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Dear brother, Are you okay? I've been following you, and your mindset and behavior since moving to Lexicon… pains me. You used to be kind and gentle. Now you seem… cold, ruthless, and kind of insane. I know this place is dangerous, and the missions here are difficult, but… I can't think of one that would change someone so much. While change is good… I watched you run to your hotel covered in blood with a huge smile on your face. You were super banged up, so the smile was already unnatural. And… it didn't look like monster blood. Did you kill someone? ... You're a labyrinth of mysteries I don't want answers to. But I'm visiting you anyways, so please don't kill me, kay? Your loving stalker, sis. — "Dearest sister, Since you were forward with me, I'll return the favor and answer all of your questions in turn. To answer your first question, I now lack empathy for everyone besides you and am legitimately insane. If that [pains] you, you've never bought a health potion to intentionally break your own arm." — A monster hunting level up story with a different caliber of mc with wild concepts you've never read before.


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