overall Evaluation: Shadowless, as fast as a ghost, but slightly weaker in strength. A blade as fast as lightning!]

… …

[Void Breaker]

[Grade: A (Rare)]

[Strength: 150 (+ 55)]

[Speed: 108 (+ 42)]

[Upgrade: 8]

[Special Attribute: None]

[Overall Evaluation: Void Breaker, unparalleled sharpness, a treasured blade for strong attacks]

The attributes of the Shadowless Blade had increased by about 50%. Since the Void Breaker had been upgraded for the first time, it had increased by about 60% compared to before. It could be said that the upgrade effect was huge.

He clicked on the current personal information:

[Strongest Swordsman System]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

[Level: LV43]

[Title: Soul Ancestor]

[Soul Power: 10000/7000 (Upgradeable)]

[Weapon: Shadowless Blade, Void Breaker]

[Proficiency: Minor Sword Drawing Technique (46/200)]

[Mental Comprehension: Sword Force]

[God Bestowed Blade: 1]

[Martial Soul: Soul of Seraph (Intermediate 62/200), Soul of Ice Phoenix (Intermediate 82/200), Soul of Immortal Begonia (Intermediate 80/200)]

[Talent: Judgment's Demise, Dance of Fine Snow, Healing Light]

[Sword Skills: Storm Slash (Super Intense Sword Drawing, 30% increase in drawing power), Swallow Return (Super High-Speed Sword Drawing, 30% increase in drawing speed)]

[Available Number of Sword Draws: 0]

"Not bad …"

Fang Xuan nodded in satisfaction as he looked at his rising attributes steadily.


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