Devil's Cold-Hearted Love
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Devil's Cold-Hearted Love


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What is Devil's Cold-Hearted Love

Devil's Cold-Hearted Love is a popular web novel written by the author Tangent34, covering ROMANCE, SYSTEM, ACTION, REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, LOVE, FIGHT, ADVENTRURE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 111K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 85 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


//Participating in WPC Contest - 147 A divine cultivator, who was cursed at the time of his birth to spend his second life as an Asur until he turns thirty. Unable to finish his cultivation to achieve immortality, he had died and took birth into an Asur clan in his second life. As an Asur, until and unless, his soul and body unites with a stronger witch, only then his curse will be triggered. However, the witch whom he abducts to torture and make her suffer, has actually been sent by the divines to help him out in cultivation as she is one of the stronger cultivator among the divines- the only female to have high cultivating strength. But ever since, she was under Bennett clan’s, her powers were blocked. She slowly starts to fall in love with the cold-hearted devil. He himself did not realize that a love seedling had sprouted in his heart until one day while he was forcing himself on her and torturing, she cried out. “I already gave you my heart and soul, do you still have to torture me?”


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A shameless review by the Author! ^.^ This novel doesn't contains any major love triangle theme, but about a witch who falls in love with a divine cultivator who was cursed to be born as an Asur- as the head clan of Devils and Demons. The story is based on their love story and how they thrive to cultivate themselves passing each realms. The female lead would be triggering the curse of the male lead and would also be the one who will help him in cultivation.


Well...nice story..loved the plot...kinda interesting...you have a nice thinking way...I loved it I'll look forward to it 💕 hope you will write more interesting stories in future 💕


the story is good so far will see the future how it goes loving now the way the story is going I love it the female lead is powerful and arrogant as male lead it will make them perfect I also love how fl is most powerful than other being


thank you for the reccomendation, read the first chapter and i like it, hope this review helps with the rating things, once again, thank you :)


hi everyone, i like this book very much.. i just start reading but I'm addicted [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


OMG!! The plot is getting more and more interesting!!! I'm completely loving the book. Hey! please upload more and more chapters I cannot wait to read the whole!!!


it's such a great plot... love to read your work......😍😍 eagerly looking forward for more of the chapters....hope the quality continues......


Devils and Demons along with a Male serpent! what a fabulous plot to start with! All the best dear author! I hope you will keep on uploading more and more chapters...


The story plot is amazing. Can't wait to read further chapters! Asuras and the male serpent. I am sure the content of the book is going to be amazing.




The plot is just amazing. No doubt about it! Although it is a new book now, I can predict it will take a nice form in the days to come once the chapters are filled in. . . . . . . Character Development - Amazing Grammar - Need to work on a bit (we all do!) More power to you! P.S. You might want to change the cover. The same cover is being used by another top author for a book. It shouldn't look like a copy of it.


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