Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Inside the medieval world, it was now already morning. 

Alex was soundly asleep once again, inside his mother's bosom, not having even an inkling about how big of a danger he had esacped from due to his cuteness. 

Melissa already woke up and was feeling really embarrassed and ashamed. 

Last night was just... 

She actually cummed by having Alex sucking on her breasts. 

She still remembered, how she had to cover her mouth so that her erotic moans won't leak out and startle these maids. 

Alex was just too good in breastsucking! 

But then Melissa thought that it might be because he has inherited his instincts from previous life. 

Sigh... She needed to save him from going on this path. 

For at least next 18 years she wanted for Alex to live a good life. 

She looked at Alex sleeping inside her arms, with his face buried into her more than ample bosom. 

"Naughty... " She muttered, as she poked Alex's baby cheeks. 

Alex suddenly woke up and with a sleepy gaze looked up at his mother with his big innocent eyes. 

"Kaa... " He muttered. 

Hearing this Melissa felt that his cuteness just overloaded, so keeping all her thoughts aside she started touching Alex all over, bringing cute sound out of him. 

On the other hand Alex, ' Where the fuck are you touching me!... But I'll allow it because you gave me your tasty milk... '

Alex thought about last night and he also felt embarrassed. 

He didn't know what happened, but him sucking on his mother's nipples seemed to have stimulated her in some weird ways. 

Looking at her trying to hold back her moans was so cute, that Alex wanted to bully her more. 

And at the same time taste of her milk was so good, that even after Alex felt full he didn't wish to leave that place. 

And ultimately he slept in Melissa's arms. 

At the same time, a young maid came inside the room. 

She smiled as she looked at the warm scene of Madam Melissa playing with her child. 

"Madam Melissa... " She said. 

Melissa's voice turned a little less warm now, as she looked at the maid. 

The maid continued, " Madam, it's time for young master's check-up. The physician will be here soon. So Sir Count told me to bring this news to you, " Said the maid while bowing. 

This daughter of Duke, even though was brilliantly beautiful, she was popular for her short temper that even her Lord husband Count Roland feared. 

"Okay, you can go, " Said Melissa. 

She then turned to Alex, " You must be hungry, as much as I remember child gets hungry in the morning... So you are hungry? " Asked Melissa while removing her blouse. 

Alex felt weird anticipation as well as embarrassment, as he looked at the naked breast of his mother. 

As a grown man, it was really awkward. 

But it was necessary to drink for gaining strength, and he could not die on the first day of his birth by going hungry. 

Alex now decided to pay a good attention to his sucking skills, so that the similar awkward moment won't happen again. 

He looked at Melissa's beautiful breast with a small pink cherry on its top. 

His baby instincts made him want to suckle on that mountain as soon as possible. 

Alex didn't pay heed to anything and once again started drinking until he was full. 

And then what followed were a series of muffled moans coming out of his mother's mouth. 

It was good that no one was around and sound didn't leak out. 

But this time Melissa felt shackles around her slightly loosening as she didn't feel repulsed about Alex touching her body and drinking her milk. 

Rather it felt as if it was natural to have Alex to do that as her son. 

Melissa remembered past life... She had spent all her life in darkness. 

Her father was an underworld Yakuza and she was his only daughter. 

One day he was killed and the most of their property was taken away. 

With only that casino remaining. Melissa who was Ayako then, did her best to develop that place. 

And by luck and fortune and at the same time hard work she managed to survive. 

She even made a name for herself as Ebony Rose. 

She had mercilessly killed anyone who stood before her.. 

Until that the Game descended. 

Melissa gritted her teeth, as she remembered that time when she was totally helpless. 

Alex who felt something wrong with his mother, stopped sucking and held her finger with his small hand and looked at her in worrying expression. 

"It's nothing... Mother just remembered something bad... I'm fine, " Melissa said but then she suddenly felt weird about why she was explaining this to her child. 

He most likely won't be able to understand anything anyway. 

Melissa had only heard about this connection between mother and child. 

She wondered, perhaps little Alex could feel her emotions through that connection. 

She caressed Alex's head. 

Alex then went back to his rightful place without paying any attention to Melissa, who now looked fondly at Alex sucking on her breast. 

Soon Alex was done and just then a cheerful voice came from the door. 

"Mom! How is my little brother? " Asked the little girl who looked around 6-7 years old. 

"Shuu! You will startle him, " Said Melissa while looking at her younger daughter. 

Her name was Rachel, she was cute little daughter of previous Melissa. 

Melissa wasn't sure if Rachel as well was substituted. 

So, she looked at her with inquiring gaze. 

Rachel as well copied her and their eyes met. 

They quickly understood who had replaced Melissa and Rachel. 

Melissa was sure that this young girl Rachel was substituted by Kanae. 

