Demon Angel.

Author: PikaQ
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What is Demon Angel.

Read Demon Angel. novel written by the author PikaQ on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Dr. Charles is a renowned psychiatrist, highly respected for his exceptional medical skills. However, his patients commonly refer to him as a demon. This isn't just because he embodies the calm, attention to detail, and rationality required of a doctor, but also because he manifests a level of madness that surpasses anyone else. In a cruel twist of fate, Dr. Charles is murdered for his excellence and finds himself in an unknown world. Armed with his unique blend of calmness and sufficient madness, he passes the trials of Mist School and the Abyss Train, successfully arriving at the Endless Abyss. Along the way, he discovers that a place called the Blood Moon Tower seems to hide a great secret. ============================= When you see this novel, you're probably thinking, "Another dark, broody novel? Haven't we had enough?" But hold your horses, my friends! This isn't your run-of-the-mill doom-and-gloom saga. Our MC might come across as a little unhinged—think Heath Ledger's Joker meets Jim Carrey—but that's where the magic happens. This story takes all those dark undertones and flips the script, sprinkling in dashes of humor that'll have you chuckling even as you bite your nails. It's like riding a rollercoaster in the dark—you don't see the twists coming, but you can't help but enjoy the ride! So, if you're in the mood for something that'll shake up your reading list, this novel is your golden ticket. NTR: NO Yuri: NO Harem: Yes Harem members: Beautiful Women, Female Ghost, Ghoul, Banshee, Demon, Everything Genre: Comedy MC Personality: Insane , Cautious , Humorous, Dark, Kind, Schizophrenic?

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Hayle Coven Universe: Sassafras

I’m an international, multiple award-winning author with a passion for the voices in my head. As a singer, songwriter, independent filmmaker and improv teacher and performer, my life has always been about creating and sharing what I create with others. Now that my dream to write for a living is a reality, with over a hundred titles in happy publication and no end in sight, I live in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, with my giant cats, pug overlord and overlady and my Gypsy Vanner gelding, Fynn. PLEASE NOTE: SASSAFRAS contains spoilers for the HAYLE COVEN NOVELS. Do not read before #7, FLESH AND BLOOD. Banished Power engulfed me, a strong hand stroking my fur as Ahbi's mind met mine. I wish you well, Sassafras, she sent. Do come to visit someday. No time to respond, not while her magic lifted me, sent me forward, toward the gap in the veil, through it— My new body fell, landed hard on cold, wet gravel, the light from the veil shining one more moment. It snapped shut behind me, leaving me alone in the cold dark. When the demon boy Sassafras breaks Demonicon’s oldest law and strips the power of another, he is sentenced to death. Only his influential father’s pleading commutes Sass’s sentence to banishment. Forced into the body of a silver Persian, his power taken from him, he is dumped in the dark streets of Victorian London and left to die. Rescued by a young witch and integrated into her family, Sassafras finds purpose at last, guiding and loving the Hayle family, sharing his heart with the remarkable coven he claims as his own.

Patti Larsen · Fantasy
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i must say i quite disappointed cause no Yandere


Hello everyone, at this point in time, I'm currently at ch. 19. Let's start with the negatives that this novel suffers through, at least for now. Firstly, the story progresses too fast. There's little development, character-wise, although there's been hints that something more may show up, as the characters feel off, as if they aren't fleshed out. With the pacing that the novel's going at, I feel as if the Author will overlook details, backgrounds, character interactions, and of course, knowledge about the world, with how focused the Author seems on taking the MC to that Abyssal place. Secondly, we're missing out on context about a lot of things, as we haven't been told or shown how much time has passed, with only a passing comment from the MC about it being awhile since he's last showered. The Author also skipped from location to location, once again, seemingly hurried to push the protagonist forward. These are all of the negatives that I can think of at the moment, so onto the positives. Starting off with the first chapter, we see a rather unfortunately named antagonist, that honestly made me laugh for awhile. From what I can see right now, the Author knows how to make and properly use comedic situations. With the horror/dark atmosphere, the story amps up and handles spooky and terrifying aspects well. Lastly, Author, do not be afraid to slow down the pacing of the story, as it gives time to the characters to develop positive/negative relationships, and also gives us, the readers, a better sense of the world you created. I would also suggest that you ask other Authors about this, be they new writes, or used to it. And don't forget that you have manage the story well, as it'll bring in more viewers/money in the long run.


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I dropped this novel since, past a certain point, it didn't suit my taste anymore. Does it mean that it's a bad novel? Certainly not, although there are some problems here and there (and sometimes you can't really understand what's going on), I still think the idea behind and the characters are really great, so you should consider giving it a try


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