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Demon in Making


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Have you ever though how much life can change in moment? Humans Die For Wealth, Birds Die For Food Greed, Betrayal, Fear, Love, Schemes, Enemies. Everything has to have a limit. What if you are unable to endure them? Take a Trip into the Life of Vihaan who wanted nothing more than a peaceful life. A Ordinary Human who is now running away things and beings he didn't even know of that exists. He is a normal human who has no experience in any of the story plot. So he is quite emotional, dramatic, dumb and judgemental. He is totally unfit to be MC untill the end of Volume 1. Be sure to read volume 2 atleast few chapters before judging the book. __________________________________ The First Volume is very dramatic and emotion intense. The Mc is a dumb fuck in Volume 1. Its pretty chaotic in Volume 1 but Volume 2 is where the story starts. If you don't like to read the first volume. you can skip to Volume 2. You wont miss most of the important info's as they will be covered later... ___________________________________ Thank you. WARNING: Novel contains Gore, Violence, Domination, War, Brutal Killing, Vulgarity, Slavery and Tragedy. This may be unpleasant to some reader please at your own discretion. HAPPY READING Thank You Again Please Enjoy My Story. For Donations and Gifts https://www.paypal.me/Dreamteller Cover is made from Pics-Art Free to edit Picture. I don't own it.


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