And as she came to the conclusion, Rachel's western features changed into that of Kanae. 

She as well was here with her real body, but looked considerably younger than her real teenage self. 

So this scheming vixen is my daughter here, thought Melissa. 

Rachel was quick to act, as she said, " Ohh, sorry. Let me see him... Ahh, so cute. "

Rachel looked with stony gaze as she saw Alex sucking on Melissa's breast. 

She glared at Melissa, and mouthed, " What's the meaning of this!? " 

"I had no choice, let's talk after some time, " Melissa silently mouthed. 

"Okay, but you have already betrayed husband just like that useless Ririko, " Mouthed Rachel. 

Melissa didn't say anything. 

Alex once again feeling something wrong, looked up. 

"Kaa? " 

"It's nothing, " Said Melissa as she stroked Alex's head fondly. 

Looking at her cute son, she totally forgot about what her husband will have to say, for now she let herself get swept in this world of cuteness in Alex. 

Rachel glared at her mother Melissa and then sighed. 

She thought, may be Melissa is just trying to blend in here. 

"Mom, I need to tell you something, " Whispered Rachel. 

"Yeah, we'll talk in some time when physician attends to Alex, now help me carry him, " Said Melissa as she handed Alex to Rachel. 

"Hey wait, I have never taken a baby in my hand, " Said Rachel in panic. 

But somehow she could easily carry Alex and even felt comfortable with him inside her arms. 

She then saw Melissa pacing around the room and doing some stretches. 

"It feels like I've been here for ages, I'm sore all over my body, " She complained. 

"Any idea where others are? " Melissa asked. 

"We can't talk about that here, " Said Rachel sternly. 

"Sigh, okay, " Sighed Melissa. 

"By the way, I'm not sure why but Alex starts crying whenever I hand him to someone else, " Said Melissa. 

"But he isn't crying now, he seems like as if he is enjoying the time of his life in my arms, " Said Rachel. 

"Yeah, that's why I'm confused... But he is cute right? " Asked Melissa. 

"Yeah, a little bit... But you shouldn't think of him as cute, otherwise in future this might become a hindrance, " Said Rachel. 

"Yeah, Yeah, I know we still got 18 years. And I'm not some idiot to forget my real mission, " Said Melissa. 

From then on Melissa and Rachel talked with each other. 

And from their conversation Alex came to a conclusion. 

That most likely his mother and sister were spies, sent here by some organization. 

May be that old bastard Roland is some evil man and these women are here to punish him and they got 18 years to complete that mission. 

Yes! Alex thought that this must be it! 

Poor Alex went in completely wrong direction, not knowing that these women were actually writing death warrant for him. 

'Anyway, I should focus on this big sister of mine, I'm so lucky to have such a cute big sis, she's going to grow up into a beauty, Like mother. I'm not going to leave her side hehe, ' thought Alex. 

After some time the physician came inside the room. 

She was actually, a middle aged women with a noble coat with beautiful embroidery. 

Alex gave her a look, and thought that she was just a little inferior to big sis and mother in looks, but her aura was just too weak. 

Alex completely ignored her, but then he saw that Rachel and Melissa had left him in this women's care. 

"Kaa! " He called out to his mother. 

"Don't worry young master, I'm here for you, " Said physician women. 

'Fuck you bixsh, give me back to my mother, ' yelled out Alex. 

Alex didn't want to stay even a second away from his mother, but then suddenly everything went blank.

'Huh? When did I have this evil skill? ' 

Alex had subconsciously used his devour skill on this physician women. 

Now all of her memories were gone, most likely when skill ends she will fall in coma! 

Alex had no choice but to do something to save her. He can't become a murderer on his first day! and then he fell in some unknown place. 

Here, he was turned into a young handsome man with black hair and hazel eyes. 

This is my own appearance, in future I think. 

Another evil skill... 'Dream Manipulation'

Most likely I'm in this women's memories and can changer her memories as I want. 

But, I better not hurt her... 

Alex quickly did some calculations. 

He went looking around and sure enough he found a little girl crying below a tree. 

"Why are you crying? " Alex asked. 

The girl looked up only to see, Alex's unparalleled handsome face. 

She cried little more but then told Alex, that her father was dying and she failed her examination and couldn't get post as noble physician. 

Alex quickly understood that this was the past of that physician women. 

And most likely her father died around here. 

Alex couldn't do anything and sure enough soon her father died, she was left all alone in the world. 

Not alone as Alex was beside her... 

He kept accompanying her and soon she fell in love with Alex. 

Days passed on and Alex and she lived together, he always helped her. 

And one day she mustered up her courage and confessed to Alex. 

Alex felt really awkward, as all he was doing that making sure that this women's memories won't become wrong, but she somehow fell for him. 

