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Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy


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What is Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy

Read Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy fanfiction written by the author Suploly on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, devil, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The story follows Hiroto Kamado, a young boy who becomes a demon slayer following the slaughter of his entire family by the lord of demons, except for his little sister and brother Tanjiro and Nezuko. Nezuko, however, was turned into a demon herself. Hiroto, alongside his younger brother Tanjiro, vows to find a cure to save and turn Nezuko back into a Human and find whoever was responsible for the death of his family. (Action, Demons, Tragedy,) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • https://discord.gg/BT6wfHu Come join my discord for some discussion, reference pictures I might use and perhaps previews to future chapters. Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise nor the characters associated with it except for my own original characters. This is all done purely as a hobby and my own form of entertainment. I do not own the cover page, it was an artwork I took from Pinterest. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, contact me. Update wise I still am not sure, since it is in the early stages, but I'm hoping to get a chapter a day, more if I am in a good and motivated mood. English wise, you do not have to worry about that here as I am both fluent and quite proficient at it. (not to toot my own horn) Enjoy!


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Author-San here! Hope you all have fun reading this fanfic. Of course I'll shameless give myself 5 stars, pfft. If you have any suggestions towards the novel let me know, as I am quite new to writing myself.


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This fanfiction is well written and descriptive in details of the setting. It is so far we’ll crafted and I can’t wait for the future to come.


So far I'm really loving the novel and besides a demon slayer fanfic isn't easy to pull off with all those emotions and character development.


Reveal spoiler


This story is amazing I love how the older brother keeps fighting even though he is injured I love how so far none of the hashiras are dead or injured I love how much trouble he gives to shinobu and kanao I just rlly love everything about this story it is amazing in everyway be it character personality or even the entirety of the story I can't help but get excited when reading this amazing story and one that I highly recommend to all demon slayer fans


I absolutely loved this book!!. Anyone who's tired of God like harem novels should definitely read this book! Totally amazing!!


Best fan fic for demon slayer ever keep it up i want more hope he can get shinobu and maybe after muzan defeat u can make like another demon like muzan but author version :3


I like what you are doing with the characters in the story and I hope you follow it until the end of the story and good luckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




I like reading demon slayer fan fiction.when I read this novel I enjoy it at first but the more I read the more I got annoyed. because hiroto is so weak. not like Leo of the other Demon Slayer Fan fiction.but still thank you for creating a demon slayer fan fiction at least I enjoy it.


The best MC I have read about Kimetsu no Yaiba, what a good plot and development, what a good redesign of the story that super good brother congratulations...


A very lovely take on the original Kimetsu no Yaiba, the writing as it is is sublime, smooth like silk I'd say, very nicely cooperated descriptive languages adding flavors and that much liveliness to the story, especially the setting and characterization, the story developed on a reasonable pace, the character delightful, flushed out nicely through their descriptive actions and feelings. One thing I'd say it felt lacking, not necessarily a flaw, is subtlety, characters seemed to popped into the plot, not given enough time to be introduced with their description being a bit "rough" and too specific, not really fitting with the narrative. The world building is decent, as it's a rehash of the canonical KnY's flawed building, decent, but nothing to write home about, a bit of a personal touch would be great. Overall a good read, very good quality story telling and writing skill


Reveal spoiler


At first, I did not understand the plotline after the spider arc because I just watched the anime but after reading the manga everything makes sense now.


Its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good its good


I'm really looking forward for this story as this will be my first time reading a demon slayer fan fiction. So excited!.....................................................................................


This Story is SUPER GOOD!!! I think this will like demon slayer anime but easy version due to mc being older brother to Tanjiro and knows Water, Sun, and Silent(Self Made) breathing that only made few of the hashiras dies in this series. So Overall this is GOLD


this Fanfiction was very enjoyable to read, would definitely recommend! I usually never stay on one book for too long cause I tend to lose interest, but this book made me stay till the very end! thank you author for making such a enjoyable book.


This is a godamn master piece could've added a tad bit more romance but other than that damn this is a god fking damn master piece if I didn't know any better this would've been Canon for me


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