DIRTY SECRET AH: my bad hatersDIRTY SECRET AH: my bad haters

DIRTY SECRET AH: my bad haters


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In the world people focus on something that to us were trivial. Of course we live in the society as those below us, but our circles? Our circles were small, we lived far above them, and treated these lowly ones nothing more than cannon fodder. Your believe? Who cares, Your system? Freedom? It was broken long before it was even created, all of you were nothing more to us than play things. Ha ha ha ha, how stupid it is nothing more but a illusion for those high above us out of reach to be entertained. That was before in the greed of the top families we fell, we suffered and as if nature it self found our ways disgusting our hidden island was sunk and we had to leave our safe haven, to live among those... We had looked down upon.' 'if that is so mom, then we are different' 'of course, those from the east, said they were the mother land but we knew otherwise. Those who were our slaves are now our equal' 'we may have lost our home and have become outnumbered but it is fine, each family will marry their sons to the daughters.' 'the society is patriach' 'it will not and have not affected the families, as long as our blood is not tainted then we shall continue to prosper in this barbaric society'. ***** Original work no translation The cover is not mines credit to the owner Please rate, comment and vote thanks all

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