He denied her confession and told her that he only thought of her as his little sister. 

The girl was heartbroken and she started staying away from Alex. She stopped talking to him. 

And one day she got her position as noble physician and was given post in a far away place at some County. 

It was going to be her last night here... 

So she went to look for Alex, where she found out that the reason she got her dream position was because Alex had helped her to get it. 

She saw him talking with someone from physician academy. 

She was once again heartbroken, even when she stopped talking with Alex and even when she started ignoring him while he tried to talk with her, he still kept looking out for her. 

She couldn't control herself and in sadness canceled going away from here. 

She now decided to make Alex fall in love with her, Alex was the only person in this whole world who cared for her. Only he cared for her. Only he... 

This post, her dream was useless... She decided that only Alex matters. She would be happy by just living in some countryside with Alex and now this became her dream. 

On the other hand Alex was stunned, he did everything so that this women's memories won't get distorted. 

Due to some problems and butterfly effect, even if she was talented she lost her chance to take her real post. 

So Alex had to pull some strings to pull this story back on line and now this bitch was giving him headache. 

Next day he was so irritated that he directly confronted her, " What's wrong with you!? Why didn't you leave? " 

But this women's reply shocked him, as she gently asked, " Do you want me to leave? "

Alex replied with his whole being, " Of course I want to, so go leave! "

The women was shocked but then she gave a knowing smile, she then came near Alex slowly walking to him. 

She gently cupped his face and said, " Alex, even if you think of me as your little sister or not... It doesn't matter. Because I love you, I love you so much that I don't need anything but you. I'll spend my whole life gazing at you, even if I have to look at you from afar, even if I never get to speak to you, I'll always love you. "

Alex now was feeling dizzy, he almost wished to cut this women in pieces... How the fuck did things turn out like this? 

Seems, I'm the problem here. 

Alex was just about to open his mouth when this women suddenly kissed him. 

Alex slowly calmed down... He decided that he first needed to get outta here. 

So he said, " Daisy to tell you the truth. Actually I'm going to die soon. "

"What!? What's happened? " The young women whose name was Daisy panicked, she almost started removing Alex's clothes. 

"Just wait! Please wait! " Alex didn't know what to do, so he helplessly continued, " Actually, I'm going to die and then I will be reborn in some years. "

"What? " Daisy was confused. 

"Yeah, I'll be reborn as the first son of Count Roland, so you need to go there... But don't tell anyone about this, if even a single soul except you knows this then I'll die with my soul completely extinguished, " Explained Alex. 

Daisy nodded like a headless chicken, she came to the conclusion that Alex had some problem and had no choice but to die. 

So, she said, " Okay, I understand... So if I want to see you, then I need to go to that County and wait for you... How much time do you have? "

"Not much, but most likely I'll die today. So I want you to follow your dreams and live a good life Daisy, " Said Alex. 

Daisy looked down and asked, " So do you love me Alex? "

"No, I don't... I never thought of you in such way. You're like my sister to me, " Said Alex firmly. 

"I see... " Tears came upon Daisy's eyes, as she wiped them. 

"But... I love you Alex, I don't care just this once... I want to remember you as you are for forever. So please... I beg you... I want to at least become yours... " Daisy choked on her tears. 

Alex looked at Daisy and felt another headache coming... Because this was just a dream... 

He knew that Daisy wanted him to take her virginity, so he just denied her outright. 

So, in the end she cried and said, " Okay, then at least let me sleep with you tonight. Like brothers and sisters usually do? "

Alex nodded for this helplessly. 

But night had something else in its thoughts as Daisy actually came prepared and seduced Alex. 

Alex couldn't control himself and like this, Daisy and Alex had a passionate night filled with desire and love, as Daisy wanted. 

Daisy for the first time felt unimaginable pleasure on both her mind and body, as her love for Alex only multiplied that night. 

But on the next day, Alex was gone from the bed. 

Daisy looked at blood stains around and some semen inside her sacred garden with emotions. 

In that morning she cried for hours and hours, until she couldn't anymore. 

She remembered Alex and decided to wait for him.

Next day she left for the County. 

There she spent years only waiting for Alex. 

Even when her skills reached a new height, where she could already be appointed at Royal Palace, she denied going there. 

And finally Madam Melissa became pregnant with her third child and Daisy now was sure that her wait was going to be over. 

And like this the memories of Daisy ended. 

The 'Dream Manipulation' ended. 

Daisy opened her eyes full of love and warmth as she looked at baby Alex in her arms. 

Alex as well returned and only a moment had gone in real world. 

He wiped non-existent sweat from his forehead, and looked at Daisy. 

He felt a shiver going through his spine as he looked at her heart shaped eyes. 

Alex sighed... He had overdone things here...