Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Going back to Sakura Country

"Y-Yes? " Asked Altaria in fear. 

Seeing Altaria easily agreeing to his order Alex smiled. 

She was still naive, to believe in him so easily. 

Of course Alex had no plans to kill her, as she was worth more with that sexy little body of hers. 

He gently patted her head while saying, " Good Taria. Now kiss me. "

Altaria gave a confused reply, " Kiss? "

"Yeah, you saw your sister and me doing that right. When our lips touched each other's, " Alex explained patiently. 

Altaria remembered. 

She didn't know why her sister and Alex did such a disgusting thing before. 

But slowly she had developed curiosity about it, as whenever Alex did that to her sister or mother they would act happy. 

Altaria had asked her teacher about this and she was told that she was also supposed to do the same for Alex. 

Altaria nodded without knowing what exactly a kiss mattered for, but for the fear of Alex she slowly turned around on his lap. 

She, then clutched his shoulder without harming him with her beautiful nails. 

She was still young and notion of harming even her enemy was hard for her. 

Her small cherry lips puttered unwillingly, but still she gradually leaned forward. 

Alex had all the time in this World to wait for this little princess to loose her first kiss. 

He always liked taking first times of innocent girls and he preferred stealing them. 

Like this one... 

Soon, Altaria's soft pink lips touched Alex's, their soft sensation was enough to melt that touch into Alex's consciousness. 

But Altaria pulled back right away. 

She didn't know what happened, but just when she her lips kissed Alex's she felt weird through her body. 

This feeling was unexplainable. 

She didn't know if she liked this feeling or hated it.

But due to the fear of unknown she pulled away from Alex's embrace.

Alex of course had no plans to let this bunny free. 

He didn't let her go even when her already wet eyes were about to fill with tears again.

Alex kissed a teardrop of her and then followed it down landing his lips on Altaria's blushing cheeks. 

He then pecked her sharp nose, while at the same slowly bringing her soft body deeper in his arms. 

His lips next once again landed on her lips. But, this time he wasn't unresponsive like before, rather he sucked on her lips softly and engrained their taste in his mind.

His touch only became more demanding as time passed.

Altaria was too weak to struggle and gave up soon after. 

Alex freely pried open her mouth and entered inside with his tongue. 

Her unique taste didn't escape Alex's tongue as he explored her oral cavity freely. 

Altaria who had her eyes closed was hiding her tongue in a corner. 

But Alex as a veteran pulled her in the show and subdued it completely. 

Helpless, Altaria could only surrender to Alex. 

She felt Alex's hand roaming all over her small lithe frame.

He had already half removed her nightgown which was now dangling on her stomach. 

His hands were on her smooth back and perky buttocks taking in their feel first hand. 

Soon, Altaria was completely nude in Alex's arms with her naked body rubbing against Alex's muscular frame. 

Her small budding breasts molded against Alex's hard chest while she got feverishly kissed by Alex. 

By now she was already sufficiently wet and Alex felt that she was ripe enough to be tasted. 

He slowly brought her small frame up and placed her on his strong hard cock. 

Altaria who felt something tearing her up, cried with tears pitifully. 

But Alex had no plans to stop. 

He rather liked this expression of Altaria, he only wanted to bully her more like this. 

"After I take your virginity, you will be my little sister forever. You will only belong to me, " He said. 

"No, " Cried Altaria pitifully. 

But Alex wasn't going to hear her, as he slowly pushed his cock inside her small pussy. 

It expanded her hole while unboxing her beautiful petals, entering inside and reaching upto her hymen.

Alex gave a slight kiss to Altaria and pushed her down. 

A small trail of blood seeped down Altaria's pussy as she cried again. 

Alex let her get accustomed to his huge cock and then started moving her up and down slowly. 

Her small cunt as expected was very tight and he liked it. 

Alex was sure that he at least won't get bored of this girl for hours. 

He had no plans to give Altaria any position now. 

So, he just directly planned to brainwash her against her will. 

* * * *

And hours passed.... 

Alex was standing before the Heavenly Harem Palace of his.

Behind him were Melissa, Rachel, Eliza, Daisy, Rose, Flora and Ivy. 

They were now about to leave. 

Alex looked at all women who came to say goodbye to him. 

He had spent quite a some time with many of them and he liked that time. 

It was now moment to go forth. 

Altaria was clinging to Alex's arms crying again like a small girl, as Alex was leaving. 

After getting fucked by him, she had become addicted to him. 

Her newborn mind thought of him as everything as he could give her the pleasure unimaginable. 

But Alex had no plans to entertain this girl, so he mercilessly shoved her to Beatrice and Irina. 

He then nodded to everyone and became ready to leave. 

But just then Daphanaie came near him and gave him a kiss. 

She said with gentle and loving tone while holding his hand, " With this kiss, I have given you the mark of this World. You can come here whenever you wish with that. So, don't forget about me. "

She waved her hand and next moment Alex and seven women behind him disappeared. 

* * * *

In Sakura country Alex was transported back to the exact time and place when he was teleported at this unknown place from Yamamoto Clan. 

Actually, Melissa and other women of Alex had kidnapped some women of Yamamoto Clan. 

Of course, Alex didn't give a shit about those women's well being. 

But, he felt that it would be impolite to not intrude upon those who kidnapped his preys. 

