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What is Devil/God

Read Devil/God novel written by the author The_Fantasy_Writer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The world of Antraxia a place where magic and science is the way of life. Humans have long evolved to become acustomed to the use of scientific -magical weapons which helped them claim there rightful place amongst the vast array of species and monsters. The Gods and Devils of the past are now the reality of the present. A place where only one thought 'might is right' prevails comes Alex, a boy who despite his powerful background chose to just study peacefully and become a knowledgeable scholar but whether it was the cruelty of fate or the workings of destiny the Universe has some other plans for him. Join Alex as he explores the sophisticated world of Antraxia where nations and organizations have evolved into Democratic Republics, Mighty Empires and Greedy Capitalist Ventures. But will it end here or there is more to Antraxia than what the mortal eye can see. Find out with Alex as he questions and defies destiny itself. Experience his journey along with him as he makes trusted friends and hateful enemies, as he breaks down all those who wronged him with his might, as he hunts galactic monsters, builds space ships and destroys planets. Experience the birth of a Devil-God itself ! P.S-Please ignore the cover for now i am trying to collaborate with an artist to create a cover unique to our story depicting it as best as we can.

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The author doesn't know what he's doing. ·The grammar isn't the best and can be pretty bad at some points in the novel. ·The author doesn't respond, or even possibly read the comments even when you're the only one commenting... ·Nothing that great about the novel and the fighting kind of sucks. The fighting isn't that descriptive and what small things it is describing is cheesy. ·An important tag was changed around 20 chapters in, which made me feel like I was wasting my time in the sense that I was thinking I was reading the genre I liked only for it to be removed... I only read novels with the R-18 tag because I like reading the MC having sex with his girl every once in a while instead of just teasing it all the time. That tag was removed 20 chapter into the novel and that leads me to believe there won't be any sex scenes, at least not any descriptive ones. In conclusion I find this novel/author unsatisfactory and am therefore removing it from my library and leaving this review.


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