17 The Sect Iron 8

"You're the one who called me? Who has committed a serious crime in the sect and is using your identity to attack you? "

"I called you Elder, my name is Bai Cheng I am a temporary disciple who is close to becoming an external disciple, I did four missions last year because I was in a bottleneck and so I wanted to be able to climb to the peak layer of my realm so I did more than the mandatory. "

"But on the last mission I did I found some medicinal plants to be able to make the final medicinal cleansing pill that could give me the chance to get into the Houtian realm before I pass the 22 that is the maximum age to be able to be an external disciple directly. "

"When I was preparing to keep the medicines and come back though I met the group of other sect disciples led by Wang Fu who is the grandson of deacon Chen and told me to give all the medicines I had found or I would regret. "

"I clear how I needed these materials to get to the realm Houtian did not care about their threats and I went back to the sect, here I tried to find someone who refined the pill for me and I promised I would give one of the three pills that are made with these ingredients for anyone who refined for me and would still pay double the price for it. "

"But I heard that Deacon Chen had asked for some favors and said no one would accept my request to refine the pills, and still afterward I heard from Wang Fu that he would kill me if I were to leave the sect to go on a mission."

"Because he knew that I would try to find someone outside the sect who refined this pill for me, so I did not care because I thought that if I waited a few months they would not be so shameless and give up."

"So I tried to cultivate to have more chance of getting to Houtian realm when I took the pill, so I left a warning of all the ways for anyone to contact me because I would be isolating myself to cultivate, when the disciples do it becomes forbidden according to the rules of the sect that I should be disturbed in my cultivation unless the sect was in danger so as not to disturb my cultivation and I suffer a diversion and die. "

"What I did not think was that deacon Chen would be so shameless and a month before I had to do my mandatory mission he kept sending me messages so I would not forget to go or I would be punished because he knew his grandson wanted to end with me outside. "

"As a deacon, he should know that it was forbidden by the sect but he did not care and did anyway, in the end, all this time he left me more than 30 messages with me in isolation."

"And I was really cultivating, lucky that I entered a semi-illuminated state and was not disturbed by external affairs and managed to reach the peak of this realm just a step away from the Houtian, but I wanted to ask the Elder to punish that deacon who tried to kill me ."

When the disciplinary Elder heard this he understood the anger of this disciple Bai Chang, after in addition to threatening him and attempting to rob him they broke a rule of the sect and almost killed him, he had seen the token of Bai Cheng and confirmed that there was even the violation , he just wanted to confirm the deacon's question by using his contacts to keep the disciple from refining his pill, if it was confirmed the Elder and his grandchildren would pay for what they did.

After the Elder asked Bai Cheng to wait and went to investigate, after not long ago he had confirmed that the story was true and went to find the deacon for his punishment, so he would solve this, as for the disciple to refine the pill nobody would do this in the sect because they had already denied once, so he would have to leave the sect to achieve this.

So he went to the house designated for deacon Chen, he was doing this disciplinary work to try to catch the traitors of the sect, he hated traitors because his father who was a deacon of the sect in the past was killed by traitors, so he did that job even though he did not have time to cultivate meanwhile, as this deacon should not be betraying the sect he would only be punished for harming the sect by using his position to oppress disciples.

"Deacon Chen come out here to receive your punishment and your grandson, Wang Fu, too."

After a short time, the deacon left his house hurrying with his grandson, the deacon's face was pale he did not think the Elder disciplinarian would punish him someday.

"Elder, could I ask what I did deserve punishment?"

"So you've done so many things you do not even know what I'm talking about?"

When the deacon heard that he had black lines all over his face and began to sweat cold, it was as the Elder said, he really had committed many crimes against the sect, after all, he was one of the traitors the Elder disciplinary both hated, plus from the Elder's personality if he had discovered that he was the traitor he would be dead by now.

So he began to think of the situation as his grandson had also been called the only thing he did wrong together with his grandson is to plan to assassinate Bai Chang after he left the sect to steal the drugs and accelerate the entry of his grandson to the realm Houtian and his entrance to be an external disciple.

But he did not think Bai Cheng would have the ability to find enough evidence to bring the Elder into his home, and now he had to be more discreet because if Elder found out he was a spy he and his family would be killed.

"I really have not done anything Elder, I ask you to clarify my doubts."

"You and your grandson threatened and tried to rob a disciple of the sect and deacon Chen used his position to restrain the chances of the disciple Bai Cheng from reaching the position of an external disciple, as well as breaking the rules of the sect and sending messages to him while he was in isolated cultivation almost leading him to his death. "

When deacon Chen heard this he was shocked, he could not believe that Bai Cheng used the Elder to defend himself, and he soon understood that without knowing he had broken one of the sect's vital rules, he knew Bai Cheng had entered into seclusion, but he thought it was an excuse not to have to make his mission mandatory.

But now that he saw the Elder come to him like that, he could not use that excuse anymore, because he would be assuming that he was trying to steal Bai Cheng if he said he thought he was not cultivating and hiding.

Now he had to be punished to try to take the Elder's eyes off of him by just a swarming that he would be able to buy, what he had more hatred was than Bai Cheng that caused all of this, as he did not want to raise suspicions he used his contacts to ask people to send Bai Cheng to a realm of death where he would either die or at least not return in time to become an outward disciple.

So he could allow himself to be revenged more after he came out of his punishment that would not be death, but it would still undermine his time to cultivate and undermine his espionage mission.

"I and my grandson accept the Elder punishment, could you tell us what it will be?"

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The Elder was pleased to see that the deacon did not try to make up lies and find excuses to escape his punishment, it could mean that he recognized his mistakes and could change in the future.

"The punishment of you and your grandson is to stay in a prison with your cultivation sealed without being able to cultivate for ten years."

"Elder, I accept my position, but my grandson is still young and is in his best time to grow, if he has been imprisoned for ten years he will lose his chance to become an outward disciple and will lose the best period of cultivation as well. it would be the loss of the sect as well. "

"There will be no exception to the punishment he should think of as much his rights as his duties in a sect, if he continues this way the wickedness in his heart would grow and he could even become a garbage of a spy that would be a cancer to the sect and an even greater loss, that he use those ten years to meditate and out a better person. "

The deacon was seething with anger at that moment, and if his grandson did not become an outward disciple of the sect, all the investment the deacon had made would be lost, and furthermore he had to stand still and listen to the Elder calling him a dump and cancer in front of him unintentionally, but he had to swallow it all up and let it take revenge when the cult was destroyed.

"We understand Elder, thank you very much for your mercy."

And so they went to their isolation for ten years.

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