That was how Alex came here alongside Nagisa Nanase and Takahashi Hina. 

These Master and Disciple pair that Alex was about to make his were interested in magic so they came here. 

But as soon as they crossed teleportation gate, Alex disappeared. 

But they soon saw those women who had gone missing. 

Hina was quick on her mind and saved them. 

She then used her mobile to contact home, but no luck no signal. 

They were about to start feeling worried when Alex soon reappeared. 

Along with him appeared seven beautiful women whose beauty was comparable to Hina herself who was proclaimed as one of the top 3 beauties of Sakura Country. 

But, seeing these women those Yamamoto Clan's kidnapped women felt fear gripping their hearts. 

Nanase sighed in relief seeing Alex all fine, after all she had now decided to marry him as he wanted. 

Hina also sighed in relief as she knew that they could now go back.

Hina curiously asked, " Young Master Alex, who are those women? "

Alex just smiled proudly and said, " They're the one who kidnapped those women and tried to trap me. But now they're my women. "

Melissa was the first to give jab at Alex, " Is this how you speak about your mother? "

Other women also gave a displeased glance to Alex, because of him addressing them informally. 

But Alex just shrugged and said, " Sigh. Okay okay. Now that we're here. Tell me how much mess is here? "

Daisy was the one to reply as she was their leader before, " The women we kidnapped from Yamamoto Clan are safe. Asteria must have ran away seeing we loosing. As for the Kazuma... "

" The Kazuma in reality sent us here, so that we can beat you. Only us could be sent as due to reasons like paradox only those who didn't exist in this time period like us were sent. "

Alex nodded. 

He then asked, " What about young Kazuma here? "

Daisy replied, " We hadn't thought about him. As everything would have been alright if we won that Game. "

" But we tried to contact Akiko. But she seems to have already become yours... "

Alex nodded once again remembering how Akiko had told him that she was contacted by a mysterious women.

Akiko was the bodyguard of Hayashi Hoshino who was the princess of Hayashi Clan, one of the top four Clans in Sakura Country, on which Alex had his eyes upon.

If Alex hadn't interfered then Akiko and Hoshino should have become Kazuma's women. 

But, Alex fucked them along with this timeline, changing it entirely. 

He changed it so much that, the real Sakura country was on verge of being replaced. 

Alex now only had Asteria to deal with. 

So he asked, " How did that guy manage to please Godess of Stars? "

Eliza was the one who replied, " He had mer her when he was about to die from an assassination attempt. But Asteria who was once helped by his ancestor saved him. Slowly Kazuma's disgusting, bitchy and simping personality won her heart. But she is still a virgin. As the one closest to her I'm sure of this. "

Alex licked his lips thinking about tasting another Godess. 

Kitty didn't count as she just became a Godess.

While Daphanaie was the World's Will. 

Alex then looked at the terrified bunch of women who were staring at him in horror. 

More specifically they were staring at Daisy and others.

These vixens were cruel to the point of being called beasts. 

They were psychopaths! 

All of these women belonged to the Yamamoto Clan. 

When Hikari told them about existence of magic they were excited. 

But when Alex said that to learn magic and live eternally they had to have sex with him, their thoughts changed.

They were respected women of Yamamoto Clan who had husbands and even children. 

They weren't like some other sluts. 

They after some hesitation denied Alex's offer. 

Alex also said that he would let them go after removing their memories about information of magic. 

But, when they went through teleportation gate they found themselves in the clutches of those psychopathic women. 

They understood that either the teleportation gate was hacked or Alex had fucked them up by lying. 

But, they had no more thoughts as these women stripped them naked forcefully and made them fight each other. 

They said that whoever wins will be let to live and leave.

A catfight started, as these psychopaths used different methods to create problems among them. 

The bloody Catfight ended with a winner being one of the Kazuya's concubine. 

Kazuya was the only son of Yamamoto Hikari who had adopted Alex as her younger son. 

Kazuya was previously the only prince of Yamamoto Clan. 

His concubine had given up her dignity and fought with her family members, only to be laughed at and to be thrown inside the cage with all those women in the end. 

All women who had come to negative reviews on each other started trash talking each other. 

Soon, this escalated in a catfight again. 

The real horror was that those women behind Alex now, were enjoying that show. 

Alex looked at his women with weird gaze, " What did you do to make them this traumatized? And why are they naked Hina? "

The last question was asked at Hina. 

Hina said that they were already naked when they were found in a cage arguing. 

Alex looked back at Melissa and others. 

They all looked at Rachel. 

Rachel said, " Little brother, actually we just had a little fun... "

Rose quickly said, " Yes. I remember it was her plan. She said that we should watch and bet on who wins among those women. "

Flora as well said without any guilt, " Yep. I just went along with her. "

"What? How can you blame my daughter? You were the ones who happily agreed! " Said Melissa berating them and saving her non-blood related daughter. 

Daisy was sensible, so she looked at Alex and said, " I'm sorry Alex. We just played with them a little. I'm sure you won't mind it. "

"Sigh.why will I mind? I was going to play with them as well anyway. You just made my work easy, " Smirked Alex. 

He then looked at all those women with evil glint in his eyes. 

Making them all shudder, as they felt the goosebumps on their naked skin. 

They felt as if they were herbivore standing before Apex predator!