39 Selene

"I'm going to name this naughty owl Selene," said Kiyomi.

Walking beside her was Kanae, who was really stressed out.

"Yes! Yes! You can name it anything you want! But stop squishing it with so much force! It's going to suffocate!"

Staring into the owl's eyes, Kiyomi suddenly felt a weird urge to check its gender.

Flipping the owl, who had divebombed directly into Kiyomi's very sensitive tails, Kiyomi used her sword butt to spread the owl's feathers.

"... So is it a girl or a boy?" Seeing Kiyomi's very direct operation, Kanae couldn't describe the feeling that she had at that moment.

"... Boy," said Kiyomi.

Her face had darkened a little, but suddenly, a voice inside her head gave her a great idea.

And Kanae felt the need to address the owl's naming problem to her good friend.

"Oh, then maybe you should change its name. Selene is a girl's name and the owl is a boy, so it-"

"Not anymore it won't be." Kiyomi's facial expression was extremely horrifying as she spat out every single word with a terrifying voice.

Feeling the chills down her back, Kanae asked weirdly:

"Excuse me??"

Smiling like what a demon should smile like, Kiyomi said, "I'm going to castrate it."

"...Castra... Ca.... you.... you do what you want... I'm going back to help the patients with their rehabilitation training."

Kanae quickly ran away from Kiyomi, who had occasional bursts of her hidden sadistic personality.

The owl, who heard that it was going to be castrated, immediately tried flying away from the horrible grasp of a certain hidden sadistic girl.

"Shh.... it's going to be all right~"

Meanwhile, the ISG was currently having a panic attack.

"....This woman is cruel."

"Boss. What should we do? We hid the controlling device in that owl's... you know.. because we thought that our goddess won't be so cruel as to cut off her own pet's descendants!"

"....Why didn't you put it in the owl's brain?!?"

"Because it affects the owl's body functions, boss!"

"...*Sigh*... At least we got the photos.."

"...We lost the photos boss..."

".....don't tell me you also put the freaking damned photo saver thingy in there too."


"..Well, F*ck."

UGG was just saluting and mourning for their owl friend.

"...What a sad thing we had to do. The inner hints I mean, not the actual process of, 'that'..."

"At least the ISG didn't get the photos, bravo to the spies."

"Is it also worth mentioning that we got the photos though?"

"..Bruhdah, what the frick did you just say?"

"Yeah, I got the photos.."

"..I want to scold all of you but I also want to give you all a big hug.. Which one should I do?"

"Haha! Just do both at the same time boss!"

Bringing the owl with beautiful silver feathers back to Eientei, Kiyomi tied the poor bird to a small operating table and got her surgical tools out.

The last thing the owl and the ISG saw was the comforting smile of Kiyomi.

Not that it brought much relief to the both of them.

"It's okay little guy, soon you'll become a beautiful female owl! I remember making a scalpel that had the ability to transgender anything that was operated on with it when I was bored."

'Speaking of which, I guess I was really bored on that day to make something so... perverted? ...Oh wells.'


The screeches of a seemingly tortured bird reached anyone who passed by Eientei.



A few days later.

Wrapping up a small pill with a tiny piece of dough like food, Kiyomi was gently patting Selene's head.

'I've never found an animal easier to feed a pill to than birds.'

Selene, the owl who had her gender-swapped, was recovering from both the castration and the mind control of the ISG, otherwise known as the Invincible Shameless Group.

Seeing the delicate hand with a small bread-like piece on it, Selene pecked the dough and ate it in two bites, swallowing the pill.

"Hehe, dumb bird" Chuckles Kiyomi.

Putting the owl onto her shoulder, Kiyomi went for a walk with her new pet.

Before she had the chance to even take a few steps away from the gate, Kanae appeared right next to her.


Startled by Kanae's sudden greeting, the owl flapped its wings a few times before flying back onto Kiyomi's shoulder.



Kanae took a step back.

"Hello, Kanae! You done with today's work?"

Kiyomi looked at Kanae full of smiley faces.

Patting her chest several times, Kanae then looked at the owl with a death stare.

"Yeah, I just finished a few minutes ago! So… how did the operation go?"

Kiyomi held the owl in both of her hands and handed it to Kanae like giving someone a big stuffed teddy bear.

"Very successful! Selene is no longer a woman's clothing boss! But a true and precious princess!"

Clapping her hands, Kanae took the owl from Kiyomi's outstretched arms.


"I'm very jealous of your ability to make such perverted things!"

Pouting while checking the Selene's gender, Kanae held the owl tightly to prevent it from escaping.

"Well~ If you want something, you can tell me and I might make it for you. After all, you're my friend!"

Finishing examining Selene, Kanae loosened her grip on her wings.

"I'll hold your words, Kiyomi! But sadly, I have another mission in a few days, maybe I'll ask you to make something when I come back!"

Selene flew back to Kiyomi's shoulder, looking blankly into the sky.

Perhaps it was mourning its miserable life while cursing the rough treatment it was getting.

"Well I wish you have a successful mission! Go and eat some food along the way too, and hopefully before you finish your mission, I'll be able to finish making my Nichirin sword!"

Kanae smiled to express her goodwill.

"Mm! Thanks Kiyomi! You can have your free time with your pet now, I still need to go to meet the master before leaving, so I won't be coming with you."

Walking away from Kiyomi, Kanae shouted as she ran into the distance:

"You still have to wait for me before you reveal you sword color, okay!!?"

Kiyomi shouted back.

"No problem! Be sure to come back safely!"

A faint sound reached back to Kiyomi.

"Haha! That's a must! I'm still waiting for you to make me some magical hairpin or something!!"

Smiling faintly, Kiyomi was very happy that she had made a good friend. Even though sometimes this good friend can be more annoying than mosquitos in the summertime.

The owl leaned against Kiyomi's face, cooing milkily.

Rubbing the owl's feathers very intimately, Kiyomi felt the true happiness of having friends.

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