121 I Will Destroy Everything That You Love

Under the sunlight, the wind was blowing gently, bringing serenity in contrast to the red dye that covering the floor.

It was red everywhere. Countless of bodies were seen laying on top of one another. Some were young adult while some were old. Their eyes were closed, no breathing could be detected, a sign that they had left the world.

In the middle of the sea of bodies, a figure was seen trembling slightly while holding a person in her arms.

Her white robe was dyed crimson red, making her look enchantingly beautiful. The woman cried, drops of tears could be seen flowing incessantly down her breathtaking face.

"Wake up, please, wake up. I beg you." The woman wailed.

She did care about anything else. She just wanted the person in her arms to wake up. Then, she looked around her.

Familiar faces, but they were all dead.

"No! Please wake up!" She begged the person in her arms.

Suddenly, a man walked through step by step towards that wailing figure.

Every step he took trembled the woman's heart. It wasn't out of fear, but it was out anger, hatred, anguish and grief.

His voice, as eerie as the dark night broke through the silence. "Do you finally want to follow me obediently now?" The man made an evil, triumphant smirk on his face.

The woman finally raised her head up to look at the devil in front of her.

Suddenly, she laughed. It was a laughter filled with her sadness and anger. "Even if I die, I will never follow after you. I will never submit!"

The man was not angered by her words at all. He merely shrugged his shoulders and looked at her menacingly. "You will, sooner or later. I will destroy everything that you love, until the day you submit to me. You have lost now, and you will continue to lose."

The woman stared at the man's face in a mocking manner. "In this lifetime, or even next or after, I will never belong to you. I would rather die than submit!"

The man laughed mirthfully. He knew that she would say this. "As long as I am alive, don't even think about dying. You belong to me alone!"

"Hahaha I know I can't die and go against you now. But you don't know something crucial."

The man's facial expression suddenly changed. An ill foreboding formed in his heart.

"What do you mean?"

The woman stared at him with hatred in her eyes. "I am the bearer of the Blood Moon curse. Even if I am choosing a path of no return, I would rather be a devil than submit to you!"

Yes, she would rather be devil than be with this madman. He was insane but she ruthless. even to herself!

Before the man could do or say anything, suddenly, the sky darkened. Black mist covered the sky, dark clouds started hovering over in the sky, lighting flashed and thunder sounded one after another.

The wind started swirling aggressively as if the world was about to end.

The man stared at this scene and started shouting frantically, "Stop! You are going to die like this!"

He did not want her to die! He loved her!

However, he was already too late.

The woman's appearance started to change. Her long hair was now silver in color and there was a crescent moon mark on her forehead, dyed in bright red.

Here beautiful eyes were now completely red.

"I will never stop until I have avenged everyone that perished today!" The woman snarled.

The man and his subordinates that were placed not too far away were stunned in place.

None of them had expected her to be the mysterious curse's bearer!

This curse was strong, it was known as the curse of destruction. The man didn't want to give up.

"I will save you and make you mine!"

He rushed forward and bang! Strong force of Spiritual Qi clashed.


Jiang Ying Yue woke up and started patting her chest immediately.

It turned out that it was all a dream. But the heartache, sadness and anger were real. She could still feel it even after she woke up.

Her body was sweating profusely and her clothes were sticking onto her body.

Who was that woman? Who was the man?

She did not see the woman's face but she did see the man's face. It was just that right now, his face seemed to be blurred. She couldn't recall his face no matter how hard she tried.

She didn't who they were and she couldn't shrug off the dream as a mere passing dream.

What did the dream mean? The future or the past? Why?

Jiang Ying Yue knew that she couldn't get the answer at all so she gave up. Her mood was downcast because of the lingering feeling from that dream.

Knowing that she couldn't dwell any further, she got down the bed and went to the hot spring outside to take a long bath after that horrifying dream.

Jiang Ying Yue was currently at the Godly Space and the hot spring was none other than the purest and original form of Aurae Heavenly Spring.

She walked so fast heading outside that she didn't see nor greet Long Xing, Anguo and Rufus who were at the hall. Her brain somehow was still thinking about that dream.

Seeing her oddness, Anguo looked inquisitively at Rufus.

As if knowing what his look meant, Rufus immediately berated him. "You think I know everything about master? Yes I am her guardian but so are you. I can't know everything can I?"

Anguo looked at Rufus, speechless. Indeed, Rufus wouldn't know everything.

But.. all the of them looked at Jiang Ying Yue's disappearing back. Why did her body carried extreme grief, melancholy and hatred? As far as they knew, after Mu Shao Qing departed, Jiang Ying Yue immediately went inside the Godly Space to cultivate.

She didn't go out at all so what's with the sudden change of mood? What happened?

Nobody but Jiang Ying Yue herself knew the reason behind her actions.

Relaxing herself in the hot spring, she closed her eyes to calm herself down and forget the dream.