Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable
novel - Contemporary Romance

Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

Xu Raorao

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What is Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

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By a series of freakish accidents, she provokes the feared and mysterious “God of Night”. When someone bullies her, he says, “Only two types of people bully my wife: those who haven’t crossed her path, and those who have already died. Which do you want to be?” When someone questions her, he says, “Everything my wife does is right! Those who disagree can have a little chat with me!” When he goes home, he pleads in a low voice, “Wifey~ Can I not sleep in the study today?” “You can consider sleeping on the streets.” “Well, I’ll sleep in the study, then.” At night, he abducts his freshly-showered wife into the study. She shrieks, “Sheng Nanxuan! What are you doing?!" “Sleeping… in… the… study!” The next day, his wife dashes out of the room with tears in her eyes and a sore waist. That isn’t what she meant by “sleeping in the study”…

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Stop romanticizing rape. Stop making girls fall in love with their rapists. No one gives a damn if the rapist is rich. I lasted a fat 11 chapters and really couldn't read anymore. You're better off reading something else. First, sloppy writing. No intros and we're just thrown in a world of characters and schemes. Second, RAPE. Domineering trash ML. Forces himself on her, embarrasses her in front of others, threatens her if she dares abort/take morning after pill. Really, if it's not consensual *** it's RAPE. FL falls for the whole aphrodisiac scheme and gets caught by the "bf", "friend" and whole family etc. Yada yada. Been there, done that. Read something else people.


#drugs #rape #blackmail #StupidFL #BadRomance #NotRomanceButStockholmSyndrome #DomineeringML #ScumML #BoringPlot #PromotingRapeCulture #PromotingBoysWillBeBoys #TriggerWarnings #TrashPlot


I read first few chapters of this comic. Its a bit confusing in the begining with the similar names and all. Apart from that the story has a very common beginning. Getting drunk and all. It makes me wonder if Chinese people love betraying people by spiking their drinks. Its unethical and I don't like promotion of such practices in popular culture.


15~~~ chapters in and FL has alresdy been drugged, raped and threatened. I can confirm ML is a rapist and abuser. STOP ROMATICIZING RAPE. What is wrong with these mysoginistic novels?


Another story which starts with Rape. It's not romantic at all. I don't think I can read this 😑😑😑.


[MAY CONTAIN SPOILER] So as everyone else has stated this book does contain mention of RAPE. it's like most of the stories where the leads meet eachother due to this. so one thing I really don't understand is why are you all giving this book all the hate like there are books out there which have started off with RAPE and they are on the top list. now I also don't mean it's ok like to have these stuff, yeah I agree that we need to stop this and stop normalizing RAPE ⭐ So on the story, it's all the same plot with a bit of change:a shitty boyfriend,a girl whose jealous of the fl and the boyfriend uses her to cheat on fl, shameless snakeu 🐍relatives, and the most important one being MYSTERIOUS AND RICH FL(although his identity has been mentioned) ⭐So the change is that the fl doesn't fall for the ml after they do it and like both of them don't have any sort of feelings or maybe the ml like the fl. the feelings aren't in there out of nowhere. I think they would progress in future ⭐The fl isn't a sharp witted person but she isn't either that much naive. the fl is preggy( it's kinda new stuff as in most of the novels, fl doesn't like to be pretty early. I know it's their choice BUT IN IT THERE'S A CHANGE) ⭐One more thingy that I didn't ĺike was that the ml acted really goofy,sweet and stuff with fl infront of her mother buthe as acts kinda cold with her alone. I like the story line a lot and am curious how would the revenge would take place. the momma of the fl is pretty great too i liked her a lot I would recommend it to others but if you are sensitive about topics like RAPE don't read it IF ANYONE KNOWS INFORMATION OF RAW TITLE OF THE NOVEL PLEASE COMMENT thanks 👁👄👁 (d⁰nt hate me)


Webnovel enough of crap novels.. For Godsake Rape is not romantic. please let girls live with dignity and respect .these crappy novels twist younger minds and they will fall prey to rape and domestic violence. All world working towards right of women these novel treating women like doormat. enough please. !! !! Don't know from where this platform got sick mentality authors 😠😠😠😠😠


Rape is rape. Their is nothing cute about it. You can tell from the synopsis that there is going to be rape involved. I'm sorry but books like this need to be flagged.


The name "DITSY WIFE" really suits this novel because the female lead in this novel is brainless, stupid, fickle and arrogant. The male lead in the beginning was cold, ruthless and overbearing. I detested him in the beginning mainly because of the rape plot. But later started feeling sorry for him reading the ways he tried to accommodate the fickle and foolish female lead. The original novel consisted of more than 2000 chapters. But if you are capable enough to read atleast first 150 chapters, you can be proud of your patience and tolerance capacity.


Ahhhh...am gonna read...am gonna read...am gonna read...damn. this book is on fire. I so love it. I feel like it's calling to me...so damn interesting. I am already drowned by love for the synopsis, so how can I say no to this book??❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️


Ummmmmmmm... wow just wow! In the first couple of chapters I was there was rape! Rape is not romantic! I don’t consider this romantic do you? I don’t think I’m going to read this 😬😑😑😑


female lead is really stupid.no character flowing.author trying to mix up lots of stories.its so bad.no strong character in the novel.boring


Reveal spoiler


Will never understand why people romanticize rape. There is absolutely nothing cute about being assaulted against your own will. This kind of content is so disrespectful to victims.


This is not a book I would read or recommend. Why would you romanticize rape and then have the victim fall in love with the rapist. This is just disgusting


This Is a good read. A BIt of mystery, face slapping, plenty of villians, funny side kicks,aNd a pair of flawed main leads who will no doubt develop well in the future. Let’s hope we get to read more :)


I am not sure why this one is not choosen yet but I do like to story and looking forward for some face slapping and hope the male lead can take whatever belongs to him and also I am looking forward to see if the female lead's father is alive.


You are trying, you can encourage her cause she is trying to satisfy you guys, guy can you check out my story, reclaiming his pregnant maid, I need your comment and rating, pls


I'll be honest I didnt read it. I'm not gonna read a story about this guy raping his wife or whatever. 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤢🤮🤮🤢🤬😡🤬😡🤢🤥🤬😡🤢


HEAR ME OUT! There is r*pe in the first few chapters (aphrodisiac, as usual). I do not condone this at all. BUT, unfortunately, this is commonplace in 'CEO' genre Chinese novels. If you are able to get past that, then I definitely recommend trying out this novel. For the first few chapters (which go by quick because they're relatively short) I wasn't sold with the character dynamics/cliche storyline, but it gets much better, real fast! I've read up to chapter 300 (raw) and I'm really enjoying it. Try it! Worst case scenario, you drop it. The chapters aren't long anyway.


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