75 Vena Amoris [R.]

Yun Ki has Soojin seated at the foot of the bed, while he kneels before her. 

The windows of the chamber are wide open, gusts of wind flow in, rattling the wind chimes composed of coloured glass that strike against another and fill the silence that their first night as a wed couple brings. 

The curtains are inflating and behaving as though they are heavy clouds, waiting to rain down on the couple, shower them with love and blessings. 

Soojin sits on the edge of the lavish, red silk bed, hands fiddling with each other's as the inexperience and timid gestures of a newly wed bride kick in. 

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She's changed out of her ceremonial robe and is dressed in a purple satin robe, hair tied in a neat bun, bangs framing the sides of her face, brushing against the milky soft skin that Yun Ki wishes he could run his knuckles over. 

He's sat before her, like a humble servant, on his knees as he stares up at his world. 

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