163 The Iron Sect Returns to the Continent 9

"This pill is actually much more valuable than those pills that you auctioned a few years ago because it is unique and a speeding pill that is the most sought after pill."

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"The starting price will be double that of the last time with the initial value of 2,000 high-end spiritual stones, but I think it will be sold for at least 20,000 spiritual stones in the initial auctions."

Jin Lingxin was excited to organize this auction and was sure that it could further enhance the credibility of the Golden River company, especially by the time the three great sects had cut themselves off from the world and the warriors were desperate to get stronger.

"I trust you to organize this Jin Lingxin, when everything is ready you call me and I will bring all the pills for you, after the auction we can talk about selling some more pills for your company."

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